Sunday, June 20, 2004

[Ta Kung Pao & Oriental Daily]

TVB's new series "To Get Unstuck in Time" will begin airing today and in line with Father's Day, a special promotion was held yesterday titled 'Kiss for Daddy' and although Roger Kwok is the idol of many a young lady, he seems to have little effect on little girls as during the games, one of the children mistook him for her daddy, but when she pulled away the blindfold, she was so frightened that she burst into tears and left Roger rather helpless.

Afterwards, Roger explained that he rarely comes into contact with children, so when faced with the crying girl, he didn't know what to do. However Roger indicates he does like children, especially during special occasions like Father's Day where the warm fuzzy feeling makes him want to become a father himself. However as his work is lined up until March next year, this desire of his is very far into the future.

With these words, Roger was immediately laughed at by everyone, explaining that he is not the one to be pregnant and it should not affect his work, but Roger explains: "I am a very traditional man, if my wife was pregnant, then I will not leave her at home alone. If my wife takes maternity leave, I will take paternity leave with her." Although Roger is not ready to have kids yet, his girlfriend Cindy Au is preparing for marriage as she is learning to make desserts. However Roger indicates that she is focussing on making cheesecakes and it is too easy to get fat eating this, so he hopes she can learn to make other foods, such as Western dishes.

Roger was late for the event yesterday because he was busy filming in the morning together with Shirley Yeung and Jerry Lamb in the outlying islands for a Children's Festival promotion. As this is the first time he has taken on the role of Children's Ambassador for TVB, he was glad that the kids he was working with were very good and obedient. He adds that he doesn't mind holding the fort in Flora's absence and although he doesn't know how the ratings will go, he feels that this show will be quite compelling and so is confident in the results.

Flora Chan was away in Singapore filming, so she could not make it back for the event, but she did make a call to say hello to the fans and have a short interview. She indicated that she has been making up some scenes for "Wong Fei Hung and Sap Sam Yee" in Hengdian before heading straight out to Singapore, so that was why she was unable to attend.

As for earlier reports that she was dropped from "Healing Hands" because of her absence from the "Hard Fate" promotions, Flora says she heard the reports whilst she was in Singapore, but she is not unhappy because everyone knows the real reasons why and she does not want to talk about it now it has passed. She emphasises that her relationship with TVB is still good and they have been in contact with her about other shows, but they have just clashed with her schedules. When asked if she was worried about reports arising from her absence again, she says she will take little notice because she is genuinely working. Although she could not be there to take part, she has great expecations for the show, especially the relationship between Roger and Hui Siu Hung because she really liked it.

Shek Sau and his son Sam Chan also took part in another Father's Day event and to be able to spend the occasion together and make money at the same time, they were very pleased and Sam drew a special card for his dad. When Sam was asked whether he had bought his father a present, he said: "I did think about it, but I didn't know what to get him so I haven't got him anything yet! However, even if I got him something it is just the thought that counds, my dad is not a greedy person, so when we have finished work this evening, we will go for a celebratory meal."


[Oriental Daily]

A group of newcomers from TVB's "Prints on Red Sands" were playing volleyball at the Gold Coast, filming a training scene with their coach in the show Joe Ma. Joe praises the male newcomers for having basic volleyball skills and believes that the resulting shots will be full of vitality.

As for the girls, Miss Chinese International's Carlene Aguilar from Manila was the most spritely and her pretty face and dimples made her resemble the 80's singing star Annabel Pak, so during the practice, her performance was particularly attractive. On the other hand, Vivien Yeo also from Miss Chinese Internation and EEG newcomer Koey Wong were worried about the sunshine and lacked ball skills, so they seemed very poor in comparison.


[Ta Kung Pao]

Myolie Wu has been heavily promoted by TVB recently and not only is she leading more and more shows, she has even been invited to appear in Sam Hui's comeback concert as a guest as her popularity rises. However, with her rise in fame, she has also been accused of being more arrogant in her attitude. Earlier, Myolie was invited to give a demonstration at Wong Pui Ha's Yoga school and when asked about her recent negative press, her 'changing faces' performance far outshone her yoga.

The origins of the rumours stemmed from the costume fitting for new series "Same Work Same Bowl", where she was rather unco-operative and was accused of being very arrogant. When she was asked about this by the press, she immediately put away her smile and turned her attitude through 360 degrees, asking the reporters in return: "Where did you get this news?"

The reports suggest that at the fitting, she refused to have her photo taken on the grounds that she had not put on her make-up yet, and is was noted that her tone of voice was very unfriendly and her attitude rather antagonising. When asked whether she acted like this as a result of her promotion from the company leaving her rather proud, she said curtly: "The news likes to compare these things, but maybe I have had more exposure lately and you have been looking too hard. However, this type of news is difficult to avoid."

As for her earlier appearance in the run of ten of Sam's concerts, leading to criticisms of singing out of tune and a poor performance, was this because she was too nervous? She immediately responded again: "Which magazine wrote this? This is what they are like, I felt my performance was okay." When asked whether she would be taking part in Sam's additional shows at the end of the month, she says that she will leave this to the company to arrange.


[Ta Kung Pao]

After recruiting singing stars Twins to promote her line of health supplements, Mariane Chan has now also invited 'Best Actress' winner and MBE Helena Law to be the next spokesperson.

Helena and Mariane have been friends for a long time, but Mariane has still had to spend a lot of time convincing Helena to be the voice for her company. Mariane says that Helena has been in the industry for many tens of years and has a superb talent and a definite high respect and admiration from viewers old and young, so her success and ranking is a definite guarantee of confidence.

Helena says: "My performance work is very busy, but in my youth I had to work hard, filming day and night. Now I am starting to feel the pressure and with this stress, I am finding it difficult to sleep. In the past I would eat Red Bird's Nest, but the results were only so-so. Then someone introduced this product to me, but my confidence in it was not so great. Later, when Mariane asked me to be her spokesperson, my first condition was to check and understand the ingredients in this product, where it is produced and its implications before I was happy to shoot this ad."

Although Mariane does not work with Helena all the time, their friendship is still quite strong as Helena often advises her to look after her health and treasure her life. On the day when Helena was filming the ad, they had not seen each other for a while, so when they two women met, they immediately shared a hug. There was also a lot of commotion surrounding the shoot becuase as well as the photographer and th image consultant, a pharmacist was also there to explain and demonstrate the product to Helena. She says: "Mariane is very serious about what she does and I know when she used to act, she was very dedicated, giving everyone a great confidence. After taking this product, I have become a lot more energetic and this makes it less easy to become tired during filming."


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