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[The Sun, 2004-10-03]

The grand finale of "War And Beauty" drew in a lot of viewers, including fellow TVB actors and actresses! "Split Second", which will be aired after "War", held its own dinner party last night. Producer Law Wing Yin, cast members Alex Fong, Yoyo Mung and others watched the finale of "War" first, and then watched a special titled "The Making of 'Split Second'". Alex and girlfriend Rebecca Mok (Ho Yan) showered Charmaine Sheh and Sheren Tang with praises. As a self-proclaimed loyal fan of "War", Alex said, "Charmaine's acting has improved tremendously! Yee Shun was made to be her character. She played it so well."As for Yoyo Mung, she found Sheren's acting to be most impressive.

Although "Split" will be aired after "War" and the pressure can be intimidating, Alex and Yoyo are both confident and believe "Split" will receive good ratings as well. Producer Law says, "It's good that 'Split' will be aired next. 'War' is a show about ladies, and 'Split' is a show about gentlemen. The balancing arrangement is perfect!"

The new serial "Yu Yung Han Yan" also held a dinner party last night, with producer and cast members watching the grand finale of "War" together. Adam Cheng said his friend Sheren should be the favorite to take the female lead award this year. He also said he would support Maggie Cheung, as they had previously worked together.


[Ta Kung Pao, 2004-10-03]

"Shine On You" is "Housewife Killer" Michael Tao's first serial after returning to TVB, and it has received pretty good ratings and reviews so far. Michael feels relieved, as he knows his popularity dropped drastically after he left TVB. It's worth congratulating that he is popular once again.

"I've been away for many years, and I was worried that the audience forgot about me. When I took the "Shine" project, I was only hoping that they could still remember me. Now with the good ratings, it proves that I'm not forgotten. This is the most important thing, and it makes me happy."

Does Michael hope he'll win an award this year, so that he can solidify his position in TVB? Michael says everybody wants to win, but it comes down to fate. If you are destined to win, you will get the award eventually. He then confirms he will continue shooting whether he gets an award or not. Asked what roles he wants to try the most, Michael says it is hard to say. He needs a script first. He will then see what messages a certain character brings, and finally decide if he can make something postive out of the role.

Now that "Shine" does well in ratings, has TVB given him other projects? Michael admits Producer Lee Tin Sing is trying to cast him in a new serial scheduled to start shooting in November. Currently, Michael is also filming in Shanghai. He laughingly explains he's rather greedy, as he hopes both projects will go well. One can bring him a lot of money, the other can help to keep his popularity in Hong Kong, and both are very important. "I'm still young, not afraid of hard work." He smiles.

Actually, even if Michael doesn't get to shoot Tin Sing's new serial, he still needn't worry about losing his popularity. His "Blossoming Hearts" hasn't aired yet, and he's confident it will do well.

"Shine" has a theme of school life. Although it's been a long time since Michael was in school, he still clearly remembers what happened when he was a student. "My school life could be summarized in one word: BORING. Our principal did not allow us to be naughty or goof around. We coudln't even speak freely. I once got scolded for taking a break and playing basketball. The teachers were all very serious, and I never felt learning was fun. Consequently, I didn't do very well."

Michael knows students nowadays get a lot of outdoor activities, and the relationship between teachers and students is nothing like what it was before. They usually care about each other like friends, and that makes Michael rather envious. Asked whether he had a crush on one of his teachers before, Michael laughs, "Of course I did! I believe many people have had this experience. My crush was our Chinese teacher. I always wanted to see her, and always paid extra attention in her class. As a result, my Chinese got a lot better. Unfortunately, good teachers never stayed long. She soon left the school, and my crush came to an end."

During his student days, Michael's best subjects were maths and P.E. Because of his unpleasant memory of the school life, he never thought about being a teacher one day. Instead, he always wanted to be an actor. Obviously, he didn't make the wrong choice, or the audience would not be able to enjoy his glamour on screen.

(Special report by San San)


[Ta Kung Pao & Wen Wei Po, 2004-10-03]

TVB held the special "War And Beauty" charity dinner in Tsuen Wan last night as the grand finale aired. With the entrance fee of one hundred dollars per person, TVB successfully collected 141,200 dollars for the charity cause.

All the cast members were present, except for Maggie Cheung, who was busy filming in mainland China. Although it was rather cold yesterday, most actresses appeared in sexy attires, showing arms or waist. Gigi Lai and Bowie Lam even showed up holding hands, pushing the atmosphere to a high.

Asked about the rumors that TVB might shoot a prequel to "War", Charmaine Sheh seemed very surprised. "Really? Does that mean we'll have a chance to play young girls again?" As for why Maggie was absent, Charmaine answered, "She's probably filming in mainland China." Does that mean they won't have a chance to make nice to each other? "There will always be chances." Charmaine said. She also dismissed the theory that "War" was so popular because it reflected the current society very well. "Yes, there's a lot of cheating and backstabbing in real society, but you don't always kill other people to solve your problems."

Sheren Tang earlier said she hadn't given much thought about winning "My Favorite Lead Actress" award this year, but she seemed to take her words back. She won the "Extraordinary Actress" award last year, and many people thought it automatically wiped out the chance of next year's "Favorite Lead Actress" award, but Sheren indicated she wanted to break this tradition.

As for the lovey-dovey pair, Gigi laughingly explained she held Bowie's hands because he gave her a sense of security. What about her prince charming? Gigi said she was not in a hurry to find one. Currently, she has plenty of pursuers. One rich guy has bought her very expensive presents. Gigi tries to send them back, but he won't take them.

Bowie admitted he wanted to win "My Favorite Lead Actor" award this year, and was quite confident about his chance. He even said if "War" wins all the major awards at this year's anniversary show, he will immediately get married.

Talking about the chance of a prequel, producer Chik Kei Yi said he would leave the decision to TVB. If they indeed decide to shoot it, audience needn't worry about cast members being too old for their teenage characters. Chik said the prequel could use a different cast, like the prequel to the hit movie "Infernal Affairs".


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