Tuesday, August 24, 2004

[Ta Kung Pao 25/08/04]

TVB's new series "Courageous Kunlun" held its costume fitting yesterday and cast members include Ron Ng, Sammul Chan, Mandy Cho, Joyce Koi, Louisa So and Yuen Wah. When they each introduced their characters, Mandy ended up speaking in English and was met with a rather hasty reminder from co-producer of the series Catherine Tsang that this was an ancient drama. As for suggestions that this is the ancient version of "My Sassy Girl", Catherine and producter Tommy Leung denied this, saying that this story tells about brotherly love and is a true martial arts series. As for the termination of "Virtues of Harmony" at the beginning of next year, there will be a space of five or six months before the new format sitcom will be decided. When asked why this was being axed, Catherine says that with the show breaking 800 episodes, the crew need to take a rest.

Having grown up abroad, Mandy often adds some English into her Chinese speaking and when asked if she was worried about speaking English during filming, she laughs: "Of course not, but there is always a difference in the language of ancient shows, so I have to work hard on my Chinese as well as learn some gestures from 'War and Beauty'." With this her first time filming an ancient drama, Mandy smiles that she has dreamed of being an ancient person since she was young and she finds her costume very fresh and cute. In the show she plays a rich and conceited lady who is caught between Ron and Sammul. When asked if she was afraid of starting rumours, she laughs: "I am not worried, it is just work. (But it is easy to have rumours with Sammul.) We have worked together before whilst promoting the Miss Hong Kong pageant and the most important thing is working happily together."

Ron takes on another series after completing "Police Cadet Brave Heart" and smiles: "None of the other male stars are in Hong Kong, that's why! It's not too hard work because I have had two to three weeks rest and I am working with a lot of people for the first time, such as Yuen Wah and Joyce Koi, so I am quite excited." It turns out that his character not only has a speech impediment, but also has some marks on his face, so will he not be appearing with his good looks this time? He laughs: "I will only be ugly for a few episodes. (Are you making a sacrifice for your art?) I don't mind, I am quite interested. At the moment, I am practicing my lisp at home."

One of Sammul's costumes in the show makes him look like Nicky wu and upon hearing this, he was very happy because he feels that Nicky is quite stylish. In the series, he will be fighting with Ron over Mandy and he laughs: "She is not bad, Miss Hong Kong winner after all!" As well as romance, there will also be a lot of fighting scenes and as he has learned some swordplay before hand, he will be taking the chance to learn some punching this time.

Talking of him being a gossip magnet, especially with his most recent news around his arguments with Fiona Sit in "Police Cadet", is he worried about creating more gossip in this show? Sammul laughs: "Let bygones be bygones, although there will be gossip as long as there are people, I am not afraid because I am true with myself. Anyway, from another point of view, gossip can be a good thing because you can see it as promotion."

Louisa So woll be playing the bad guy in the series in a role that is outwardly good but inwardly evil. Although she is an outstanding actor, this is her first time as the evil character, so she has been watching a lot of these roles lately to get into character.


[Ta Kung Pao 25/08/04]

Since the news broke suggesting of a romance blossoming between Bernice Liu and Moses Chan whilst filming "Healing Hands III", she has become the target of the paparazzi, who have been following her around. She says candidly that this is to be expected with her working in this industry, but she feels sorry for the security guard at her home wh is often being disturbed to send away the reporters.

Bernice also warns the press not to flash her whilst she is driving because she is worried it will affect her vision whilst driving and with her lack of sleep, this may be very dangerous if it causes an accident. She feels that the death of Princess Diana was as a result of the press.

Bernice received an award yesterday for a fit and beautiful figure and she says that the secret to her fitness is working hard and keeping happy spirits. When asked if she is happy because of the nourishment of love, she says: "I am happy about everything!" Has she been on any more dates with Moses? She says that they are both busy filming, so they only meet each other at work. There is no embarrassment between them because they are often joked about by the other cast members. With the rumours that they are escaping by the back door to avoid the press, she smiles when she hears this and says that as there is no reception on the phones inside the studios, so many artistes slip out of the back doors to use the phone, so maybe he was just calling someone. She adds that she is putting her work first and has not paid any attention to anyone who is pursuing her.


[Ta Kung Pao 25/08/04]

Lawrence Ng and Gigi Lai were filming in Clearwater Bay yesterday for "Healing Hands III" in a stargazing scene and Gigi says that she has been to the Peak with a man before to watch the stars, but when they noticed a person's head in the grass in front of them, they were so scared that they ran away and all romance was lost. Gigi says: "I hope that was a thief and not a ghost! I was so afraid that I scared that guy and I felt so embarrassed because we had not known each other for very long and after that I daren't go to places so quiet any more."

Also, with Dayo Wong's series "To Catch the Uncatchable" reaching 39 points, Lawrence agrees that there is bound to be success with Dayo at the helm. Moreover, comedies are always popular, because the audience always like to relax a little and he is interested in changing his style. With suggestions that his image is too cool and not suited to comedy, Lawrence immediately responds: "I am not cool and I have been acting for so many years, so of course I can handle it." However, Lawrence would most like to be a producer, but a good script is hard to find and although there are many willing investors, he is still lacking a good script and he is frustrated that he cannot write his own.

As for the news of Bernice Liu and Moses Chan, Lawrence says that he does not know if they are dating, but he has joked with them and he says that they just smiled sweetly. He feels that if they are really dating, then he would be happy for them, but he would also feel sorry for them because if they do not reveal it then not only can they not see each other in private and will be the focus of much following. When asked if he has his own romantic targets, Lawrence says: "I don't have time to date and it is too much hassle." As for if he does start dating, will he reveal it? Lawrence does not reply directly, but drags Moses and Bernice into the question, saying: "If I were them, then I would not admit it or talk about it, but then I would still continue seeing each other."


[Ta Kung Pao 25/08/04]

This year's Miss Hong Kong winners Kate Tsui, Queenie Chu and Fu Sze Sze appeared at Shirley Cheung's sliming company yesterday to receive their prizes. Kate received $240,000 worth of slimming treatments and Queenie and Sze Sze each received $40,000.

Kate says she is very happy with her current figure, so she hopes to keep this up. When asked if she felt that she needed to enhance her breasts, she says that she feels the most important thing is to keep a balanced figure. Will she follow in Mandy Cho's footsteps and shoot some ads in a bikini? Kate says that she does not know yet, because even though she used to be a model, she has never appeared in a bikini shoot before. Which part of her body is she most pleased with? She laughs that she likes her hair the best because it is very black.

Queenie says that the most important thing is to keep a good figure and Sze Sze says that she needs to keep an eye on her lower body because she feels her waist is rather wide because she likes her food.


[Ta Kung Pao 24/08/04]

TVB's new series "Tossing Rain Turning Cloud" is currently filming in Beijing and yesterday TVB distributed some scene photos to the press that shows Raymond hugging Sonija Kwok followed by him holding Charmaine Sheh, enjoying plenty of beauty, whilst Bosco Wong is not far behind enjoying a kiss scene with Sharon Chan. When the reporters called Charmaine in Beijing, she admits that there is a triangular affair in the show between her, Raymond and Sonija, but Sonija's character is only interested in using him and they split up in the end. Charmaine and Raymond will also have a kissing scene, that they have already finished filming.

Talking of Gigi Lai's recent slip that she would go shopping with Maggie Cheung, but then making amends the next day by adding that she can have intimate chats with Charmaine, then hoping the Charmaine will not get the wrong idea from her comments, Charmaine says that she has received a call from Gigi's manager who hopes that she will not be mad. Charmaine says: "I have not read the reports, so I don't know what it was about. (Will you call Gigi yourself?) I have not called her and there is no need to because there is nothing going on between us."

As for Bosco, he was not embarrassed at all with his earlier kiss scene with Sharon because they know each other quite well and the scene was completed in three takes. He also says that with over ten degrees difference between day and night time temperatures in Beijing, cold at night and hot in the day, many of the cast and crew have taken ill. However, they are all well prepared and no-one has fainted on set. He also says: "As it was too hot earlier and we were filming in a very exposed place, I did feel a little faint, but luckily I was spotted by a crew member who immediately told me to sit down and drink water, so I was okay. (Do you still go out for supper?) Of course not! Now I am busy filming every day, so I don't have time."


Ratings Report

[Ta Kung Pao 24/08/04]

TVB announced its ratings for last week yesterday and the finale to Dayo Wong's "To Catch the Uncatchable" reached average ratings of 34 points, with the final episode averaging 35 points. "Twin of Brothers" stayed level at 28 points and "Virtues of Harmony fell by one point to 29 points. As for the Olympic Games, TVB took 80% of the viewing audience, beating ATV by miles.


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