Saturday, November 06, 2004

[Wen Wei Po, 2004-11-06]

Lui Fong took part in a charity event aiming to help the mentally challenged yesterday. He not only gave an acoustic performance of his hit song "Words You Didn't Hear", but also took photos with some fans and handed out a few autographs.

Three die-hard fans were invited to join Lui Fong on the stage. One of them immediately asked when Lui would have a new record out again, to which he answered with an embarrassing laugh, "I just released a new album!" And then a granny asked him when he would shoot new serials again. Lui Fong jokingly replied, "I'm not very fortunate, so I have no serials to shoot! Maybe you should ask TVB to give me more work to do!" The granny then continued to ask when he would get married with Carol Cheng. Lui did not see this coming, and he asked her if this was all a set-up. "You ask this kind of questions in a charity event! Somebody definitely sent you over to get the scoop!"

In a more serious reply to the question of whehter he would shoot serials again, Lui Fong said, "It's possible, but right now, my main focus is still singing." He added he was in a lot of the old serials that left a deep impression on the audience, so some of the older, more mature folks miss him and want to see him act again, which makes him really happy.


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