Saturday, September 25, 2004

[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 25/09/04]

Michelle Ye, Moses Chan, Shirley Yeung, Deep Ng and Carol Cheng too part in a press conference for TVB's "Hong Kong Stepping Up Show" covering the major charity stair running event and Michelle, Moses and Deep took part in a stepping race at the conference. Michelle indicated that although she is taking part in the event, she has never been a fan of running because of her heart condition. Although she is almost recovered, she still does not drink coffee. In the past, she rarely exercised and had a weak body that left her fainting on the set when she was filming for "Gods of Honour" and "Street Fighters", but she hopes that with her new interest in sport, she will build a stronger body and be able to face overnight work. When Michelle was asked if she was taking a greater interest in sport after meeting Xuong Ni, she said brushing her hair back sweetly: "You're so bad! You have to pull him into it! My interest in sport arose from hosting the Olympics!" Having previously run a marathon, Carol says she will not take part in this race because she will be hosting.

As for Moses, he was asked about an incident reported earlier where he was 'eating Bernice Liu's saliva' whilst filming a bottle blowing scene together and he laughed: "We were just playing, everyone plays like that! Then it becomes news - everyone had blown on that bottle, even the director, who finally got a sound out of it. All these reports get boring after a while!" He then goes on to explain that holding hands with Bernice in a show earlier was the request of the organisers and just work.

Also TVB Variety Department Assistant Chief Producer Mr Ho Lai Cheun denied rumours that the 'Singers celebrate TVB Anniversary' show died in the womb, saying that they wanted to do it properly and there was not enough time to prepare this year, so its revival was postponed until next year.


[The Sun 25/09/04]

Jerry Lamb and Lily Hong's second baby was born yesterday and has brought the couple twice as much joy! At around 8pm, the night before, they were spotted out with their first son Lam Bo, and Lily indicated that they were going to have dessert at the Peak because when Lam Bo was born, it was just after they went there for dessert. When asked if she was worried that she would go into labour whilst eating, she said she was not worried, but the baby was due any time now.

Jerry said that he was rather stressed lately, with his wife about to give birth and him busy filming for the "Super Trio Show". He said: "I am quite nervous! You can take photos, but please don't get Lam Bo in the shot." The press understood that Jerry was concerned for the safety of the child, so respected his wishes. When asked if they had a name for the new baby yet, Lily said happily: "Lam Hei, the meaning is 'Siu Bo' and 'Hong Hei' [Kangxi from "Duke of Mount Deer"] (Will it be a natural birth or a caesarian?) It will be caesarian, because the last one was as well. (Will you choose a lucky time for the birth?) No, I am not superstitious."


[The Sun 25/09/04]

Yoyo Chan and Charles Szeto were rumoured to have fallen in love whilst filming for "Prints on Red Sands", so when they appeared at a promotional event together yesterday, they seemed rather awkward and when asked to have a photo taken together, they seemed rather reluctant. Charles said very definitely that they have no chance of developing a realtionship as they are just good friends and this is normal among young people. Sometimes you don't have to be so direct!!


[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 25/09/04]

As the Miss Hong Kong delegates continued on their tour of Taiwan, Fu Sze Sze left the group early yesterday to prepare for the Miss International contest that will be taking place in Beijing shortly. The girls gave her a crucifix necklace as a good luck present and to wish her every success. When asked if she was confident with this contest, Sze Sze smiled that she will do her very best as she is confident.

Sze Sze will be heading out to Beijing soon and stay there for around twenty days. As this trip to Taiwan has led her to many places, trying all the local specialities, she has put on some weight, so she plans to go on a crash diet to try and lose ten pounds before the contest so she can look her best. She reveals that she will be wearing a chipao as her national dress and buy some embroidered purses as presents for the other contestants.

On her last night with the tour in Taiwan, Sze Sze and the girls went to the Shilin market to try the hawker foods. Yesterday, they visited the tourist centre Jiufen, where many young Japanese men were visiting. Seeing a group of such beauties, they all asked for a photo. Kate Tsui indicated that she was very envious of the women in Taiwan who ride around on motorbikes because she hopes to get her motocycle licence and try riding for herself. As for Sze Sze's need to diet, she is worried that her body may not be able to handle it, so she does not think that Sze Sze needs to lose so much as long as she keeps a balanced diet. She is envious of Sze Sze's opportunity to take part in a contest abroad because she will only be in the Miss Chinese International contest that is held in Hong Kong.


[The Sun 25/09/04]

Sherming Yiu celebrated her birthday on 23rd September and nearly a hundred friends from the industry gathered in a Wanchai club to celebrate with her at around 11pm, including rumoured boyfriend Cheung Ho Lung, Sheila Chan, David Kei and Catherine Hung as the party went on into the early hours of the morning, ending around 3 am. Reports indicate that there was plenty of whisky and green tea flowing and as she showed her popularity within the industry, Sherming was very excited as she said: "I was very happy and received lots of presents, but I haven't opened them yet. (Cheung Ho Lung was there?) We hosted a music show before, so we got to know each other and we see each other a lot when we are waterskiing. Just friends, no dates!"


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