Friday, September 24, 2004

[Wen Wei Po, 2004-09-24]

(Special note: Maria Chan is NOT in this picture.)

Kenix Kwok and Maria Chan took part in a cell phone promotion event last night, and each got a new cell phone as an honored guest.

The new serial "Shine On You" is currently airing in Hong Kong and the ratings have been great. Kenix's character is so popular that she gets called "Miss Wong" when she walks on the street. Kenix says she has always been close to teachers, and in fact she used to be a teacher's pet because she studied really hard when she was in school. "I had power back then! Nobody dared to bully me even though I was short!" She laughs.

The mid-autumn festival will be next week. Kenix and hubby Frankie Lam are scheduled to perform on stage in Malaysia. Kenix says she hasn't been able to take days off in a long time, so she plans to "recharge herself" and get some rest when she goes to Malaysia with hubby this time.

Meanwhile, Maria is supposed to be busy filming on that day. Talking about how the plot of "War and Beauty" has become a hot topic lately, Maria says she is very glad "War" has been so well received, so much so that people keep asking her who on earth killed Bo Sin (her character in "War"). Asked if TVB has new projects for her, Maria admits that she is filming an ancient serial right now. It's a comedy, unlike "War" in which everybody is trying to outsmart everybody else, so there's more fun and less pressure.


[The Sun, 2004-09-24]

The massage center Kingdom Yuen used to fund has closed down. Clients are asking for settlement and Kingdom has been everyone's target.

Kingdom was participating in a mid-autumn festival celebration with Joyce Chen, Leila Tong and a few others last night. Asked to comment, Kingdom said, "It's really hard to balance, but I'll try my best. After all, my friends invested a few million dollars. They sure want an explanation!" Was she afraid the whole thing would hurt her reputation? "If I cheated, I would be afraid, but I didn't, so no worries. It's a lesson, though!"

Joyce backed her friend up. "Kingdom pulled the money out a long time ago! It doesn't concern her now. Why should she be responsible for others' loss? Being an artist is never easy. You always become the target when problems arise. So take my word for it--Be really careful, and watch out for your own interests!"

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