Thursday, September 09, 2004

[Ta Kung Pao, Oriental Daily & The Sun 10/09/04]

Jessica Hsuan, Sunny Chan and last year's "Miss Talent" Selena Li were filming on location at the Kowloon City Courts. However, Selena had quite a lot of NG's [bad takes], causing co-star Jessica to have to re-take too. Luckily Jessica was not upset by this and afterwards, Selena said: "I have not had that many NG's this time, earlier when I was filming a court defence scene, there were even more because the lines were so long." Selena admits that she was rather nervous yesterday because Jessica is an artiste whom she admires a lot for her beauty and intelligence and this put some pressure on Selena. Fortunately, Jessica is very friendly and does not have an attitude. Not only does she chat and laugh, she also gives Selena tips on her performance, so to be able to work with Jessica makes Selena feel very happy.

When Jessica heard that Selena was full of praises for her, she laughed: "I am okay! I just do what I can do and this is nothing major, when I first entered the industry, I reecived a lot of advice from my predecessors, such as Alex Man, who reminded me that even if I was extremely ill, I should still go into work and not call in because this has a big effect on everyone else." Jessica also says that she has been in the industry for over ten years so if she can help others, then she will. Sunny Chan accidentally stood on Jessica during the filming, but she says she will not be mad at him. She adds that Sunny Chan works hard to make everyone happy and he is the spiritual support for the show.


[Ta Kung Pao 10/09/04]

Starring Bobby Au Yeung, Michael Tao, Kenix Kwok, Roy Chow and Yu Chiu, "Shine on You" will begin airing on Monday and TVB arranged for the cast members to return to the school where they filmed to play a friendly basketball match against the school team. Although the artistes took the lead by four points in the first half, their energy levels waivered in the second half and the students clawed back to win 53-43.

Bobby, Michael and Roy all took part in the game, whilst Kenix and Yu played cheerleaders. Not only did Bobby pass the ball away, he missed his shots at the basket and was the second person to be substituted. Later, he explained that he does not know how to play basketball because when he was at school, he did field athletics and football and now he usually plays badminton. However, Michael revealed that Bobby just plays for a little while and gives up, so he doesn't bother playing with him. Bobby laughed that this was because he has so many series to film for, so he is always busy working.

It turns out that Michael used to play for the Hong Kong basketball team, but gave up after entering showbiz and moved to playing badminton instead. Talking of the student team doing much better, Michael says: "Of course! They are a school team and it is their home court, plus they are just in their teens and in their prime. We have to work through the night, so we aren't as energetic."

Roy and Yu have been the centrepiece of every promotion for the show and yesterday was no exception. They were seen to be smiling and appear to have made up with each other. Roy said: "We have been good friends all along and the reason why we did not chat at the first event was because I hadn't seen them for a while and wasn't quite used to it. Of course, now we have caught up with each other, then we have more to talk about."

Yesterday, Roy's performance on the basketball court was not bad and he has played before for his school team when he was a student. After entering showbiz, it has been a while since he last practiced and so he became a little tired half way. After being sentenced to counselling after his drugs possession conviction, he says that he has done a lot more sport, such as basketball, cycling and swimming. Roy laughs that he has arranged for a basketball game with his counsellor that evening. As for the report he needs to submit to the counsellor, he says he has written it, but is yet to send it on.

Roy says that he has done a lot of visiting, but he does not want to talk about it. Does he want to try and clear his record? He says: "No, I just want to send a good message out. When someone does something wrong, then it cannot be wiped out, but I hope that I can change and become an example and even if I am a negative one, then it doesn't matter."


[The Sun 09/09/04 & 10/09/04]

After studying at England's University College London, Cathy Chui graduated with a First Class Honours in Eastern European Economics and Commerce.

The ceremony took place at 11am and Cathy arrived at 9am with her parents. Boyfriend Lee Ka Shing was not present and although he was not by her side, Cathy was still in good spirits, kissing and hugging her colleagues and chatting and smiling with the other students. She says: "My boyfriend couldn't make it today, but I am still happy because after so many years of hard work, I can finally graduate. I am thankful to my tutors and professors and I really do like studying, so I will be going on to the London School of Economics to study for a Masters degree in October."

Usually reluctant to appear before the camera, Mr and Mrs Chui were very happy and posed willingly with their daughter for photographs. Cathy's father said: "It is okay at the graduation ceremony, but we are usually low profile back in Hong Kong. (Do you want Cathy to continue her career in showbusiness?) I want her to find a normal job, at first she did want to work in entertainment, but now she has found a balance between work and study, so it doesn't matter. I would still prefer her to find a normal job after she graduates though."

After the ceremony, Mr Chui invited the press along for a meal before Cathy took her parents to watch a musical.

Cathy has gone on to take her parents to many of the local sights, but with the press following them around, she says that this is making her parents very uncomfortable, so she hopes that they can have some personal space.

Also, Cathy has gained a good tan after filming for TVB's "Prints on Red Sands" in Australia. Whilst filming in the forests and the aborigines, Cathy had expressed this feeling: "Recently because of my dating, I have had a lot of pressure and having worked throughout my summer vacation without a break, sometimes I would rather live in the forests and have a simple life."


[The Sun 10/09/04]

Wearing a sexy shoulderless dress, Shirley Yeung took part in the opening of a salon yesterday and when asked if she is following the sexy route after her successful breast enhancement, she says: "I am just dressing for the occasion and trying a new look. (Is it better than before?) Each has its merits. (Does your boyfriend mind you dressing so sexily?) No." She says that she has been sponsored by this salon since winning Miss Hong Kong and they have a good working relationship.

Also, in response to the criticisms about Kate Chui's performance at the Olympic special, Shirley says: "I worked with her before on the children's songs awards show and I feel that she did very well. (Many have criticised her.) I have not read the reports, so I won't comment, but I hope that everyone will give her a chance."


[The Sun 10/09/04]

Living in the mid-levels and driving a flash car, Raymond Lam was automatically labelled as a rich playboy when he first entered the industry. In order to change people's perception of him, he has given up his partying and playing about to concentrate on his work and acting and has found recognition from the audience with his latest show "Twin of Brothers". Putting aside his romance stories for now, his ambition is to become TVB's number 1 lead male in the next five years.

Twenty five years old this year, Raymond hails from a wealthy family and earlier reports about him have revolved around clubbing, private parties and a whole bunch of rumoured girlfriends and less about his work, which was overshadowed by his 'rich boy' image. He says: "I don't mind you saying that my family is wealthy, but I do mind when people overlook my hard work. Many extras are richer than me and if I was not able to do my job, then it doesn't matter who I am."

"Twin of Brothers" has won much applause from the audience and although the ratings are not to expectations, at last his acting talent has been recognised and just a review of 'much improvement' makes him very happy indeed. "Especially when I hear my parents say to me: 'Son, you have done well!' - it makes me very happy, because since I was young, they have never given me any comment and to have no criticism is a good thing. Now they are praising me and this proves that I have sacrificed and they can see this."

Raymond understands his 'unusual' position as a wealthy man and thus he has to work even harder than anyone else to prove his worth. With one series following another at the moment, he is working himself to the bone in the mainland and even when he suffered a skin allergy leaving him with a rash all over his body, he did not complain at all, starting work after putting ointment on his skin. "Everyone works hard in this way, why can't I? I have to be even more sturdy than everyone else." As he has been filming in the mainland for a long time, is he afraid of dropping behind the newcomers at TVB? He is very open-minded about this, saying: "Many people will compare me with Ron Ng and among the six stars, we are the closest, often meeting up with each other, when he will come to my place for a steamboat. I don't like being jealous of other people, so it would be great if we all did well. The company knows I am finding it tough though, so after 'Tossing Rain Turning Cloud', they will not need me to film in the mainland for the near future."

Everyone has an ambition and Raymond says candidly that he hopes to win the award for "My Favourite Male Lead Role" and he is confident that he can do this.


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