Saturday, October 23, 2004

[Ming Pao, 2004-10-23]

Dayo Wong is currently filming a new mainland serial titled "Jiu Pin Zhi Ma Guan", and he plays the role of Song Shi Jie. As the plot goes, to get rid of the greedy people around the Emperor, he bets that he can catch the "flower thief" (slang for "rapist") within three days, or he will castrate himself and become a eunuch. Dayo is taking a huge risk this time, as some of the props are actually real tools, and in case mistakes happen, he will indeed be castrated. But it seems he's not worried at all, as he keeps joking on location and even poses with a victory gesture for the camera.

Asked if he is scared of the atmosphere, Dayo answers with ease, "It depends on the fellow actors. I hear that it(castration) takes skills. When you actually do it, there aren't many tools involved." He then adds, "When we shoot the scenes, I'll take my outfit off and only wear pajamas-esque clothes." Does he feel he has sacrificed a lot for this production? Dayo answers, "Yeah, but I have played "Lai San" before, and that character was a eunuch, so I'm more or less used to it. I was told not to put too much white powder on my face."

Dayo will have a relationship with Eva Huang in the story, and he jokes that so far Eva has yet to give out her first kiss on screen. "The storyline will become really special as things unfold. I will go crazy and become a Xi Men Qing kind of guy. It's possible that I'll force (Eva) to kiss me." He laughs.


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