Sunday, September 12, 2004

[Oriental Daily, 2004-09-11]

Miss Hong Kong 1995 winner Winnie Yeung was charged by the police for speedy driving near the airport earlier this year. Winnie forgot to pay the penalty fees which were due on August 3, and she consequently received a warrant for arrest from the court.

Winnie went to the court in Tsuen Wan yesterday morning. She paid 200 Hong Kong Dollars worth of service fees in addition to the original fines of 450 HKD. The judge then annulled the warrant for arrest.

According to the charges, Winnie was driving on the Airport Road at 90 kilometers per hour when the police caught her around 11am on Feb. 2. The speed limit was 70 KPH. Winnie told the judge she had been busy working, and she never knew about the fines until she opened the letter on August 29. After that, she immediately wrote a check and sent it back.

When Winnie left the court, she told reporters that she was seeing someone off at the airport on the day she was caught. If not for fear of being late, she wouldn't be speeding. She also admitted she was too careless. She was busy hosting the Olympic programs last month, and did not open anything she received. When she knew about the fines after the Olympics, it was already too late. The court issued a warrant for arrest and she had to settle it in court.

Upon seeing the warrant, Winnie felt her heart was going to jump out. "This is a warrant for arrest we are talking about here! I was so scared of really being arrested the next week. My husband asked me to calm down, call them and see how serious the whole thing was. Fortunately, those guys were all really nice. They told me it was not a big deal. I just needed to show up at the court today and pay some extra fees."

Although being told it was no big deal, Winnie was still too nervous to sleep last night. Fortunately, the matter did get settled in court today, and she could finally be relieved.


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