Sunday, June 27, 2004

[Ta Kung Pao, The Sun & Oriental Daily]

Kenix Kwok, Bernice Liu and Paul Chun were filming on location for "Blossoming Hearts" yesterday in a scene where Paul goes out with his two pregnant daughters and Bernice suddenly complains about pains. As Kenix hails a cab, she accidentally falls and her abdomen starts to hurt as well, leaving Paul in a state.

Having got married not long ago, Kenix will not be having children just yet due to her work and she will begin filming with her husband Frankie Lam in new series "Ten Brothers" shortly. When asked if they will begin 'making babies' after finishing filming for this show, she laughs: "We have to work hard to live all the time!" [Em: This is a Cantonese pun, 'living life' can be referred to as 'jo yan' when translated literally means 'making people' and translates into 'making babies'.]

Wearing a fake belly yesterday, Kenix commends the technology nowadays, making these props from polystyrene rather than the old type stuffed with handkerchiefs that were always changing shape. If she becomes pregnant, Kenix hopes to have 'dragon-phoenix' twins (1 male 1 female) like her idol Julia Roberts, whom she is very envious of. However, there is no history of having twins in either of their families. She says: "I wonder if science can allow you to choose to have non-identical twins, but I think I would rather do it naturally as it doesn't matter if we have a boy or a girl because female power is in vogue and if we have a daughter, we can steal someone else's son!" This is the first time that Bernice has played a pregnant woman, but her character is very bossy and is always shouting at her father. She laughs: "That is what pregnant women are like, because they have their husbands to take care of them." She adds that in the second half of the series, it tells of her having a second and third child with screen husband Moses Chan. To this, Bernice laughs: "Moses is really good at this!"

In real life, Bernice has loved kids since she was young and in the future, she plans to have seven children of her own. She says: "Originally I had planned to get married and have kids when I was 24, but this is impossible now because I am 25 this year. (You'll have to hurry, otherwise you will be very old by the time you have the seventh child!) I can have twins! I will find a husband that has a family history of twins." Bernice also says that most of her schoolfriends in Canada have already got married and had children and some have emailed her with photos of their children and made her very envious. After all, in the peaceful expanses of Canada, it is an ideal environment to have children.


[Summary from The Sun & Sing Pao]

Deep Ng returned to TVB to continue filming on "Police Cadet Brave Heart" today for the first time since his arrest on drug possession charges. On the back of this, reports indicate that the police have gathered enough evidence to further investigate five more suspected cases of drug abuse in the entertainment industry, targetting a brother and sister, a sliding music duo and an upcoming diva who likes to invite people home for parties. As the rumours spread about who might be next, stars appearing at open events such as Boyz, Candy Lo and Shine have all made it clear that they are not the people in question.

Candy Lo seemed to have lost some weight as she was interviewed for a radio programme earlier and she explained that she has been practising her swimming and training for the forthcoming water games, so she has lost her appetite and some weight.

With one star after another being arrested for drugs offences, Candy explains that showbusiness has always been very complex, but you have to choose your own path to take, be it a healthy one or a fun one. Candy suddenly sighed emphatically and said: "I don't know what to say." She indicates that Deep's arrest has sounded alarm bells and not only for artistes as people realise that drugs should not be touched.

With Deep's work for EEG suspended pending the outcome of the investigations, much of the work that he was originally allocated has been affected. EEG has taken steps to contact these clients, especially for the shopping centre shows, but in order not to let the jobs flow to other companies, they have sent another of their own young artistes Don Li to take Deep's place. With Don's TV series "A Handful of Love" currently airing, many companies are pleased about the swap and are very accepting of him due to his healthy image. It would seem that Don has emerged as a winner as his workload has shot up. When Don's record company was contacted about this, a representative said: "Don has plenty of work of his own and his schedules are full until September, but maybe as it is the summer, there have been more invitations. He and Deep have different personalities, so you can't say he is replacing Deep."


HK International Filmart "Most Valuable Overseas Export Television Artistes" revealed

[Info from Ta Kung Pao]

Most Valuable Overseas Export Television Male Artistes:

Alex Fong Chung Shun, Bobby Au-Yeung Chun Wah, Dicky Cheung Wai Kin, Francis Ng Chun Yu and Gallen Lo Kar Leung

Most Valuable Overseas Export Television Female Artistes:

Ada Choi Siu Fun, Carina Lau Kar Ling, Charmaine Sheh Sze Man, Jessica Hsuan Huen, Liza Wang Ming Chuen and Nancy Sit Ka Yin


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