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[Oriental Daily & The Sun 05/11/04]

Top Ten My Favourite Television Characters Results to date:

1. Sheren Tang (War and Beauty)
2. Dayo Wong (To Catch the Uncatchable)
3. Jessica Hsuan (Lady Fan)
4. Ada Choi (To Catch the Uncatchable)
5. Bowie Lam (War and Beauty)
6. Charmaine Sheh (War and Beauty)
7. Gigi Lai (War and Beauty)
8. Kenix Kwok (Shine on You)
9. Bobby Au Yeung (Shine on You)
10. Maggie Cheung (War and Beauty)

TVB's anniversary 'My Favourite Television Character' awards have been the focus of many recently and TVB's official website revealed that the results up to now show Sheren Tang's 'Yu Fei' is way out in the lead, with Dayo Wong in second place and a rather surprising third place falling to Jessica Hsuan for her title role in "Lady Fan". With two weeks to go until the anniversary celebration and the final results, these awards will dwell heavily on the minds of the leading males and females.

The emergence of Jessica in the top three is certainly surprising as earlier predictions only focussed on the leads from "War" and "To Catch" and overlooked Jessica's influence. Jessica's excellent relationship with her viewers has revealed this unusual results and cast a new light on the predictions for the 'My Favourite Female Lead Award', as an external threat on Sheren's lead in addition to the 'internal challenge' from the other concubines in "War".

As for the male and female lead awards, the net results indicate that Sheren still leads with odds falling from 4-1 to 5-2, but Gigi Lai's third place has risen to second, beating Ada Choi back down to third for the time being. The fight for the male lead award is still between Bowie Lam, Dayo Wong and Moses Chan as Bowie's odds fall from 6-1 to 7-2.


[The Sun & Oriental Daily 05/11/04]

Nick Cheung, Sonija Kwok, Sharon Chan, Bosco Wong, Andrew Lian and Eileen Yeow were the cast members from "The Last Breakthrough" appearing on the latest episode of "Super Trio Show" filmed two nights ago. Eric Tsang wore a t-shirt featuring a face with bra cups for eyelids that was rather amusing, so to complement this, Nick pulled up his t-shirt revealing his bare chest and caused many cheers from the audience. Eric laughs: "I thought I'd gone to Dalian!" As the other guests put on rather crude poses at the beginning of the show, Nick commented: "Sexy flirtatious doctors and easy nurses!"

When Sonija appeared, the joke was around Deric Wan and 'Ngor Bun Sin Nei' [Play on words: 'Ngor Bun Sin Leung' was the name of one of Deric's series, Sonija's Chinese Name is Kwok Sin Nei.], then on the stony path game, when Nick picked her up, he put his hand on her thigh and her necklace became caught on his top. Then later on during the eating race, Nick sprayed Sonija with biscuit crumbs and was made to repeat the contest by Eric and in the Description game, he had to try and show 'Rolling in the Sand' using Sonija who was the 'dummy'. When Sonija was later asked if she was touched on the thigh by Nick, she said: "No, it's just fun!"

When Sharon had to carry Bosco, she was forced by Eric to say as she jumped up: "There is no chance between Timmy Hung and me!". When Bosco tried to describe 'Marital Rites', he did some rather suggestive moves on the dummy and when he used 'dummy' Sharon to describe 'Monkey stealing peaches', he was pushing the limits as he reached for her sensitive areas! When Andrew was playing the 'Pass the Buck' game, he used the phrase 'PK' [abbreviation for Chinese expletive] several times and Eric laughed that he only knows these two English letters.

In the quiz round, Nick had to ask for help several times from Eric and was a pretty poor show. He explained: "I went first and wasn't confident and Chin Ka Lok kept messing around." He also says that he has had a hair cut and is doing a lot of exercise recently, so he seems to have lost a lot of weight from his face.


[The Sun 05/11/04]

TVB will be holding a charity run for the "Stepping up in Hong Kong" series on the 7th and to avoid missing out on her chance to shine, Kate Tsui has been working hard on her step running and sit ups. Kate says that although she has a dance background and a good overall fitness, she is not at all skilled at step running, but luckily she is in the same team as 'Olympic Star' Raymond Lam, who is full of vitality and they will be depending on him. Kate says that this charity run is all about being good sports and even if she is out of breath, she will walk the whole way if she has to.


[Oriental Daily 05/11/04]

Cerina De Graca and Lau Dan were among the stars at the 'November Birthday Stars' event at TVB and Cerina will be celebrating her 25th birthday on 28th of this month. Currently doing well with her career progress, she wishes for more work opportunities and acceptance of her characters by the viewers. When asked if she has thought about finding herself a boyfriend, she says she will go with the flow.

Later on, during an interview with Metro Radio, she said that she is currently working on a Samba dance routine for the anniversary and the company is arranging some advertisement jobs for her. Admitting that she is working hard to make money, Cerina would most like to do an advertisement for cars.

Also, with earlier magazine reports suggesting that Bernice Liu is 'going back to' Hawick Lau, Lau Dan says: "They can write whatever they like. It doesn't matter as Hawick has been filming in the mainland all the time. He did return for a couple of days, but he will be heading out to filmin Huangshan soon." When asked if he would be happy if the couple got back together, Lau Dan says: "As long as they are happy, then it's okay!"


[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 05/11/04]
(Photo from Oriental Daily)

TVB's limited edition "War and Beauty" DVD set will be officially launched on Saturday and five of the main leads Charmaine Sheh, Sheren Tang, Gigi Lai, Bowie Lam and Moses Chan will be signing copies at a special sale at Olympian City.

The issue is limited to 3000 sets, of which 1300 has been set aside for pre-orders and 1700 will be distributed to various retailers. Five sets with special serial numbers of 88, 333, 888, 1388 and 1688 will be auctioned for next month's Tung Wah Charity Extravaganza. As for the reservations, 1000 copies will be made available to orders placed on the internet and via TVB's official magazine and the other 300 will be offered to TVB staff. As the staff issue is oversubscribed, then this will be subjected to a draw, except for three people. These are TVB's Deputy Chief Executives Mona Fong, who has taken set number 1 and Leung Nai Pang who has taken number 2 and of course TVB boss Sir Run Run Shaw (aka 'Uncle Six') who has taken set number 6. Other directors will have to be included in the draw, along with the show's cast members. However, the five who take part in the signing will each be presented with a set for their appearance.

Many overseas viewers have attempted to buy the sets on the internet, but as this offer is only open to Hong Kong residents, the applications will all be declined.


[Extracted from Apple Daily 04/11/04]

Ron Ng, Sammul Chan, Yuen Wah and Joyce Koi were filming on location for "Courageous Kunlun" earlier in a scene where Ron is ambushed and injured on the head by pellets. During filming, there was a clear crisp sound as the pellets bounced off Ron's head and he immediately rubbed his head, showing signs of pain and calling out. When the crew saw him, they all praised his acting, saying: "That was quite realistic!" but Ron replied: "That one really hit me on the head and it hurt!"

Whilst waiting for the cameras to roll, Ron rested on the trampoline, but he had a trick played on him by the action director, who put a piece of bamboo between his legs. Meanwhile, Sammul and Yuen Wah studied the ants on the forest floor to pass the time.

In the two months of filming, "Courageous" has involved daytime location filming in the hills and forests and then night time shoots in the studios and all the cast and crew are very exhausted. Even Joyce who is trained in classical Cantonese Opera is finding the back to back fighting scenes hard work and says: "In opera it is all about stance, but this is real fighting and having to do so many moves within the confines of the camera shot, it is very hard work." Yuen Wah indicates that he injured his left arm earlier, but he says that in martial arts shows, then injuries are very common. He says: "I started learning martial arts when I was six or seven years old and even if I don't have to work, I will go running and training."

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