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[Ta Kung Pao & Oriental Daily]

Roger Kwok, Kiki Sheung, Shek Sau, Cheung Chi Kwong, Matt Yeung and Lo Koon Lan were among the cast members from "To Get Unstuck in Time" taking part in a promotional event in Kowloon Bay yesterday. They played games where they had to piece some photofits together as well as some interrogation activities.

Talking of last weeks ratings staying at 29 points, Roger feels that there was a slight rise, but it just didn't take it over the thirty points mark, so this doesn't count. He also says: "I know that the first of July holiday made the ratings fall by about four points, so I am still confident in the ratings to come, especially next week when the story tells of Flora's change in destiny and the suspense grows." As there is confidence in the ratings, there have been many private wagers placed and Roger has placed one for a two point rise in ratings, with the winner getting a meal paid for. With the good reviews being received for this show, will there be a sequel? He says that there is a possibility.

Roger laughs that although he is currently filming for new series "Same Work Same Bowl", but every time he in on location, he will meet some members of the public, who will ask him about the story to "Unstuck", leaving him a little confused. Roger fell ill whilst filming for "Same Work", so there were some shoots that had to be cancelled. He says: "Recently the weather has been very unsettled and it has been hard work on location, with temperatures reaching 37 or 38 degrees in July, so I feel that we need to care for the environment. Especially after watching the movie 'The Day After Tomorrow', I feel that we should use less resources. Now when I take off my make up, I am wary of how much paper I am using and I will take a towel with me out on location so I don't need to use tissues."

Kiki Sheung is also often asked about the storyline but she keeps her lips tight, telling them just to keep on watching. There have been comments that her sacrifice to play Roger's mother has been worth it, because the reviews have been good and she laughs: "No sacrifice, in truth I am older than Roger!" Kiki says that she does not mind playing older characters, after having played a seventy year old in an ATV production before. She adds: "As long as it is a good show, then I don't mind playing the mother or the granny, playing a granny at forty is not bad. (Are you revealing your age?) Let's just call it forty then!"

When they were asked by viewers who murdered Hui Siu Hung's character in the show, Roger immediately pointed the finger at Kiki and handcuffed her. So was she the murderer?

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(The ending to the show is detailed in the Oriental Daily article...)


[Ta Kung Pao, The Sun & Oriental Daily]

Parting Miss Hong Kong winners, Mandy Cho, Priscilla Chik, Selena Li and Carrie Lee took part in a promotion for TVB Pearl's broadcast of the Asia Cup Soccer Tournament and Mandy did play football as a child, but stopped when she grew older. She says that as a lot of football matches are aired at night, her sleep is more important to her so she does not watch much football, but she does like to watch footballers when she keeps her dad company, such as David Beckham and Portugal's Luis Figo. She will be supporting the Chinese team in the Asian competition.

Mandy works for the same slimming company as Joyce Cheng, who has recently returned to Hong Kong. However, Mandy says she has not seen Joyce apart from in the newspaper reports and hopes that she can meet her in person in the future. Mandy adds: "I don't know if she really does want to slim down to 100 lbs, but I feel she is a lot prettier now and I admire her determination. She has not only worked hard at keeping fit and dieting, I believe that she will be happier now when she goes out and maybe Lydia (Shum) will let her enter Miss Hong Kong next year!"

Priscilla says she is not too interested in soccer and she says she prefers diving and ice skating because they are more artistic sports. As for suggestions that the standards of this year's Miss Hong Kong contestants have fallen, Priscilla stands up for her sisters, saying: "I don't think so, because every year they choose different girls and beauty is in the eye of the beholder, you cannot please everyone in the world. I feel that the standards are not bad at all." She also indicates she will be extending her contract with TVB for a few years and progress her career in showbiz. When asked whether the opportunities for Miss Hong Kong's are very small, she says that this is not the case as everyone is doing different things. She is quite happy with her children's programmes at the moment.


[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun]

Yoyo Mung sported a beautiful skin tone revealing her shoulders at the opening of a beauty concept store yesterday. Whilst filming on location in Thailand for "Split Second" (Fight for Every Moment), she soaked in plenty of sunshine, leaving her with well bronzed skin.

On her trip to Thailand, Yoyo finally learned to swim. She had tried to learn several times before, but she gave up half way each time. This time, thanks to the encouragement of Marco Ngai, who also acted as her coach, she has finally had some success. When asked if there was any bodily contact with Marco during the coaching, Yoyo says there was none at all because he was just coaching her with his words and did not enter the water, so she didn't lose out to him! When asked if she would buy him a present to thank him, she says she will but hasn't thought of what to get him yet.

Summarising this trip to Bangkok, she says it was a totally fun time, even though it was very hard work, especially as they stayed in a very comfortable place and all the cast members left their doors open to share the fun. Although there wasn't much privacy, it was very happy. Later they will be returning to make up a few scenes, but she is worried that her skin tone will not match the previously filmed scenes!

Also, Yoyo will be taking part in the movie starring Nancy Sit and William Hung and she admits she has never heard William sing before and doesn't feel he is very good looking at all.


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[The Sun]

After Sammul Chan's car accident on Monday, he is currently still resting at home and on a telephone interview for the radio station yesterday, he said: "I couldn't sleep yesterday because my neck and my chest still hurt. The doctor says it is not very serious, but is worried that the neck is an important part of the body, so he will need me to wear a neck brace for two weeks. One of the soft bones in my chest has broken, but there is no treatment for that and I have to just put ointment on it. (Are there any outward injuries?) No, that is the strange thing, so after the incident, I daren't tell anyone."

After the accident, Sammul has developed a fear of driving. He says: "I keep replaying the images, so I will not be driving for the near future. (How will you work?) The company will book a car for me. (Are you upset about your new car lasting less than three months?) It hurts, but the insurance company will assess it. (Will you go to the blessing?) I don't know yet because it is quite far away. (Do Christians make offerings?) I will not follow this tradition, but will speak to the producer to look at this. (What were you thinking at the time of the crash?) My face was very numb, so I wanted to look in the mirror!"


[The Sun]

Bowie Lam, Louisa So and Deric Wan took part in the end of filming celebration for "Grey Tracks" earlier and Bowie revealed that whilst filming on location for "Healing Hands III", there have been many exciting scenes, including pushing a broken down car in a busy Causeway Bay. He says: "No-one yelled at us, they just honked us instead." As for filming in Lan Kwai Fong on Saturday night, many tourists surrounded him asking for his autograph. In "Healing Hands", Bowie will be working with Bernice Liu for the first time and he says: "Meeting her for the first time, I find her to be very sharp and quite pretty. (Bernice has someone already though!) Really, but I can't touch her either because I have someone too!" Talking of Lawrence Ng apologising to the press, he says: "It's okay, everyone has days when you are feeling down, but when I am unhappy I will not say anything."

As for Deric Wan, he injured he arm and ankle whilst filming some wirework scenes earlier and he reveals that his investments in salons in Shanghai and Taiwan are doing well, with plans for another branch opening soon. When asked about the reports suggesting he has been chasing salon girls, he says: "Can I not even go back to my own shop?" Louisa reveals that the celebratory meal was paid for by the main stars and the producer, each paying a four figure sum towards the three table celebration.


[The Sun 05/07/04]

Yesterday, Miss Chinese International beauties, including Linda Chung, Carlene Aguilar and Vivien Yeo took part in a skincare product promotion attracting many passers-by. Among them, a group of fans for the increasingly popular Linda were holding up placards and rooting for her. To this, Linda says: "Yeah, my fans are really great! Whenever I have any events, they will come along and they have made lots of websites for me too. I have thought about having a fans gathering to thank them, but I have been quite busy lately and not had time."

Recently filming for the next installment to "Hearts of Fencing", Vivien has to film a lot on the beach and has therefore tanned a lot. She says that she would like to make a breast enhancement advertisement so that she can take the chance to lose some weight. As for Carlene, this was her first public appearance and she is very pleased with her five figure fee and sponsored products.


Picture of the "Ten Brothers" cast from Sing Pao


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