Sunday, October 24, 2004

[Wen Wei Po, 2004-10-24]

TVB's "Golden MC" Carol Cheng has been in the show business for almost 30 years. She took part in a radio talk show the other day, and shared her thoughts on the ups and downs of her life. She said it is always important to treasure the opportunities whether one is dealing with family issues or career choices. She also thanked boyfriend Lui Fong for supporting her through all these years.

When asked how Carol made a name for herself at the beginning of her career, she said it was not easy at all. She had been a time lady (similar to "weather lady", only reporting time instead of weather) for two years in her first TV station. Carol did think about switching to something else, but her mentor Gan Yee Ching encouraged her to stick with what she loved doing, so she stayed in the TV business after all. After Carol joined TVB, her career finally hit the high note and she's been successful ever since.

Brought up in a single-parent family, Carol admitted she was not very close to her mother, but their relationship improved a lot in the last few years of her mom's life. Carol said, "I still remember that particular time when mom, little brother, Lui Fong, a couple of other friends and I had been drinking tea, watching movies and hanging out together for a whole day. Our relationship greatly improved after that." Unfortunately, the good days did not last, and her mother died before long. Carol said people could learn a lesson from her and treasure the time they have with family.

As for the secrets for a successful entertainment career, Carol said one must know when to grasp the opportunities. In the meantime, working hard and filling a gap (aka the supply-demand ratio of certain types) are also necessary factors. "If you lack one of these, no matter how good your performance is, you will not make it big."

Carol said there was a period when she felt like lost, especially during her early "take whatever project that's offered to me" days. After thinking long and hard about her future, she decided to focus on the variety shows and be an MC. Lui Fong also taught her to let go when necessary, and his carefree disposition had a profound, positive influence on her. Consequently, her life and career saw some really good changes.


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