Wednesday, September 29, 2004

[The Sun, 2004-09-29]

The rumors of Maggie Cheung and Charmaine Sheh not getting along continue to be a hot topic as "War and Beauty" comes close to its grand finale. As the latest report reveals, Charmaine was mad at Maggie because she went overboard and tried to direct some of Charmaine's scenes while shooting.

Maggie finally responds, as she feels she's been exploited time and time again. "I find that the harder you work and the better results you get, the more rumors you have. It won't affect me, though. I'll continue to work hard, and I'm ready for more rumors. But I have to say that people better stop using me to promote themselves!"

Model Samantha Chow also supports her friend Maggie. She hints that somebody is trying to stir things up. "I've been following entertainment news. I remember Charmaine Sheh and Shirley Yeung were said to have friction. And now, Charmaine and Maggie. Is it a coincidence (that somebody is always said to have problems with others)?" Samantha explains that even if Maggie did try to direct some of the scenes, she was qualified to do so, because she's a veteran and has had much experience. "Sheren Tang, Gigi Lai and Maggie all did very well. Charmaine was okay." Samantha adds.

As for the other "headline piece", Samantha confirms Maggie and Alice (Tang) are just friends.


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