Thursday, November 25, 2004

[Ta Kung Pao 25/11/04]

Michael Tao, Melissa Ng, Wayne Lai, Ben Wong and Woo Fung were at the costume fitting for Lee Tim Sing's new production "Happy Hotel" yesterday and this is the first time that Michael has worked with 'Brother Tim' and he is very happy about this because some 'best actors' have worked with this veteran producer and he hopes that he can become a best actor after making this series!

As well as wishing to work with Tim, Michael has always wanted to work with Melissa because he admires her acting talent and graceful air. Also he does not want to keep working with the same female co-stars, so he is confident that he can create some sparks with Melissa. As for Michael making a number of comedies recently, is this because he wants to change his image? He laughs: "I don't have this intention, but it's worth a try. (Do you have comedic talent?) A little! I believe I can handle it."

Melissa will play a couple with Michael in this show and in order to co-ordinate with her role, she has permed her hair because when she has straight hair, she has too strong a sense of being an OL (Office Lady) and as she will be playing a rather clumsy tour guide in this show, she wants to put aside her more elegant image. With Michael's comments about wanting to work with her, she says that as soon as she met him, they got on very well and she believes that they will have great chemistry.


[Ta Kung Pao 25/11/04]

Bernice Liu and Ella Koon were guests at the opening of a skincare product store yesterday. As a chocolate lover, Ella says that this brand has a chocolate flavour moisturiser that is just right for her. She says that she likes this fragrance because it will attract her dog to her and she does not have to try and catch it. However, her dog is not allowed to eat sweet things. She explains that her friend did not know that her dog was diabetic and kept giving it sweet things to eat, but two weeks later, the dog died. Ella has been busy filming a series recently and says that she finishes work very late at night, so her taxi fares mount up to nearly $10,000 a month, leaving her rather upset.

A certain magazine sent reporters into the dressing rooms at the TVB anniversary and Bernice was snapped hugging Patrick Tang. Bernice admits that she has seen this report and when asked why she was hugging him, she explains that she was just about to go out on stage at the time and the hug from Patrick was for good luck. She was strapped up with wires at the time. In response to the reporters sneaking into the dressing rooms like that, Bernice says that she is a little worried because that is a place where people get changed and put on their make up and is very personal, so she hopes that the company will take steps to prevent this happening again.


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