Sunday, October 17, 2004

[Ta Kung Pao 18/10/04]

TVB's AIDS charity show received the support of many generous donors and raised a total of over seven million dollars. Although there was a whole host of stars at the event, including Hacken Lee, Kelly Chen, Joey Yung, Andy Hui and Deanie Ip, the line-up was led by the currently extremely popular stars of "War and Beauty" - Sheren Tang, Bowie Lam and Moses Chan, who sung the first song of the evening "Sounds of Love" and Sheren was carried onto the stage on a decorated sedan chair.

Sheren says that she was not too nervous at the time, but she has not sung for a long time and luckily the act was mimed to a recording and she can still handle that. As for being carried out onto the stage, she thought at first that she would be wearing a Qing costume and was quite shocked. When she found out that she would be wearing a modern evening dress, she breathed a sigh of relief. Talking of singing, Sheren's deepest memory is of eight or nine years ago when she performed a song by Lam Man Chung at the Shanghai Paris Songwriting Contest and she was very nervous then. Currently being promoted so heavily by TVB and stepping above so many other popular stars, does Sheren feel that she is the most outstanding of all the 'War and Beauty' characters? Sheren says that this is just a gimmick and not about winning or losing, she is not in any contest, just bringing the show to thew viewers.


[Ta Kung Pao 18/10/04]

In the TVB AIDS charity show, TVB 'godson' Hacken Lee's usual top spot was stolen by Sheren Tang, so he was asked if he was jealous about this. However, Hacken did not seem too bothered as he laughed: "Don't say it like that. You keep calling me 'godson', but I just believe that the more you sow the more you reap and I will not let go of any opportunity to perform. I was invited as a special guest for this event, so I am already very happy. Actually I don't put much emphasis on the order of appearance and feel we should really look at the whole picture. (Do you feel that Sheren is currently very popular?) She is from television, I am from music so we are very different."

The rumours have been that the fight for this year's male singers awards between Hacken, Leo Ku and Andy Hui has been rife lately with each star trying new tricks to attract the attention of the viewers. Leo is asking Vivian Chow to guest star in one of his songs and Andy Hui is duetting with Deanie Ip again, does Hacken feel that he is losing out? He says that Universal is right behind him and he will not fall behind and it is even better to have some competition. As for the reports that he plans to duet with Joey Yung at the end of the year, he says that that this co-operation will be be a first for the current winners of the JSG Male and Female Singers awards to sing together so it will be quite a breakthrough. However the song has not yet been rehearsed and does not even have a title yet. Is this not leaving things a little late? He says: "The idea arose in March and has been in negotiations for a full seven months, maybe being so close to Joey lately suggests we will be getting married soon! Haha! Working together despite belonging to different companies is a very happy occasion. (Would you like to both be in the same company?) Of course that would be good, but let's leave everything to fate and not work too hard at it. Not bringing to song out so early is because we don't want to affect each other's currently plugged songs, but I can safely confirm that it will be an amazing karaoke song."

Joey also feels happy that she can co-operate with Hacken and as this will be two record companies working together, it has taken a lot of negotiation to come to fruition and allow her to work with a male singer from outside her own record company for the first time. Is she confident that she can do it again? Joey laughs that they have a motto that is 'If Hacken can't do it, Joey can!'.


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