Monday, October 04, 2004

[The Sun, 2004-10-04]

Based on the huge success of "To Catch the Uncatchable", TVB has decided to turn it into a situation comedy and replace "Virtues of Harmony" when it is finished next year. Dayo Wong will still be the male lead, hoping to rewrite the magic ratings story of "War of Genders".

TVB was forced to air an alternate happy ending of "TCTU" due to viewers' overwhelming demand a while ago, and that shows just how popular and successful the serial was. Since the viewers have kept asking for a sequel, TVB finally decides to shoot "TCTU" again to continue the ratings success.

Dayo Wong and producer Tsui Jing Hong contributed a lot to "TCTU", and they were also behind "War of Genders" a few years ago. To guarantee a good result, they will remain as the lead actor and producer of the new "TCTU". In a rare move, TVB has changed it into a situation comedy (*special note: meaning it is not a sequel, but a regular series that goes for hundreds of episodes), and it will air after "Virtues of Harmony" comes to an end early next year.

The new "TCTU" will use the same cast as the old one. Dayo Wong is currently filming in mainland China, and to fit his schedules, "TCTU" won't start shooting until next March. This way, producer Tsui will also have plenty of time to get ready. The biggest problem right now is the female lead. Sitcoms are long-term projects by definition, so actors have to be readily available. Ada Choi is not sure if the new "TCTU" can fit into her busy schedules, so she is still considering, although she would love to say yes immediately.

As for the suggestion that Carol Cheng should be a part of the new project, TVB says the chance is too slim. The Sun contacted Carol yesterday, and she confirmed she would not take the offer. "I haven't heard anything yet. Even if they do give me the offer, I won't consider it. For one thing, I've tried sitcoms. For another, it will be my 30th year in the business next year. I've reached the phase where I only want to enjoy my life."

[Ta Kung Pao, 2004-10-04]

Louis Koo has been busy filming commercials lately. Attending a public event with Niki Chow last night, he said he read in the papers that the average longevity of Hong Kongers is the third highest in the world. He added it wasn't his goal to be 100 years old one day. He will be happy enough if he reaches 80.

Louis started filming a new Johnnie To movie two days ago. Other cast members of the film include Nick Cheung, Tony Leung (Ka Fai), Gordon Lam and Cherrie Ying. The film will have two parts, and Louis plays a courteous peace lover with a college degree. This character is very different from what he has tried before.

It is said that Louis may soon leave TVB after his contract expires. Asked about it last night, Louis said his contract would expire by the end of the year, and TVB did contact him for a possible renewal. "I did not ask for a better salary, nor did I ask to stay away from ancient serials. The main problem was how long I would be bound by the contract. My last one was five years. I hope the new one can be cut to two years. The company wants me to shoot one serial next year."Louis said.

As for the rumors that he will start his own company and he wants Ronnie to be his manager again, Louis says he wants to settle his contract with TVB first, and there is no time to think about other stuff right now. He stresses he did have a pleasant time working with Ronnie when he was still in TVB. Why didn't he ask Ronnie to stay? Louis said he had a discussion with Ronnie, but Ronnie made up his mind to leave TVB and see the outside world.


[Ta Kung Pao, 2004-10-04]

After "War And Beauty", TVB's grand production "Split Second" is scheduled to start airing tognight. The cast members, including Alex Fong, Patrick Tam, Kevin Cheng, Yoyo Mung and Claire Yiu, took part in a promotional game yesterday. They were required to describe their characters in thirty seconds. Whoever failed would have two balloons burst right beside them. Turned out Alex was the big loser, and he could take someone to suffer with him. He picked Yoyo, although she begged him not to. To get back, Yoyo poked fun at Alex and revealed he went out for a massage during shooting. Alex then replied Yoyo went gambling.

Alex is confident "Split Second" will do well, and he jokes it's almost like "Richard Gere vs. Johnny Depp". It's well known that Alex is the "Eastern Richard Gere", but who's the "Eastern Johnny Depp"? Alex says it's Patrick and he's a good actor. He adds that Patrick is the kind of actor who only decides how to act a certain scene out at the last minute, but Alex likes it that way. Asked who is the better actor of the two, Alex says older audience might like him more, as he has kids in "Split", and he does everything to protect them. As for "Split" lacking rumors which helped "War" become more popular, Alex jokingly replies he acted like a producer during shooting, and decided to add or cut scenes on his own, so all the other cast members hated him.

Although Yoyo is often the victim of Alex's pranks, they are very much in sync on one issue. They both think the popularity of a show has nothing to do with rumors. Yoyo says "War" did have a lot of rumors when it started airing, but as the story progressed, people switched their attention to the plot and the acting, and this goes to show that the most important popularity factor is the quality of the production after all.


[Ta Kung Pao, 2004-10-04]

It was Anne Heung's birthday the day before yesterday. Since she had to film for a special "Hong Kong's celebration of the 55th Chinese National Holiday" program, her manager and colleagues bought a cake for her and celebrated the birthday in Hong Kong Coliseum. Anne laughs, "I was so touched I almost wanted to cry". She bought a car as the gift for herself.


[Wen Wei Po & Ta Kung Pao, 2004-10-04]

Nick Cheung, Gordon Lam and Leo Ku attended the swearing ceremony for a charity walk to collect money for education yesterday.

Since Nick showed up without Esther Kwan, people started to guess that Esther might be pregnant. Nick denied, and explained she was too busy to make it. He said they would later participate in the walk together, and there was no need to speculate anything. Nick has also confessed he wants to become a father very much, but right now, he needs to find sponsors from mainland China to support this charity event.

Gordon is very enthusiastic about this cause, and so far he has collected more than 40,000 dollars. Because of his work schedules, he is not sure what part of the walk he can cover, but he will definitely take part in the swearing ceremony in Beijing on Oct. 10.

All three guys have been paying close attention to "War and Beauty", and they agree Sheren Tang is the favorite to take the female lead award this year. They think Yu Fei is a very challenging role, and Sheren has nailed the character.


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