Wednesday, October 06, 2004

[Ta Kung Pao & Oriental Daily, 2004-10-06]

Eason Chan published an open letter yesterday, telling everybody the good news that he has become a father. A baby girl was born by his long-time girlfriend Hilary Tsui two nights ago (Oct. 4), weighing 7.5lbs.

In the letter, Eason describes the baby girl as "chubby, white and pretty", and he hopes people can share his happiness. The baby is named Constance. She and Hilary are both safe. Eason also thanks all his friends and the press for their congratulations. His excitement and pride of being a father is apparent.

Ever since Hilary was reported pregnant, the media have been paying close attention to this celebrity couple. Eason has had ups and downs during the course, and now he feels the warmth of a happy family. He says the new born baby has changed him a lot, and he'll do his best to love and take care of the baby and her mother.

It has been said that Eason may marry Hilary when the baby is one month old. Since Eason will be filming in mainland China at that time, there is no confirmed plan on wedding yet.

Translation of the open letter:

Hello, everyone!

I'm very happy to tell you all the good news: I have become a father tonight (Oct. 4)! Hilary and I want to thank everybody for caring! The new member to our family is a chubby, white and pretty baby girl. Her name is Constance, and she weighs 7.5lbs. Both Hilary and Constance are safe and healthy. I hope all the friends who care about us can share our happiness. Thank you for your blessings!

All the best.


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