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[Oriental Daily & The Sun 04/11/04]

Charmaine Sheh has been in the industry for seven years now and has already forged her position among the top female leads. Although she has fame and fortune, she has also attracted a string of gossip. With earlier reports that she joined forces with good friend Sonija Kwok in opposition to Shirley Yeung, when Charmaine was asked for her thoughts on who should win this year's "Most Improved Female Artiste" award, the straight speaking Charmaine opted to support Bernice Liu rather than Shirley. She says: "For the girls, I would choose Bernice Liu because I feel she is very cute, has a great figure and her acting is getting better and better. Why don't I choose Shirley? Well, there is only one award and I have chosen Bernice, so I won't choose Shirley." As for the 'Most Improved Male Artiste', Charmaine favours Ron Ng because she finds his image healthy and him good looking.

With the competition rife for the 'My Favourite Lead Role' award between the stars of "War and Beauty", there is little to separate the lead between Yu Fei, Yee Shun, On Sin and Yuk Ying. However, Charmaine says with great confidence: "I say the same thing. I have confidence in myself , but there are things to be learned from each of the other people. For instance, Gigi has a great memory, Ada is very natural and Sheren is an excellent character actor." Although Charmaine may seem rather weak and feminine on the outside, she is in fact an extremely strong person on the inside. Her motto has always been: "Work hard and keep learning!" and she says: "You have to have a lot of self control in this industry. If you don't improve, then you will be ruled out."

Among all the previous winners of the award, Charmaine's idol is Carol Cheng. She says: "I feel that Carol is the most deserving winner because she is so good at what she does, be it as an MC or an actor. There is such a gap between us yet and I have so much to learn from her." Charmaine also hopes that she can have more opportunities to shine in her performances, saying: "I would most like to do some comedic ugly roles and I think there will be some new sparks if I was to work alongside Dayo Wong, Cheung Tat Ming or Nick Cheung."


[The Sun 04/11/04]

Christine Ng will be taking part in the next stage of the "Stepping up in Hong Kong" charity event on Sunday, when she will have to run up 23 flights of stairs and do 80 strokes on a rowing machine. Christine went to a gym to practise yesterday and in order to get on form, she has been trying everything and daren't sit down and take a rest. She has even sought the company of Julian Cheung to go hill walking with her and is even exercising when she chats with her husband. Christine laughs that she is doing arches even when she is showering!


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[The Sun 04/11/04]

After being admitted to hospital with a severe throat infection last week, Michelle Ye returned to work as soon as she was discharged to avoid delays to the filming schedule. However, whilst filming for "King of Herbal Medicine" at TVB City yesterday, Michelle fainted again and was immediately taken to hospital by security for treatment.

After an inspection from the doctor, it was found that her infection had still not yet improved and the doctor scolded her for not caring about her own health as he urged her to take some rest, otherwise there would be dire consequences. However Michelle said: "There is nothing I can do even if the doctor is unhappy because I daren't take sick leave again to avoid putting the producer in a difficult situation." The show's producer praised Michelle for putting the needs of everyone else first as he said: "She has a very professional attitude and although she is not well, she says that she just needs a short rest and will be able to continue filming tonight."


[Ta Kung Pao 04/11/04]

Timmy Hung was at a premier yesterday and was immediately chased by the press asking him about rumoured girlfriend Sharon Chan. In response to reports of him and Sharon Chan having a tugging war in the street, with Sharon seeming to have affections towards him. As usual Timmy denied this, insisting that although he knows Sharon quite well, but he just treats her like a little sister. He goes on to say that there was no scuffle between them that night and it was just a misleading camera angle. However, he did call Sharon about it and says that they have not been out alone since to avoid more confusion. He says: "I know her too well, so there are no chances between us."

Timmy also laughs that when the report was published, he immediately called Sharon to ask her why she was so close to him because now his average standards have been pulled down. When asked if he felt that Sharon has affections towards him, he says he does not feel this and at this time, Chin Ka Lok who was beside him added: "Timmy insists that the photo has been doubled up!" making Timmy laugh.


[Ta Kung Pao 04/11/04]

A press conference for the "2004 TVB8 Music Awards" was held yesterday and singers taking part included Hacken Lee, Andy Hui, Edmond Leung, Twins, Candy Lo, Miriam Yeung, Yumiko Cheng and Deep Ng. The four men dubbed as the 'New Four Heavenly Kings' were due to meet at yesterday's event, but Leo Ku was suffering from stomach cramps and was absent. At the conference, the nominations for each category were announced and all the stars present had a vote for their own favourite male and female singers.

Hacken's choices were Andy Lau and Joey Yung. As Hacken has not released a Mandarin album this year, he felt rather sheepish at having no songs in any of the nominations yesterday. In order to face the awards ceremonies at the end of the year, Hacken has not only delayed the release of his latest album, he has also turned down the offer of ten concerts, losing him several million dollars. Are the awards ceremonies really that important? Hacken says that concerts can be rescheduled and money can be made back, but the awards ceremonies are opportunities that cannot be missed. Since being named as one of the 'New Heavenly Kings', has Hacken's relationship with the other three male stars been affected? He says openly that there has only been improvement in their relationship, as Eason and Andy are his football partners and Leo is one of his Mah Jong buddies, so there is nothing coming between them.


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