Thursday, November 25, 2004

[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 26/11/04]

"Forget about her. How unworthy I am to forget her..." (Mong gei ta, jam yeung mong gei dak hei) - these are words from Ursula Wong's favourite lyrics for the song "Forget about Her", written by her father James Wong chosen from over 2000 creations written in his lifetime.

After saying a final goodbye to her father at his bedside, Ursula has not made another public appearance as the arrangements for Uncle Jim's funeral are left to her two elder brothers to handle. She used some of her father's writing to express her feelings yesterday and faxed a message to TVB's "Jade Starbiz", where she says that her emotions are settling down now and she has received many calls from friends that she has not returned, so she would like to say a thank you to them all for their concern. She has accepted the fact that her father has departed now and is able to sleep, because she remembers that her father always taught her to look at things with an open heart and mind. Ursula says that although she was not always with her father, they often wrote to each other and from her father's letters, she learned a lot about philosophy. Her father loved her a lot, but once when she did something wrong wrong, then he slapped her on the hand once. She started to sulk, this melted her father's heart and he would never slap her again, but in her heart, she would always remember how strict her father was. Her father was a happy man, so with his departure, everyone should not be too sad, but keep the memory of his smiling face. Also, the programme showed excerpts of Ursula and her brother Yu Man describing their father and they both said that they admired him greatly.


[Oriental Daily 26/11/04]

Aman Chow Yun Fat was good friends with James Wong and when he read about the news about his good friend's death in the papers, he was very shocked. Chow says: "I did not know there was anything wrong with him earlier, so when I saw the reports, I was very surprised. It is such a shame... I have not seen him for a long time now, nearly two years and I never would have imagined this."

Chow has always admired Uncle Jim's talent and says: "He could write literature and lyrics, he could compose, he could do everything, but I most admire his boldness. I have worked with him on many many occasions and the deepest impression he left on me was when we were both at TVB and he had had a little to drink, when he started scolding one of the executives in public. It was then that I felt that he was a very bold and outspoken person."


[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 26/11/04]

"Virtues of Harmony" held a special "Double Happiness" promotional event at TVB City yesterday to welcome the news that the show's Kelly Lam Yuk Lo (played by Bondy Chiu) will soon give birth to a pair of twins. During the event, Michael Tse also donned a pregnant suit and joined Bondy in demonstrating yoga for mothers-to-be, causing many laughs.

Bondy says that she has finished filming the childbirth scenes now and the episode should be aired around Christmas time. She says: "Yesterday, we had to film a scene where we were tending to the babies and the two babies were so sweet. Michael was very scared though and when he held one of the babies, he broke out in a sweat! (How about you?) I have a brother who is over ten years younger than me, so I have plenty of experience in childcare and am not afraid at all!" When asked if she has plans to get married, Bondy says she does not because she has not played enough yet. However, she has a lot of friends who have had children this year so she has been in and out of hospital visiting them all.

Michael was asked why he was sweating when he held the baby and he laughs: "Because they were really soft and squishy, like boneless chicken feet and i was afraid that I would hurt their necks. Do you have any childcare experience? Of course not! I am the second youngest and the most I did was take my little brother to kindergarten." When it was mentioned he will be getting married next year and about time he learned to look after children, he smiles: "I will learn as I go along. (Do you plan to have children as soon as you get married?) We'll leave it to nature!" He also jokes that he will not be buying anything from the convenience store...

After spending forty years in the industry, producer Siu Sang retired to Guangzhou several months ago, but there was news yesterday that Uncle Siu had been admitted into hospital with liver problems and his condition is worrying. Having known Siu Sang since her days of black and white movies, Nancy Sit was asked about his condition yesterday and she revealed that Michelle Yim and Helen Ma have both been to visit him in Guangzhou and she has asked them to pass on her wishes to him. At the time, Uncle Siu was still responsive and kept saying to her that he was good. However, reports indicate that the doctors will not give him any more nutrients, so the situation is looking bad.

Nancy says: "I know that Uncle Siu has a very strong will to live, but the doctors have already predicted the worst for him. I have heard that Alex Man and Pak Biu will go and visit him today and he wants to come back to Hong Kong for treatment." After the sad news of James Wong and now this bad news of Uncle Siu, Nancy says that she is very afraid of these reports because it leaves her rather unsettled.


[The Sun 26/11/04]

Nick Cheung, Sonija Kwok and a group of cast members from "The Last Breakthrough" were at a promotion in Panyu Wildlife Park and Zoo and a rather naughty elephant was stepping on Nick and Sonija's sensitive regions, leaving them screaming for their lives!

The group were arranged to take part in an event where Sonija and Nick were asked to let the elephant give them a 'Thai Massage' with its feet. When the elephant put its foot onto Sonija's abdomen it started shaking and then it started to sniff around Sonija's chest area with its trunk, leaving Sonija screaming with fright. Nick's encounter was even worse as the elephant stepped onto his groin regions and he was in so much pain that he was shaking and when he stood up, he accidentally stepped into a pile of elephant dung that raised hoards of laughter from the crowds.

When asked if he was ok, Nick held back the pain and said: "It did not hurt, maybe it was me giving him the foot massage instead, like walking the stony paths." Sonija said: "It was the first time I have met an elephant so close and it was very exciting. (Did it step on your sensitive areas?) The elephant was quite perverted and it did touch me there, but luckily I am a girl, otherwise it would have been bad!"


[The Sun 26/11/04]

New mother Theresa Lee was a guest at a children's ice hockey tournament yesterday and she indicates that her son has been named Chi Tak and is now three month's old. Although she has been back to Hong Kong with the baby, she says that there are too many people on the streets, so she has not brought him out. She also says that as she is still breastfeeding, then she does not intend to lose weight just yet.


[The Sun 26/11/04]

The series "Passion for Black Forest" finished filming yesterday and a group of cast members including Bobo Chan, Myolie Wu and Joe Ma went for a meal together. However, this was not a celebratory meal or just a meal for the end of filming, it was actually for the cast members to take the 'God of Cakes' (pastry chef) for dinner, however, the chef could not make it in the end. As this cake master's cakes were just too tasty, they would ask him to make them a different cake to try each time they filmed and the most popular was the cheesecake. Joe says that he was eating cakes every night earlier, so he has developed an interest in making them himself now, but he does not have time, so he has not tried it yet.


[Oriental Daily 26/11/04]

Former "Jade Starbiz" host Chan Pui Shan and husband Raymond Choi have been married for two years, but in keeping with their Shanghainese family tradition where three generations with the same Chinese zodiac sign means prosperity, they have always tried to avoid the 'monkey' and raise a 'rooster' instead. Finally, their wish has been granted as Pui Shan has found that she is now two months pregnant, with the baby due in June next year. As for whether it is a boy or a girl, she does not know yet, but she doesn't mind either.

Currently helping out at her husband's light fitting's shop, Pui Shan smiles: "The heavens are really looking out for me! After two or three months planning with my husband, it happened and although I had stomach cramps earlier and nearly fainted, I have followed the doctor's advice to lie down in bed immediately and it is a lot better. I actually scared my husband more and he immediately came back from Shanghai to go with me for a scan." After seeing that the baby was fine and very lively at the scan, their minds were put at rest. Pui Shan complains that her husband is always tempting her by eating crab, but for the baby, she is keeping clear of seafood, but is having a craving for nutritional foods, so in the two months since her pregnancy, she has gained over ten pounds and the bump is visible already!


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