Monday, September 06, 2004

[Ta Kung Pao, 2004-9-6]

(Special note: Auguste Kwan Tak Fai is not a TVB regular, but he recently appeared in "To Catch The Uncatchable" and played the serial killer in the case involving that diamond necklace.)

Auguste Kwan is currently shooting "Brothers And Sisters" in Taiwan. He attended the birthday party his fans organized for him a few days ago. His manager Gao Li Ping and He Li Xiu's manager Chen Xiao Zhi were also present.

Kwan received many birthday gifts, and he was particularly impressed with one fan's effort. That fan collected all the albums Kwan released in Taiwan over the years and asked him to sign them. Kwan said happily, "I'll have to ask you where you got all these records. Even I don't have them all!" To show his appreciation for fans' support, he led them to the TV station and gave them a brief tour.

Being a filial son as he has always been, Kwan asked for leave on his birthday and went back to Malaysia to celebrate it with his mom. After that, he hurried back to Taiwan to continue the shooting. The typhoon happened to hit Taiwan the day he went back, and forced him to arrive late.

Kwan rushed to the station as soon as he arrived. When he entered the studio, Qin Yang (his partner in "Brothers And Sisters") gave him a hard time. Qin reprimanded Kwan for his tardiness, and even said, "I quit!" Then the lights went out. Kwan thought he caused some major trouble and did not really know what to do. Right then, the production crew and Qin came out of the darkness with a cake, and wished him a happy birthday. The pleasant surprise made Kwan extremely happy, and he appreciated what his co-star and the crew did for him.


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