Tuesday, June 08, 2004

[Ta Kung Pao 08/06/04]

Bowie Lam, Christine Ng, Deric Wan, Cindy Au, Kwok Fung and Mary Hon were filming in a hotel yesterday for new series "Grey Tracks" for a ball scene where Kwok Fung and Mary Hon's characters were celebrating their 25th Wedding anniversary with a lavish party.

In real life, Kwok Fung and his wife Au Yeung Pui Shan have just celebrated their silver wedding anniversary on 9th September last year and this year will be their 26th year together. Talking of it not being easy to maintain a marriage for such a long time, Kwok Fung says: "Other people find it hard, but we found it really easy. How to keep the marriage going? The main thing is down to the hard work from both people, we will never feel like old husband old wife, because Pui Shan treats me like a child and I admit that I will never grow up. Don't see the Pui Shan seems strong on the outside, in fact she is very soft."

Talking of keeping a marriage being down to the work of both parties, Bowie interrupted, saying: "Is your sex life co-ordinated?". To which Kwok replied: "If it isn't co-ordinated, how would we have managed 26 years?"

Christine appeared in her own personal ballgown worth several tens of thousands of dollars and sporting many crystals on the dress. Since filming for "Grey Tracks" started, yesterday's scene was the first with so many of the cast members together. When Christine was asked to pose with Bowie in a dancing stance, Bowie joked that she has dropped a lot of things. Talking of the last event where Christine said that she admired Bowie, did her husband complain afterwards? She laughs that what she said was from the heart and liking a person does not mean she loves him or will marry him, but from a working or a friendly point of view, Bowie is a very likeable person. She also says that her husband has not been to visit her on set and will not be troubled because for her husband, as long as she is happy, then he will relax.

Deric and Cindy play a husband and wife in the show and yesterday they struck a pose at the request of the press. This is only the third time that Deric has danced for a show and the last time was over ten years ago when he left the choreographer very frustrated.

Talking of his girlfriend, Sonija Kwok being a very able dancer, Deric immediately agreed: "She has a lot of talent in many areas, such as Chinese dance, Jazz dance and so on. At first I thought that she had started to dance when she was young, but this is not the case as she was rather quiet when she was young." He also reveals that he wanted to learn some social dances with his girlfriend to help with his acting, like driving and riding is. When it was mentioned that Sonija's riding is very good too, he cannot help but praise her again, saying: "She is both pretty and intelligent and is my teacher in many areas. Not only is she my English teacher, she is also very well mannered. Maybe this was because her family have always been quite strict, so she is very polite with people. She can also work harder than me and has a stronger drive to succeed than me. (So what do you have to teach her?) Basically I have nothing I can teach her!"


[Ta Kung Pao 06/08/04]

Alex Fong, Yoyo Mung, Patrick Tam and Johnson Lee set out yesterday for Thailand to film for "Fight for Every Moment". As well as taking her luggage, Yoyo also took a folding chair and she explains that filming on location means that they have to run around everywhere, so she has brought the chair so that she can rest whenever she can.

Earlier, Alex Fong had suggested that if Yoyo had not found a new boyfriend before heading out to Thailand, he would pay for her food and accommodation. To this Yoyo laughs: "You just have to look at him and you know he will go back on his word." Later Patrick arrived at the airport and immediately revealed that a man had driven Yoyo to the airport, as he and Alex both did the hand gestures to suggest she has a personal chauffeur. Alex then said jokingly: "That's good, she has a man, she has found someone! I don't need to pay. Seeing her so dedicated (suggesting her sexy clothes), then I know she will do it, I only came here by taxi today!" As for Yoyo's explanation, she says that this man was not her boyfriend, but just a male friend.

This trip will last for a whole month, so Patrick's newly wed wife will most likely go to visit him. When he was asked whether the man who dropped off Yoyo was good looking, he says: "He was wearing a cap, so I couldn't see very well. Their manner was very casual, so the man seemed more like a chauffeur." After finishing filming for "Fight", Patrick will be heading to Hengdian to film for a China Central Television ancient production where he has to fight holding a baby.


[Ta Kung Pao 09/06/04]

Having been ever faithful for TVB, Flora Chan gave an interview for Cable TV's entertainment channel show earlier, talking of her reasons for leaving TVB, her hopes for her work in the mainland and life in general. The interview will be aired on Cable today.

Flora's contract with TVB ended in November last year and she was not worried at all about leaving the shade of the TVB parent company because they have just changed the terms of their co-operation and she has not totally left the company. She indicates that she really wants to be able to work with other TV companies and movie companies in different areas and co-star with actors that come from many different cultural backgrounds, because in the performing arts, experience is a very important and valuable asset. She admits that she was worried after leaving about the progression of her career, but this feeling disappeared very soon because she is the type of person who will 'do it because she wants to' and any problems can be faced optimistically.

Working on the mainland for the first time, Flora feels this is a turning point in her career and so she does not yet have any goals as she takes on as many experiences as she can. Earlier when she took part in filming for a mainland series, the biggest problem for her was the language barrier as she had problems both listening to and speaking the dialect. However as she has always loved to communicate with people, she has forced herself to learn. She feels that one of the most important lessons is how to communicate with the fans on the mainland as she remembers the first time that she met her mainland fans, they gave her a washing machine as a gift, leaving her rather pleased but shocked. At the same time, she felt uncomfortable and told them not to spend money unnecessarily. Then the next day, they bought her a microwave oven and left her speechless. After some time, they finally got to understand each others personalities and the problem was overcome.


[Ta Kung Pao 09/06/04]

The billion US dollar epic starring Jackie Chan "Eighty Days Around the World" will be premiering on 16th and the Hong Kong distributors held a special charity promotion yesterday, inviting Meg Lam from the 'Heart's Eye' project and the 18 Miss Hong Kong contestants to take part.

Meg herself took part in the 'Miss Beach' contest many years ago, so she understands the pressures of the girls as they wonder if they will win an award. However as they are still young, they may not know how to release the stress, so she has offered the services of the project to assist them if they need it. She also laughs: "I feel that if they can laugh out loud on the stage, then they will feel happier and more relaxed." When asked if she will be helping out the Miss Asia contestants, Meg indicated that she was not aware of Miss Asia being restarted and she would look into this.

11 Devily Leung indicates that since taking part in the pageant, she has felt a lot of stress and her method of destressing is sleeping, but sometimes she will hug her mother and cry. However, she has no regrets about taking part, because she has never had to put up with any pressures before and the experiences has matured her and given her a new perspective. Since the start of the contest, Devily has been the centre of many rumours and when asked which was the hardest news to overcome, she says: "It is the untruthful ones, like the one that suggested I was smoking in secret when we were in Kenya, but I was not staying in that room (Room 522) at all." When asked about the news, she seemed a little reserved, simply saying she does not smoke.

When Rosa Chan was asked to comment on the incident, she says that the press can only prove it if they can photograph the person smoking. She then suggested that the best person to ask would be her room mate, 2 Irene Yu. When she was asked, Irene responded: "I have not seen this and I don't think she smokes because I would have been able to smell it in the room and I didn't see any ash. (Do you know who stayed in room 522?) I'm not sure."


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