Saturday, August 07, 2004

[Ta Kung Pao, Oriental Daily & The Sun]

TVB's new series "Tossing Rain Turning Cloud" is currently filming in Beijing's Feiteng Film City with cast members Charmaine Sheh, Raymond Lam and Power Chan filming a street scene yesterday. As the temperatures there are currently reaching 32 degrees, it is extremely hot and both Charmaine and Raymond remove their costumes when they are not needed on set, with Charmaine revealing a rather sexy little top.

Charmaine also has a mini fan to help cool her down and she says that it isn't actually very hard work filming in Beijing because she gets at least five or six hours of sleep a day, in Hong Kong this would only be a pipe dream. Over there, the greatest leisure activity is massage, with a session of pure indulgence only costing a few tens of dollars. Also, she also loves the Peking Duck and the mutton hotpots, so when they have some spare time, they will all go out and enjoy themselves. As for the recent news about co-star Bosco Wong being attacked, she says that accidents are hard to anticipate, so she will never go out alone because safety is paramount.

When Raymond talked about Bosco's incident, he says that their working times are different, so they will not go out together much for dinner. After this, they will be more careful about where they decide to eat and avoid eating outside as this will be safer. They have been filming this series for a while now, but there is still two months of filming before they finish. Raymond has brought his computer and games console to pass the time and he will also be watching his own performance in "Twin of Brothers". He often plays games against Bosco, so time passes quite easily: "There are a lot of young people in this show, so we all get together and play games. We rarely go out, but when we do, we go as a group and don't go to any outdoor areas." He adds that this series has not been very hard work at all in comparison to "Twin", which was ten times harder. Appearing in the televised versions of two of Huang Yi's novels, he feels that the story of "Tossing" is more mature and he will be having a romance with Charmaine in the show.


[Ta Kung Pao]

Bernice Liu, Ella Koon, Kevin Cheng and Myolie Wu were guests at the opening of a fitness centre yesterday and arriving at the venue in a convertible, Bernice created quite a scene. Bernice was dressed the most conservatively out of everyone and she explained that she has to play games so she did not want to dress too sexily in case she exposes herself. The centre has sponsored a lifetime membership for Bernice, but she seemed rather upset, saying that her manager Ronnie will soon be leaving TVB and yesterday was their last day of working together so she is not very happy. It turns out that she has been with him since she entered showbiz and even if they no longer work together, he will always be her 'father'.

Ella was also given a lifetime membership from the centre as well as her own personal trainer. Originally it didn't matter whether it was to be a man or woman, because it is just for training, but her record company felt a female trainer would be better. As she is busy working, she would only take one or two days a week to go to the gym, but now it is better and even if she is busy, she can still keep fit and get toned.

Kevin is currently learning Thai boxing and golf and he says that Thai boxing is rather violent, but it is good fun and he is really getting into it, so he does not want to give up just yet.


[Ta Kung Pao]

Alex Fong (Lik San) will be heading out to Athens on the 11th to host the TVB coverage of this year's Olympic Games and due to the threat of terrorism there, his family have taken out an insurance policy for him and instructed him not to go out at night and stay with Asian people to avoid being targeted by terrorists.

Alex himself is not too worried about safety matters, feeling his mother is overly nervous. As the security arrangements this year are the most expensive to date, Alex and the TVB crew will be staying in the top security press village, so there is little to worry about. He will also be taking his precious soft toy bear 'Bobo' with him that was given to him by his mother, laughing that Bobo often sleeps with him and is soaked with his smell.

Whilst working abroad, Alex will be avoiding any gossip by keeping his door open whenever a female visitor arrives at his room and will never be in a room on his own with a lady.


[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun]

Shirley Yeung has recently become spokesperson for slimming company and yesterday, she was at a promotional event in Causeway Bay, where she appeared in a low cut top and a mini skirt, attracting a mainly male audience. As the road was rather narrow and stuffed full of press, there was some confusion and the police had to be called to maintain the order and send away some people, delaying the event by some 35 minutes, but Shirley's appearance was welcomed by the audience.

Yesterday was also Shirley's 26th birthday and the organisers had arranged a birthday cake for her as they MC's led the audience in singing 'Happy Birthday' to her and making her very happy. However, as her clothes were too sexy, there was an embarrassing incident at one point when she stood in a draught whilst being escorted in by security and her skirt was blown up, revealing her shorts underneath and leaving her scrabbling to push down her skirt.

Shirley says that after using this product, she has enhanced her breasts and her weight has returned to what she was at when she entered for Miss Hong Kong. When asked whether she felt embarrassed dressed so sexily in the streets, she says: "This is actually a sporty healthy look today, I can accept this." As for whether she can accept a bikini, she says that she will never wear a bikini in the street. Shirley was very touched that so many people sung a birthday song for her and said: "I have already received many presents this year, including my boyfriend's that was bought from America - a special edition watch." She also says that she had a celebration with her fans the night before and her birthday wish is for good health and a successful career.


[The Sun]

Fiona Yuen appeared at a kitchen appliances promotion yesterday and her sister Lina was on hand to offer her support, making her very happy indeed. Fiona says that her dessert cook book is selling quite well and she is currently preparing for her second book, but the content is still being finalised. She hopes it will be ready by the end of the year.


[The Sun]

Belonging to the late Charitable Cantonese opera star Tang Wing Cheung, the Chor Lau Heung restaurant had closed its doors a while ago, but yesterday a male with the surname Tsang issued a writ to the courts, requesting for the business to go into receivership. Tang's son TVB actor Johnny Tang responded yesterday when asked about this: "It is nothing to do with me! I usually don't get involved with the business affairs, so I don't need to get involved now. I will leave this to my brother to deal with. All the severance payments have already been made and everything else is in the hands of the lawyers, so I am not in a position to say very much." When asked when the restaurant would reopen, Johnny says: "Not so soon, my brother will be getting married at the end of the year, so let him sort that out first."

As for the reports about the axing of "Virtues of Harmony" at the end of the year, Johnny says: "I do not know about this yet, but the show earns about $4-5 million dollars a month for TVB, so if it was my business, I would not cut the show." Michael Tse indicates that he has heard this rumour a while ago, but he has not yet had formal notification: "If Catherine (Tsang) says it, then it should be true. You can't say whether it is a shame or not, it's just the end of another series. (You will be getting married at the before the Chinese New Year?) Yes, I get married then I am unemployed!" As for Linda Chung who has recently joined the cast, she says she will miss the other cast members.


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