Sunday, September 19, 2004

[Ta Kung Pao, 2004-09-19]

Miriam Yeung, Edmond Leung and Jade Kwan were shooting a children's program last night about protecting teeth. It brought back some painful memories for Miriam, as she explained, "My teeth weren't straight in my adolescent years, so I had to wear the steel to get them back in shape. Whenever I went to parties and tried to know boys, they were always scared off because of my steel teeth."

Since "War And Beauty" started airing, Miriam has been following it every night. She managed to do the same last night, although working. She couldn't stop praising Sheren Tang, Charmaine Sheh, Maggie Cheung and other cast members for their brilliant performances. When Miriam was told most of the leading ladies would die in the end, she said disappointedly, "They all die? How sad!" Asked if she would shoot TVB serials again since she likes them so much, she answered, "If I can act as well as they (the actresses in WAB) do, I sure will!"


[Ta Kung Pao, 2004-09-19]

Myolie Wu and Ron Ng were cutting ribbons for a new beauty salon yesterday. Myolie said she had plans to buy a house, but she couldn't make up her mind as the market price kept going up. She also said she would not buy the house with her boyfriend, because she wanted to focus on her career and they would not get married or live together in the foreseeable future. "This way, even if we break up, we won't worry about who gets the house. But of course, if he wants to buy a house and write my name under "owner", I won't mind at all!" Myolie laughed.

As for Ron, a group of loyal fans had been waiting for him since early morning, and even the female workers in the salon seemed crazy about him. Ron admitted he received a good amount for his first skin care product commercial, but he did not take rewards for the ribbon-cutting. Sammul Chan also became the spokesperson of a cosmetic product recently. Ron said he was not worried about comparison. "We speak for different products. I don't think it's comparable." Ron also said his skin color was the result of his regular sunbathing outside Hong Kong.


[Ta Kung Pao, 2004-09-19]

Steven Ma and Linda Chung were shooting for "Virtues of Harmony" in Sheung Wan yesterday. As the plot went, Linda thought Steven was a lascivious guy, so she gave him a lesson and made him suffer until he got hurt. Later, Linda realized Steven was actually a good man, so she started taking care of him to compensate for her mistake. Little did she know Steven was playing with her and wasn't all that hurt. When Linda finally discovered the truth, she slapped Steven in the face.

Steven laughingly said this was his fourth time being slapped by Linda. He had also been hit in the chest, and would continue to be hit all over in the future. "Fortunately, Linda is a pretty woman, so it's all worthwhile." Steven also said bickering and fighting scenes were usually very difficult, but Linda did them unbelievably well.

In real life, Steven has never been hit by a girl. He has two fatal spots--being slapped and being cussed out. If either scenario happens, he'll lose his temper. Steven considers himself well-mannered, and he believes he will not be hit for wrongdoing. He also says he will never date foul-mouthed girls.

Since Linda did the hitting scenes really well, was she worried she might be mistaken as a sassy girl off the camera? Linda laughed, "No, I'm not this type. People will not think I'm like the character I portray."


[Ta Kung Pao, 2004-09-19]

Sheren Tang has been in the show business for twenty years. Since winning TVB's "My Favorite Extraordinary Female Artist" award last year, her acting skills have been appreciated by more and more people. In her latest serial "War And Beauty", she delivers another memorable performance. She has to compete against Maggie Cheung, Gigi Lai, Charmaine Sheh and Rebecca Chan, but she totally shines as the evil Yu Fei.

Although rumors of the female cast not getting along have been all over the papers, Sheren was never involved. She said proudly, "I don't attract rumors. Been in the business for so long, I know it's a team project, and cooperation is the key. If you only think about getting more airtime than others, it'll never work. Plus, there are so many characters and scenes. Just because I have more lines than a certain person doesn't mean I will be popular, so I just focus on my own part and do my best."

Now that "War And Beauty" has received excellent reviews and ratings, will Sheren consider it one of her classic works? She smiled, "It's my favorite serial in recent years. The thing is, it has many leads and everybody does a great job, so you can't call it 'Sheren's classic work'. It's not about me." Sheren added that another favorite in recent years was "Loving You". It had characters that people did not get to see very often, and that left her with a lot of creative space, and it was a challenging experience. When asked what roles she would like to try in the future, she laughed, "I'm back to square one now, and I want to try everything! I used to be picky and did not like some of the roles I was offered, but after all these years, I've come to realize that it takes more acting skills to portray an ordinary character well than, say, a heroic role. So I'm open to anything. If I do get a chance, I'd like to be an MC. I've broadened my horizon over the years, and I should be able to make my program interesting."

Since becoming a Christian, faith has been a big part of Sheren's life. She hopes to do something for the society in future days, in addition to being a good actress. After all, it is easier for a celebrity to give back to the society than ordinary people. What will she do then? Sheren answered without hesitation, "Write a book, of course! My personal experience and what I've learned over the years from the show business... There's plenty to share."

Sheren's love life has always been a hot topic, and she's had some high-profile romances. In her early days, she went out with Alex Man. Later, she fell for Kwong Wa, and was accused of trying to tear his family apart. Reflecting on the past, Sheren said, "You all know that I came from a broken family. I've been longing for love since I was a kid, so when somebody finally gave me a little love, I grasped it tightly and thought it was my only chance. As a result, I hurt myself more. I've learned to be more careful and responsible now, and I still have hopes for marriage. Of course, my future husband has to believe in Christianity, and he must know what marriage is about."

Although over thirty, Sheren is not in a hurry to get married. She smiled, "I didn't know how to choose before, and I never had a happy ending. Now I've totally let go. God will take me where I should be, because He knows me the best. You see, I'm blessed to have taken so many great roles the past few years. God must have been keeping an eye on me. So, I believe He will find me a best partner. It's just a matter of time." Not worrying about her love life, Sheren gives more time to family and friends. She laugned, "I try to be a good girl." She surely can be.

(Special report by San San)


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