Tuesday, September 07, 2004

[Ming Pao, 2004-09-07]

Ron Ng and Myolie Wu have been shooting new advertisements for Nature's skin care product aQuafruit lately. To have the "cool" and "stylish" feel, many hairdressers spent hours working on Ng's hair. He was very satisfied with the result, and asked the photographer to give him an extra copy of the picture as a souvenir.

While doing the spraying scenes, Ng asked for reshooting as long as he was unsatisfied with the photo. He ended up being splashed over one hundred times. Although soaked all over, Ng did not complain at all, and thus was highly praised for his professionalism.

Wu was busy hosting Olympic programs earlier and showed fatigue when she arrived at the studio, but as soon as the camera was ready, she became energetic again. She posed with all kinds of vivid facial expressions in more than 300 photos. Since her days and nights are often switched due to the schedule for shooting serials, Wu takes extra care of her eyes, as she thinks they are very important to her as an actress.


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