Monday, August 30, 2004

[The Sun 30/08/04]
(Additional Picture from Sing Pao]

The Athens Olympic games officially closed yesterday and the Chinese team have exceeded their medal tally from the last games with a string of excellent results. The citizens of Hong Kong are now eagerly awaiting the visit of the Chinese athletes to Hong Kong on 7th September to take part in a performance to be held at the Hong Kong Stadium. Despite earlier reports about ticket sales being slow, the success of hurdling gold medallist Liu Xiang and the Chinese team taking the Womens volleyball gold has raised the popularity of this event with the Hong Kong public and all 30,000 tickets are now sold out.

The Chinese organisers have arranged for fifty athletes to take part in the show and with TVB in charge of the show's production, they will arrange for each of the athletes to show off their talents, so the singers who will be taking part will take secondary roles. After Liu was revealed to be a 'Karaoke King' by his friends, TVB are currently trying to persuade him to give a special performance at the show. General Manager Chan Chi Wan says: "It would be good if he will do it, but we are still discussing it with the committee and of course we will respect his own decision."

Liu is a great admirer of David Tao and also likes to sing Andy Hui's songs. Andy shows his respect to the hero, giving his praises yesterday: "I feel that my career is similar to his in many ways, because we both work hard continuously and have followed similar paths. I feel that he is very modest, like when he said before the race that he hopes everyone will give him good luck, even though he won through his own hard work and talent."

Andy says he will make the most of any chance to meet Liu and when asked what he would sing if he was asked to duet with Liu, he thinks a while before saying: "I think it would be best to sing in Mandarin, sing 'Who can I love now?' perhaps." Although Andy is very sincere about this, there are also other stars who would like to duet with Liu, among them is Alex Fong who has indicated that he would like to meet Liu.


[The Sun 30/08/04]

There have been rumours recently that Patricia Liu has fallen out with her manager Ivin and had her contract terminated by her management company. When asked about this, Patricia responded very angrily, saying that she knows it was Ivin who notified the press.

Trying hard to hold back the tears, Patricia says: "Originally, my contract with M8 Entertainment was to run until next February, but I really could not work with Ivin, so I have moved to another department M8 Music. Originally, I had agreed with the bosses not to reveal this incident, but when people then spread rumours about me saying I am troublesome and disobedient, leading to the termination of my contract. I did ask for a change of team, but I am not a troublemaker. This incident has seriously affected my reputation and I don't know why he had to do this." Patricia also complained that when she was offered work in the past, Ivin turned them away saying he was too busy, leading her to lose a lot of work.

When Ivin was contacted about this incident, at first he refused to talk, referring the reporter back to Patricia herself. Then he asked where the rumours had come from. The strangest thing was that he then indicated that he and Patricia are getting along fine and she has not changed departments!


[Oriental Daily 30/08/04]

Heavily promoted leads at TVB Ron Ng and Tavia Yeung had a joint birthday celebration earlier with over a hundred fans and as well as cutting cake and playing games, the fans had also prepared a special tape for them showing congratulatory clips from their TVB colleagues, including Flora Chan, Raymond Lam, Timmy Hung, Bernice Liu, Chin Ka Lok and Liu Kai Chi. During the party, the two stars also opened their hearts to the fans, thanking their managers for many years of care and attention, during which Tavia was so emotional that she burst into tears.

In the few short years since their emergence in showbiz, Ron and Tavia have already reached the 'New King & Queen' position in the artiste rankings and little wonder that they were moved by the meeting with their fans. With a heartfelt thank you for their fans and managers at the end of the party, Tavia told tearily of the days before she was famous when she met with some harsh treatment, it was her manager who gave her unlimited support and encouragement during the hard days. She said: "Ron and I have grown up in TVB and at first people looked down on us, but my manager would hold our hands and give us courage to walk in front of these people as well as paving the path for us and solving our problems. Without their support, there would not be the Tavia you see today."

In the clip, 'good brother' Raymond Lam said to Ron: "Happy birthday 'ah Hei', I hope that people will stop saying that we have fallen out and whilst I am not in Hong Kong, I hope taht you will eat more so you have strength to work and nothing unhappy will ever happen to you."


[Oriental Daily]

Maggie Cheung has had her fair share of rumours lately, after being linked with Joe Ma and stylist Ricky, the latest reports suggest that she is being stalked by a tomboy female friend, who is sending Maggie an array of flowers to win her affections. To this, Maggie responds that her friends will either be male or female and going for meals or shopping with friends is a very normal thing. She feels that the reports are blown too far out of proportion, so she has no intentions of making any comment.


Pre-wedding nerves and post-"Virtues of Harmony" plans

[Oriental Daily]

Michael Tse and Kingdom Yuen took part in a Charity Celebrity Gourmet Carnival yesterday, where they both made fundraising dumplings to sell. Michael indicates that he has confirmed his wedding date to be January next year and as wel as filming for "Virtues of Harmony" recently, he has also had to prepare for the wedding. The funniest thing was when he could not follow his lines, he was accused of having pre-marital stress. He responded by asking them not to joke because this might make him have pre-marital psychosis! He has had many offers of sponsorship for his wedding recently, including the outfitters, but he is currently considering them and working hard to make enough money to pay for the wedding.

Also, Kingdom indicates that after finishing "Virtues", she will be putting all her efforts into her Chinese Herbal Asthma remedy business as it is currently in the stage of final completion and testing. Many of her asthmatic friends who have tried the formula have found it to be quite effective, so she is confident that it will have a good response.


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