Saturday, September 18, 2004

[The Sun, 2004-09-17]

Miriam Yeung has been shooting the music video of her new song "Small City, Big Matter" the past couple of days. Kevin Cheng plays Miriam's boyfriend in the video. Although this is their first time working together, they are asked by the director to "appear madly in love" as they hug and kiss in the kitchen, on the balcony, and even in the bathroom! Fortunately, they are both professionals, and they manage to pull the scenes off.

When asked if she felt embarrassed, Miriam said, "No, I'm used to hugging handsome men! Last time I worked with Daniel Wu, we also hugged a lot. But I'd say I hugged Kevin even more this time around."

One of the funny anecdotes was that Miriam fell asleep on Kevin's chest during shooting the other day because she was too tired. Apparently, she was supposed to put her head on his chest to have an intimate talk. Instead, she got too comfy there and fell asleep. When asked to comment, Miriam laughed, "He has such a broad chest! I bet he goes to gym all the time!"


[Oriental Daily, 2004-09-17]

Gigi Lai's acting skills have been noticed and talked about by the Hong Kong viewers lately, thanks to "War And Beauty". Actually, Gigi has been in the show business for many years, and the amazing thing is, she still has the figure and the looks as if it were ten years ago. She admits she is really lucky, because no matter how much she eats, she just doesn't put on weight.

Recently, Gigi tried modeling at the request of her old friend Rick Chin, who is a professional make-up artist. Since Gigi likes eating, Rick asked her to wear the new outfits from the famous brand LOEWE and shoot a series of pictures with food as a theme. Rick says Gigi's features are highly recognizable and it's hard to give her a totally different look, so he has dyed her hair a bit (combination of purple and red) and she indeed looks refreshing and dazzling.

Rick's clients are all popular stars in the entertainment business, including Cecilia Cheung, Shu Qi, Michelle Reis and so on. He will have a special exhibition in the Times Square tomorrow, and show a lot of food-themed pictures as well as some never-before-seen ones on the art of make-up.


[Ming Pao, 2004-09-18]

Since Bernice Liu and Frankie Lam's relationship was written off the storyline of "Virtues of Harmony", a lot of viewers started to feel a void. To keep the audience watching, Steven Ma was asked to appear on the show and pair up with Linda Chung. Steven immediately took the offer and came back to TVB, although he had plans working on other projects.

It is said that Steven Ma's agent got him some high-profile projects, including a serial titled "Heros Don't Cry" co-starring Alec Su. In the meantime, Steven was supposed to tour the US and Canada, in addition to shooting movies. Now that he promised to push the other projects back and work on "Virtues of Harmony" for a half month, he might lose more than one million HK Dollars.

When asked to confirm it, Steven said, "Ha, I'm not that selfless! It just happens that the TV projects my agent got me have been pushed back, and shooting for 'Virtues of Harmony' doesn't interfere with my other schedules, so here I am!"

Steven and Linda started shooting their scenes yesterday. Although they had never worked before, they looked in sync. Asked to comment on Steven, Linda kept praising him. "He's given me tons of suggestions, and he's such a patient veteran! I'm still a newcomer and I sometimes make mistakes, but he always tells me it's okay and we can start over again, which puts me at ease."


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