Friday, September 03, 2004

[The Sun 04/09/04]

Recently, the producer of "Healing Hands III", Chik Kei Yi has been the subject of gossip that reveals him to be the owner of the Porsche that is driven by Moses Chan in the series and accusing him of looking after his own interests as he charges the company rental for the use of the car. However, Moses supports Chik, saying: "Why would he want to do this for money?"

TVB has recently been on an economy drive, so when crew members found out that the Porsche that is driven by Moses Chan's character in "Healing Hands III" belongs to no other than the show's producer Chik Kei Yi, who is charging the company $3000 an session for its use, there were plenty of comments passed because with the car being used two or three times a week, Chik appears to be looking after his own interests as he stands to make about $100,000 from the thirty episode series from the car rental alone. With suggestions that the company is 'helping him out', Chik is rather put out by this.

Reports indicate that Chik is very upset by these rumours because the reason he agreed to lend his car was to try and save the company money, but he has been accused of putting himself first. What annoys him most is the story that this car was sold to him by a cast member of "Virtues of Harmony" for the bargain price of $600,000. When Moses was called and asked to comment, he supported his producer, saying: "People saying these things is very unfair to Chik because $3000 is just a token payment. In reality the car is just used for a few scenes and if the company wanted to rent such a nice car externally, they could end up paying over $10,000 per session. People who know him know how much he treasures his cars and when we scratched it, he was very upset, so he would definitely not do this just for the money." Producer Chik was called to comment, but had not responded at time of going to press.


[Oriental Daily 04/09/04]

Lawrence Ng and Gigi Lai were filming earlier for "Healing Hands III" and when Gigi was asked to comment again on the fallout between the female leads in her series "War and Beauty", Lawrence butted into the conversation, speaking openly about the Charmaine and Maggie incident: "I believe it! They are women and women are petty... so you have to be careful about them."

The reason why Lawrence has such a strong opinion on this is because he has worked with both Maggie and Charmaine before and he knows what their attitudes are like. However, he believes that Maggie gives people a bad impression because of her habit of being late, but he has never heard of any criticisms about Charmaine and so he thinks Maggie will come out worse in this battle of reputations between them.

Lawrence says that he has worked with them both on separate occasions and after getting to know them, he has some personal experiences with them. Working with Charmaine during "Heavenly Sword Dragon Sabre 2000", Lawrence spent a fair amout of time with her and then when he filmed "Police Station No 7" with Maggie, he has experienced her tardiness on many occasions. He says: "I have known Charmaine since she was fifteen and I also know her mother. She really is a pleasant person and at least I have never heard any bad words spoken about her. On the other hand, Maggie has a big problem in that she is always late and this leaves people with a bad impression of her." As Charmaine and Maggie are both not in Hong Kong, they have not been contacted to respond to this incident.

Hearing Lawrence's remarks, Gigi, who has tried to detach herself from the matter was rather surprised, but she insists that everyone has different opinions on this. She has a different perspective on the story as she believes that conflict and hostility within the storyline affected their feelings towards each other. With each of the female leads deep in character, then it was difficult to change suddenly and become friendly with each other. She chose to return to her own room and eat as she laughs: "Not chatting does not mean that they don't get on."


[Ta Kung Pao 04/09/04]

Shirley Yeung has signed to become spokesperson for a skincare brand for a six figure sum and a contract signing event was held yesterday. Good friend Heidi Chu and some teaching college friends were on hand to offer her support and in one event were blindfolded and asked to identify Shirley from giving her a kiss on the cheek.

After kissing Shirley, Heidi praised her skin for being very flexible and asked her whether boyfriend Gregory Lee had commented on her skin. Shirley replied a little embarrassed: "He has said my skin has improved from before." She says that she has introduced her boyfriend to the products and when asked if she will be sharing her sponsored products with her boyfriend, she laughs: "If it is suitable for him, then I will give them to him, but men's and women's skin are not the same."

Shirley has taken on plenty of advertising jobs lately and when asked how she will be treating herself, she smiles: "I will buy things for myself. (Will you be buying cars and houses?) I have already bought a car and I am still working hard and saving for an apartment. (Have you decided which area you would like to live in?) It doesn't matter and it does not have to be a luxury area, the most important thing is that it suits me. (Will you be buying with your boyfriend?) I will not get married just yet, so why do I have to buy it with him? I plan to live with my family and my seven dogs!"

Although Heidi and Shirley both hailed from the same Miss Hong Kong contest, their paths have been very different since. However this has not affected their friendship and they indicate that if one of them gets married, then the other will definitely be at the wedding. Talking of her skin having become worse, Heidi says that as her grandmother is suffering from lung cancer, the whole family is very upset and they have to go to the hospital all the time, leaving them with not enough sleep. Also, she will begin studying for a Masters in Business Communications at the Chinese University in September, so she has to go to classes two days a week.


[The Sun 04/09/04]

Miss Hong Kong winners Fu Sze Sze, Kate Tsui and Queenie Chu were guests at the opening of a travel agents yesterday and the three all said that they will be saving up their fees. Having two years work experience behind her, Kate has already formed a habit of regular savings and was asked why she does not invest her money. She says: "I don't have the capital to invest just yet." Kate will be hosting the "Olympic Stars Gold Medallists Extravaganza" and she says: "This is a great chance and I can work with Nat (Chan) again as well as see my idol Guo Jingjing."


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