Sunday, September 26, 2004

[Wen Wei Po, 2004-09-26]

Michael Miu has rarely been on the screen since he became a businessman. He is ready to be back in the show business again, as he returns to the small screen in TVB's new serial "Police Cadet Brave Hearts". Meanwhile, he has shot two films, one of them being "When Beckham meets the Olympics", produced by Anytime Co. Michael plays a football (soccer) coach in "When", and it's a walk in the park for him. Michael loves sports, and often plays golf and football. He takes his son to the celebrity football matches sometimes.

Talking about returing to the show business, Michael says he has always been interested in acting, but people stopped offering him roles after he became a businessman. He's glad that he can act again. Michael will work with a group of kids in "When", but he says there won't be any problems, because they are all really smart.


[Ming Pao, 2004-09-26]

Although Maggie Cheung and Alice Tang are rumored to be a couple, they both ignore the reports and continue to show up in public events together. When Maggie was being interviewed last night, Alice waited patiently by her side. Asked whether she was affected by the rumors, Alice said no, and added Maggie was just a friend. Alice also stressed she never gave Maggie "an expensive watch", and she would like to confront the person who wrote that in the paper.

As for Maggie, she seemed tired of the rumors. She said they were completely untrue, but fortunately, they did not affect the friendship between her and Alice. Asked if being pursued by men, Maggie said she would let nature take its own course. Right now, she just wants to enjoy her days off and have a good rest.

Earlier, Charmaine Sheh said in an interview that her character was the most evil lady in "War And Beauty". Maggie laughingly agreed, and said her evilness would hit a peak next week. Asked to comment on the rumored animosity between herself and Charmaine, Maggie said it was far from the truth, and added they were actually very courteous to each other after work.


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