Monday, September 20, 2004

[Ming Pao, 2004-09-20]

Halina Tam was reshooting a suicide scene for "Healing Hands III" yesterday. The original scene was shot on her birthday, and everything seemed to have gone smoothly, but later, the director told her something went wrong with the tape and they could not use it. Halina said laughingly, "Maybe it's not a good idea to shoot suicide scenes on your birthday! How else would you explain the tape suddenly had a problem? It's kind of scary."

In the reshot scene, Helina jumped from a building and died on the street. It was not pleasant to watch, as her character had no hair and was covered with blood. The character lost her hair due to sickness, and she killed herself when she lost courage to go on.

Being one of the few TVB actresses who have long and thick hair, Halina had a hard time wearing the bald scalp, as she had to cram all the hair into the scalp. As a result, her head looked a lot bigger. Halina said she felt like an alien, and it was quite hilarious.


[Ming Pao, 2004-09-20]

Bernice Liu, Rosemary, Fiona Yuen and others joined the "Dbtel. Be Style, My Style" party last night and each got a free cell phone. Bernice said she was very careless and often lost cell phones before. Asked whether she was afraid the people who found her phones would see all the numbers she saved, Bernice said, "No. I put English names in there. Others will not understand." Pushed to answer if "Honey" was the code name for Moses Chan, Bernice said, "I don't have anything to say. We are colleagues. No other comments."

Rumors have it that Bernice acted like a diva while shooting for "Healing Hands III". She was seen treating the newcomers coldly, but when she turned around and talked to friends on the phone, she was all smiles. Bernice said, "That's definitely not me! I'm the newest artist there. Others are all veterans." When asked what newcomers are in this show, Bernice said jokingly, "Newcomers? Raymond Cho, maybe?" (Note: Raymond has been in the business for more than 10 years.)


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