Thursday, August 05, 2004

[Ta Kung Pao]

TVB's new series "Imperial Layabout" held its blessing ceremony for start of filming yesterday and cast members Adam Cheng, Tavia Yeung, Joyce Tang, Marco Ngai and Stephanie Au were all present. When Adam caught sight of the pretty Stephanie, he immediately went up and started chatting to her, asking her to have a photo taken with him. He smiles and comments that with so many pretty girls around, he is definitely spoiled for choice! Stephanie responded modestly to Adam's words, saying that his daughter Joyce is even prettier, but Adam kept on going by saying that Joyce still needs to work on her waist, so she is nowhere near as pretty as Miss Au.

After suffering the intrusion from the press, Joyce has decided not to enter showbiz, but Adam believes that as long as you dress up well, then it doesn't matter who is following you because you have to stand the heat in this business and the best thing to do is to turn the negative into a positive. When asked if he has discussed this with Joyce, Adam says that since the TV special, he has not seen his daughter, but they have kept in touch by phone.

Earlier, Adam went on a trip to Japan with his own family and tasted whale meat for the first time, but he was left itching all over and had to come back and consult a herbalist. His eldest daughter got a rash on her face after eating it, but luckily his wife and younger daughter were fine.


[Ta Kung Pao & Oriental Daily]

Having kept a rather conservative image all along, Shirley Yeung has recently ventured into appearing in more sexy clothing and her improved figure have left many people very impressed. She says that since her breast enhancement, she has gained a lot from it, as well as popularity and fame, she has also expanded her artistic boundaries. Hwoever, she has no intentions of going down the route of the sexy image as she hopes that as well as admiring her figure, the fans will also love her bubbly personality and acting talent.

Taking part in TVB's August Birthday Stars event earlier, Shirley says that it is her birthday tomorrow (7th) and laughs: "I wish for good health, smooth work and my dreams to come true." Does she not wish for boyfriend Gregory Lee to love her more and more? She says with reservation: "This is not a birthday wish, as long as we get on, it is okay." Shirley also reveals that her boyfriend has prepared a surprise present for her: "It is the thought that counts, I don't mind whatever he gets me."

As for having to work on her birthday at a promotion for her slimming sponsors, she does not know as yet whether she can celebrate with her boyfriend. Talking of her recent revelation of her 34C, 23, 33.5 figure in her promotional activity, Shirley says that her boyfriend totally supports her and jokes: "He says I look great too, so there is no jealousy from him." Little wonder that Shirley has dared to bare in her ads.


[Ta Kung Pao & Oriental Daily]

Jessica Hsuan joined Alex Fong (Lik San), Chan Kai Tai and Flora Chan in a promotional event for this years Legislative Council elections and the organisers of the event had arranged for three parachutists to help with the activities as they landed in Victoria Harbour. As the event took place around noon and the sun shone directly overhead, the guests were forced to stand in the heat and sunlight for about half an hour, leaving them sweating buckets. Afterwards, Jessica immediately ran into the tent to rest a while because she said that the sun had left her a little dizzy.

Jessica has just returned to Hong Kong from America, where she attended her cousin's wedding and had a vacation. She reveals that she caught the bride's bouquet at the wedding and everyone immediately cheered. Jessica says that this is the second time that she has caught a wedding bouquet and this time many friends and relatives asked her when she would be getting married. Later, she will be attending another cousin's wedding in Australia and the reporters laughed that if she receives the bouquet again, then it is definitely time for her to get married.

Alex was very curious about the three parachutists and often looked around inquisitively. He would like to try parachuting as well as bungee jumping, but he has not yet had the opportunity. He laughs that although he has never tried these exhilarating activities, he still feels he is quite a brave person. Alex also says that he has seen the reports about Stephy Tang giving her first screen kiss to Sam Mei, laughing that as she they are from the same company, he will pay particular attention. He says that he has worked many times with the Cookies girls as well as Rain Li, but he has not had much chance to work with other female artistes. When asked if he was jealous about the news surrounding his rumoured girlfriend, he jokes: "What it to do with me, I can't get jealous after every time someone has a kiss!"


[The Sun]

Bernice Liu appeared in a rather mature looking suit for filming on "Healing Hands III" earlier for a scene that told of Bernice, whose character has feelings towards Bowie Lam in the show, changing her appearance in order to match his age. When asked if she would be seducing Bowie, she says: "I don't need to do that, I just need to act older than my age! (Do you need to be sexier?) No, just a top and a jacket is enough!"

In reality, Bernice admits that she has had a similar experience: "When I was studying, I fancied a guy at school, so naturally I would get close to him and chat to him, but I did not make it obvious, nor did I admire him secretively. (Did you succeed?) We were just friends." She believes that girls should hold a little back, so she will not actively pursue a partner she likes, but make herself seem more valuable instead.


[The Sun]

TVB's new series "Prints on Red Sands" was filming on location in Coffee Bay yesterday, but a police report was received at around 2pm that there was an illegal gathering of around 20 people there and someone was being beaten up. After the police arrived to investigate, they found that it was a hoax call and it was just the cast and crew of "Prints" filming, with no-one fighting, they called off the case and checked that the call had come from a phone box, so they treated this as a practical joke. Producer Chan Kwok Wai said: "There was a visit from the police, but they checked that there was no trouble and have left now."

Also, after Russian boy group Smash turned down the part because of the heat, there were more artistes succumbing to the heat. Earlier, Yoyo Chan, Vivien Yeo and Fiona Yuen's younger sister Lina were filming a scene when Yoyo became very pale and was constantly wiping her sweat and asking for medicinal oil, seeming to be suffering from the symptoms of sunstroke. She leaned on a deckchair and said: "Maybe I was in the sun for too long, I felt a little dizzy. (Are you suffering from sunstroke?) The producer has told us to take care of ourselves, so I think I will be fine after a little rest.

As for Vivien, who had just returned to work after a bout of illness, when she wasn't needed on set, she would hide under the shade of a nearby tree. She says: "Maybe I am not used to this heat, so I had to take some time off to recover earlier." As for Lina, who makes her screen debut in a guest part wearing a bikini top, she says: "The producer knew I was here on summer vacation, so asked me to join in via my sister. I really like sports, so I hope to get more of a tan."


[The Sun]

Michelle Ye headed out to Athens with the TVB sports coverage teams on Wednesday and with the recent theft of her purse on an earlier filming trip, she has made special preparations before heading out this time, buying a handbag that she will be keeping with her all the time, even during interviews. She says: "If you see me on the television clutching onto my bag as I interview the athletes, then please forgive me because I have learned my lesson and I daren't leave my bag with anyone to look after now."

When her fans went to see her off at the airport, they presented her with a digital camera and some ground pearl essence, leaving her very touched. She says: "In Athens, I need to meet the Chinese athletes at the airport and I must get a photo with Tian Liang and Guo Jingjing." She also reveals that Sam Hui has asked her to be his guest at his third set of concerts, but as she will be hosting the Olympics, she will miss out on this great opportunity.


[Oriental Daily]

Jessica Hsuan will be celebrating her birthday on 18th August and appearing at the August Birthday Stars event yesterday, she indicated that she will begin filming for her new series a few days before her birthday, so she may not have time to celebrate nearer the time. Talking of this being her first birthday spent with her new boyfriend and this having a special meaning, Jessica says: "I know, so I hope that I will be able to have dinner with him." Does she want him to buy her a car or a house for her birthday? Jessica laughs: "This is only what a husband should get a wife, but we are just dating, so this is not necessary."


[Oriental Daily]

The 18 Miss Hong Kong contestants took part in a special "Beauty University Graduation" show on Wednesday evening, where they were split into four teams, performing in piano playing, latin dance, martial arts and circus tricks. Of course, the most attractive acts wer the dance and martial arts, with number 6 Kate Tsui's sensual Salsa and number 1 Queenie Chu's kung fu being the most outstanding.

After their performances, when the girls discussed their experiences, there were a few laughs when Queenie spoke of the practice sessions with the trainer, who told her to punch hard because he had pads. To this, host Carlo Ng immediately joked about 'pads', suggesting feminine products and leaving Queenie rather embarrassed. Later she said that she did not mind and added: "I felt that I did not say the wrong thing, those things are called pads, but Carlo was just playing tricks on me."

As for the dance performances, number 4 Jaymee Tang and 17 Bonnie Cheung had to take the part of the male partners for 6 Kate Tsui and 15 Emmy Kwan in their beautiful dancing dresses. Kate's figure stood out and she also revealed that she has twenty years of dancing experience behind her, so she can do ballet and jazz dances. Although she has never taken part in any competitions, she has been to other countries with her school to exchange experiences.

At the end of the show, exiting Miss Hong Kong Mandy Cho presented each contestant with a mini-crown as a mark of their 'graduation' and as a hot favourite, number 2 Irene Yu was asked about how she felt when she wore the crown. She smiled: "Very happy, because for all 18 of us to graduate together, it is quite an occasion. (Do you dream about wearing the real crown?) No, I only felt that I was happy to graduate." As for number 8 Winnie Shum, she said of wearing the crown: "I didn't feel anything, I only thought about whether the crown was in the right place. I will do my best on the night though."


[Oriental Daily]

Joey Yung was the guest presenter for TVB's music programme "Jade Solid Gold" on Wednesday and although she had good friend Denise Ho keeping an eye on her, she was still quite nervous and was tongue tied at times, so when she appeared on the stage, she announced to the audience: "This is my first time hosting a show, so I am a little lispy, I hope you will forgive me."

Actually, Joey was rather nervous and when she introduced Kenny Kwan's new song, she misread the title. Later, she admitted her mistake, saying: "That was so bad of me to get my friend's song name wrong. (You did have a little lisp.) Yes, I am famous for that, but I can accept my performance. It was more relaxed during rehearsals, so I had my fun then so when the live show started, I was very nervous. Luckily Denise was on hand, but it was great fun and I will improve after doing it a few more times, so I hope to try it again."

As for the new live format of JSG, Joey feels it is very exciting: "I like excitement, this is a change for the better, but if you are ill, then it is better to take the time off because you have to be on form to appear." Joey also got the chance to jam on stage with Taiwanese singer Jasmine Leung and it turns out that they both share the same birthday on 16th June, so it seems they are destined to test each other out in song.


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