Saturday, September 25, 2004

[Ta Kung Pao, 2004-09-25]

Monica Chan and Francis Ng appeared on Athena Chu's program "Roadshow Celebrity Cafe" as special guests yesterday. Athena says Monica knows her best among her friends in the business, and they talk about everything. She adds that Francis is like a big brother. He's not only an ideal acting partner, but also a good friend.

Athena appears to have lost weight, and she's only 90 pounds now. She explains that she needs to look slim on the cover of her new EP, which will be released by the end of the year.

Monica also seems to have lost weight. She confirms that she dropped 14 pounds in one month, and only weighs 108 pounds now. "Don't worry. I didn't do this for commercials, and I won't consider taking half-naked photos." She laughs. She also admits being pursued by plenty, but hasn't really met the one she likes. If she gets married one day, she will let the public know.

After being called "a big brother" by Athena, Francis laughs, "Every guy wants to be her brother! That way, you not only get to hug her, but also have dinner with her!" Asked if he had fantasies on Athena before he got married, Francis answers smartly, "I have a different taste! I like big, tall girls. Athena belongs to the 'mini' group, just like my little sister."

As for his new projects, Francis says he's still in talks with TVB, and nothing is set at this time. One thing certain is that he will do a show with Cheung Tat Ming next year. Since he's on hiatus and has more free time now, he's also watching "War And Beauty". Francis says everybody is doing a great job, especially Sheren Tang and Gigi Lai. He adds that the subject matter closely reflects real-life struggles and easily strikes a chord with the viewers.


[Ming Pao, 2004-09-25]

Bowie Lam and Melissa Ng took part in a special mid-autumn event for the elderly yesterday. Some grannies kept calling Bowie "Suen Dai Yan" (his character in "War And Beauty"). One of them happened to be celebrating her birthday, so Bowie gently kissed her on the cheek as a birthday gift. Afterwards, he pretended to take her pulse the way he did in "War", which made her birthday even more memorable.

Speaking of the success of "War", Bowie showed obvious happiness. "Just yesterday, some guys from India and Nepal called me 'Suen Dai Yan' in their not-so-perfect Cantonese! And later in a hair salon, I heard customers discussing the plot of 'War'!" He said proudly. "My parents and friends also kept asking me how things would end, but I didn't mention anything. If you get spoiled, it won't be as intriguing!"

It has been said that this year's "My Favorite Female Lead" award will certainly go to one of the four leading ladies in "War". Asked who he thought would win, Bowie said, "This was my first time working with Gigi Lai. Before, I only had the impression that she was very pretty. Now after we worked together, I think she's really good at acting! I'm so happy that she's no longer considered "a vase" by viewers. And then there's Sheren Tang. She always does a superb job, and she did it again this time. It'll be a tough choice!"

Bowie is confident that he will win the "Favorite Male Lead" award, but he stresses he didn't ask to "get the award" during his contract talks with TVB. He only asked for a better salary. As for Moses Chan's shot at the award, Bowie laughed, "I'm more interested in whether he's dating Bernice Liu. Every time I ask him, he smiles without saying a word, and then blushes."

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