Friday, July 16, 2004

[The Sun & Oriental Daily]

Gigi Lai and Melissa Ng were filming earlier for "Healing Hands III" in Wong Chuk Hang in a scene where Gigi, who plays a coroner goes to inspect a body for the first time and as the extra who played the body had some very realistic make-up, Gigi was very frightened indeed. Later she will have many scenes where she is performing autopsies and she was asked whether she has asked for lucky packets. She says: "If anyone should have them, then the extras should get them first. I received a lucky packet from Sir Run Run at the beginning of the year, so that is enough."

In fact, Gigi is more worried about the mosquitoes hiding in the grass: "I am worried about the cases of Japanese Encephilitis, so I have sprayed a lot of mosquito repellant, but it must be even worse for the extra because she has to lay in the grass for so long. I will lend her some of my spray." Also, Gigi has been to see a real coroner to research her role and to learn the best way of how to show performing an autopsy and giving an injection.


[The Sun]

Nnadia Chan launched her beauty book at the beginning of the year and this month, the fifth print was run as her sales head towards 15,000 copies. As well as sales being good in Hong Kong, the happiest thing for Nnadia was that he has been invited by an American publisher to have an English version printed to be launched at the Chicago Book Fair. Nnadia started work immediately and used a month to personally translate her book into English and with work complete, she says: "I was very surprised to receive this invitation from the American publishers and I don't mind about how well this edition will sell and even if it only sells one copy, then I have enjoyed the process of getting here."

As for the success of her book, has she made herself a packet? She laughs: "I have not totalled it up yet, so I don't know how much I have earned, but whenever a new print is run, I will take my friends out for dinner, with the meal after the fifth edition being abalone!"


[The Sun]

Mandy Cho, Rabee'a Yeung and Priscilla Chik were among the guests at a special party to promote the hit series "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" and Rabee'a seemed to steal the show with her bright red halterneck top, especially when she bent down to cut the cake!

Mandy laughed: "This is quite normal for her, usually there is even less cloth!" She reveals taht she has recently passed her driving test and will be buying herself a mini cooper. "The last time when I took my road test, I was filming for 'Split Second' and I failed because I didn't have enough sleep. This time I was more awake. (Did you wear a short skirt for the test?) No, long trousers, because I depend on my skill! I would like to buy a car soon, whilst I still remember how to drive." She reveals that she had earlier had a lucky crystal necklace made, but she forgot to wear it at her test.


[Ta Kung Pao]

Hong Kong may be blowing a Number 8 Signal typhoon, but Michelle Ye and Alex Fong were still called into TVB City yesterday to film for an Olympic Games promo clip.

Michelle will be playing a helicopter pilot. She says: "Originally the company said that the shoot was cancelled, so I was getting ready to have a good sleep at home, but later they called and asked me if I could come in to film. As I live quite close by, then it doesn't matter!" However, she forgot that the company has a car to bring her in and she drove in herself, being particularly careful because the insurance company will not cover her for driving in a Number 8 Storm.

Recently, Michelle has been busy filming a lot of promotional clips for the games and she was scheduled to film a gymnastics clip yesterday, but this had to be cancelled. She says: "The hosts have to cover the clips for various Olympic events, for example I am covering gymnastics and some people are doing the running events." Michelle says she can handle gymnastics because it will just be forward rolls and ribbon dancing. As she has been filming "Best in the World" (Tian Xia Di Yi) recently, she has maintained a supple body and she will have a professional coach, to help her perform even better.

In the past, Michelle has worked during Typhoon 8, but only indoors. After filming yesterday's clip, she immediately went home to rest because she has to take part in the "Celebrity Water Games" today in the 25m Breaststroke. When asked if her swimsuit was sexy, she laughed: "The swimsuit was bought for me by the company with a round neckline and very conservative because Ms Lok wanted us to be reserved." As the show will be taking part in an indoor venue, then the event will go ahead as planned.

Alex is currently filming "Treasure in the Family" for TVB and due to the typhoon yesterday, all the filming was cancelled for this show. However, if the typhoon signal is lowered before 9 pm, then they will begin filming again in the studios. Although his filming during the day was cancelled, he was still called in to film the Olympic promotion and was unable to take the chance to have some rest.

He explains: "Because I will have to fly out to Athens on 21st for the flame passing ceremony, my schedule is very packed and even if there is a storm, I still have to work." Although most people yearn for a typhoon so that they can have a day's rest, Alex is the opposite and he hopes that the storm signal will soon be lowered. He says: "For an artiste, there is nothing to gain from a storm because our schedules are already very fully packed and to delay everything will just make life harder, even having to work three nights to make up for one day's work. Moreover, if you have to go to work in the storm, then your family will be especially worried, so I hope that it will recede soon." Having to travel in on a long journey himself and seeing parts of trees being blown about, Alex admits he was rather frightened being out.


[Ta Kung Pao]

Gordon Lam was in Malaysia earlier, promoting his series "The Legendary Four Aces" for TVBI, staying for five days. The organisers had arranged for Gordon to go and visit the home of one of the fans and the whole family were Gordon's fans who had collected many of his series and films. The funniest thing was that this fan wanted to betroth one of his daughters to Gordon, asking him to choose one from them to be his wife, leaving Gordon rather embarrassed.

The fan praised Gordon immensely, saying he was very positive and friendly, so he is a great supporter. Having the chance to invite Gordon to dinner, the fan had told his wife to make many dishes and even fed Gordon his dessert, leaving Gordon rather flattered and shellshocked.

As Gordon does not have a girlfriend and this fan had a few daughters, he suddenly suggested to Gordon that he should consider one of the girls, saying: "None of my daughters are married yet, if you like, you can choose one of them." Gordon replied awkwardly: "You're joking? Take my pick? They are all good, it is very difficult to choose!", however this fan was not about to give up, insisting on giving one of his daughters to him. Gordon laughs that he cannot even keep himself at the moment, so he is not suited to having a wife. He wants to have a successful career before he talks about getting married.

Gordon found the warmth of the Malaysian fans very memorable, but he daren't accept the offer a of a free wife because he will not take something as important as marriage so lightly. If he decides to get married, then he hopes it will be forever, so he must have a great understanding with his wife and will choose carefully. His perfect wife will need to have a good nature and be able to communicate with him, be able to run the home and be filial to the elderly, especially his parents. The most important woman in Gordon's life will forever be his mother, so his wife will always be second best.


[Oriental Daily]

Roger Kwok and Myolie wu were filming earlier for TVB's new series "Same Work Same Bowl" on location in Sheung Wan and the two sat dangerously at the top of a four-storey tall embankment and shot a scene where they shared their feelings and those looking on were sweating with fear for them.

The scene tells of Myolie's brother refusing to go to a famous school because his family could not afford it, but Myolie had mistaken him for wasting the opportunity and was so angry she was in tears. Roger comforts her and when Myolie becomes tired, she falls asleep on Roger's shoulder in a tender moment.

Although the scene was a sweet one, behind the cameras, the couple were not at all comfortable, because if they were not careful on the precarious ledge, they would fall and so they had to stay still for the whole time. Little wonder that when Roger got up, his legs were so numb that he had to limp to the sides and was constantly rubbing his muscles.

Having a great fear of heights, Roger has earlier filmed a scene jumping off a building and now balanced on top of this ledge, he was asked if he was afraid being so high up. He says: "Of course I was scared, it was so high! At least was not so afraid that my legs started shaking."

Working with Myolie for the first time, he praises her for her acting talent, being able to cry as she wishes and to control it well. He says: "She is really good, she cries in an instant. I have never worked with her and I thought she had been in the industry for a long time, but it has only been four or five years. I have asked her what her secret is, because it is very difficult to keep a mood."


[Oriental Daily]

Eddie Cheung has wanted a daughter for a long time and his wife Gigi fulfilled his wish on Wednesday by giving birth to a beautiful 9 lb 3 oz 'heavyweight' baby girl. Despite the typhoons yesterday, Eddie still went over to the hospital to visit his wife and daughter.

Although Eddie already has a four-year old son, he and his wife have always wanted a daughter too and their wish has come true, giving them their perfect family. Since the birth of his daughter, Eddie has been so excited that he has not been able to sleep, constantly thanking the heavens for treating him so well.

Eddie's daughter was born eleven days before she was due, listening to her mother who had calculated that the due date was not a good day, so she had hoped her daughter would be born earlier. When she went to see the doctor to see if her baby could be induced, Eddie's wife was told that she had already started labour and there was no need. Although the baby was very big, she was delivered in only two hours, so she praised the little girl for being very obedient.

As the baby was quite heavy, she was also larger than the average baby and her chubby cheeks made her eyes form a line across her face. Gigi mentioned about her daughter's looks, warning Eddie that he would have to save more money for their daughter's dowry, just in case no-one wanted her in th future. Of course, Eddie was not going to stand for this criticism of his daughter and replied that his daughter looks like her mother, making Gigi rather annoyed!

As well as her daughter being rather large, Gigi has also ballooned in weight, going from 130 lbs before pregnancy to 210 lbs, gaining 80 lbs. However, she is not worried at all, because her business is in slimming products and she will be the spokesperson for her company, confident that she can go back to her svelte body.


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