Wednesday, November 03, 2004

[Sing Pao, 2004-11-03]

TVB's new serial "Yummy Yummy" has started filming, and producer Wong Sam Wai was working with the cast in Zhu Hai earlier, including Tavia Yeung, Raymond Lam, Kevin Cheng, Kenix Kwok [?? possible error by the reporter, maybe he means Charmaine Sheh], Ng Ka Lok and the Singaporean actor Yang Zhi-Long.

Unlike the title, Tavia had a "yucky yucky" moment while shooting a scene in a dirty river. Originally, she wanted to stand in the river and pour some clean water on her head to look like she fell into the river, but the director was very strict and insisted she must have her whole body in the muddy water.

Tavia said she wanted to fake the scene because the river was disgusting, and she was afraid that there might be snakes or even poop in the water. "When we were eating in the restaurant earlier, we saw that the nasty stuff in the toilet actually went into that river, and it really grossed me out. The river is dirty, and it smells so bad!" Asked if she unfortunately took in some of that water, Tavia said no. "I wasn't that unlucky, but my body felt itchy. Who knows what's in the river!"

Later, Tavia shot a rowing scene with Kevin, Raymond and Zhi-Long. Although Kevin and Raymond have known each other for a long time, this is their first time working together. They seem really close on the set, and there have been speculations that it's a clever move to fend off possible rumors with the female leads. Kevin says, "I don't worry about being romantically linked to Charmaine Sheh! We're not possible, as we don't share that special 'feel'. I know rumors may draw more attention, but I hope they won't be too exaggerated!

Raymond says this new production is not as tiring as the ancient/kung fu stuff he's done in the past, although some scenes are shot in not-so-flattering places (for example, the river Tavia mentioned). As for the possible rumors, Raymond says, "I knew Tavia a long time ago, and we've collaborated for quite a few times. I also worked with Charmaine in "Tossing Rain, Turning Cloud", and nothing happened. Therefore, there shouldn't be any rumors. I'm not worried at all."


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