Tuesday, September 28, 2004

[Wen Wei Po, 2004-09-28]

Belinda Hamnett's birthday happens to fall on the mid-autumn festival this year. She'll be celebrating it with a group of friends, but there's no prince charming in sight just yet.

Attending an opening ceremony for a French cosmetic company yesterday, Belinda said she had been busy preparing for her birthday party the whole morning. It will be a barbecue, but she'll cook something herself, and the friends she invites will mostly be TVB staff who don't get a chance to show glamour on screen. Belinda explains that their work is very important, and she wants to show her gratitude to them. She has also told them they can bring bachelors to the party, because she likes to give herself a chance.

As for her birthday present, Belinda got a 2-carat diamond ring and a pair of diamond earrings from her father. She admits her father pampers her a lot, and even her mother gets jealous. Instead of asking her to find a man and get married soon, her father often says there's no need to hurry, because he'll always take care of her. "If I do get married in the future, he'll be a jealous father-in-law for sure!" Belinda laughs.


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