Wednesday, November 17, 2004

[Oriental Daily, 2004-11-16]

Maggie Cheung, who won TVB's "My Favorite Female Lead" last year, has been shooting "Songs of Everlasting Sorrow" on location in Shanghai for the past few months. There's still a chance that she can make it to the anniversary show this Friday (19th), but she has to get the okay from director Stanley Kwan. She has been a favorite of the sponsors, though. Bvlgari and Van Cleef & Arpels will provide her with diamonds worth of 10 million dollars, while Valentino and Gucci will take care of the evening gowns. One of the gowns from Valentino is priceless, as it is the only one in the whole world. No wonder Maggie was very happy when she said over the telephone, "Thank all the sponsors for supporting me so much. Although I don't have the final say, I'll try my best to make it. I really hope to appear at the anniversary show."

Ricky Kwok, Maggie's image consultant, explained why the sponsors love her. "Valentino appreciates Maggie's unique character and style. They even took the time and trouble to send evening gowns over to Hong Kong for Maggie to choose."


[Sing Tao, 2004-11-16]

The cast members of "The Last Breakthrough", including Raymond Lam, Nick Cheung, Sonija Kwok and Bosco Wong, took part in a promotional event yesterday. Raymond was asked about TVB's choosing him to sing the theme song instead of Gigi Leung who is a professional singer, and he laughed, "Gigi is just a guest star (while I'm actually a TVB artist). Of course, the company (TVB) treats me better!"

Although "The Last Breakthrough" is already available for illegal downloading on the Internet, Raymond is pretty confident about its ratings. "The time slot for airing 'TLB' is much better than 'Twin of Brothers'. A lot of people have to work extended hours nowadays and cannot get home early, so late night showings are actually better. I was told that a lot of people were raving about 'Survivor's Law' when it was rerun at midnight hours a while ago, but when it debuted in prime time last year, the response was so so."

Sonija got a new nickname "Song Nei" (slang for "crazy girl") while shooting for "The Last Breakthrough". When asked about it, she said, "For one thing, it sounds similar to my English name. For another, people all think I'm well-mannered and speak gently because I was a Miss Hong Kong. Actually that's not the case. When we worked together for this project, we all played together, and there were some crazy moments, so they gave me this new nickname."

Meanwhile, fans noticed Nick was getting thinner. Nick did not admit this, saying, "Of course not! They (the fans) say I look great! I weigh 126 lbs now. Been doing a lot of exercises lately and hopefully I can have the fabulous six-pack abs. So far I only have four and a half!"


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