Thursday, June 10, 2004

[The Sun & Oriental Daily]

Shirley Yeung was filming with Alex Fong and Hawick Lau for "Treasure in the Family" in a scene where she meets Alex for the first time and then is sprayed with water by Shirley's friends in the show played by Karen Lee and Josephine Shum. Talking of having cake thrown at her before and now being soaked, Shirley laughs: "It's quite good fun! Having more amusement is better, getting wet is just like going swimming. It feels really refreshing!"

As for Alex, he feels that she is rather clumsy: "At first I found her to be quite forgetful in that she will forget what she is talking about mid sentence and always forgetting to bring things, but she is older than me and is more experienced than me, so I have asked her for advice about acting."

The director was very kind to Shirley in that the scene was completed in one take with the director himself controlling the hose. Then the part with Karen and Josephine was added later.


[Sing Pao]

Christine Ng and Savio Tsang Wai Kuen were filming for "Grey Tracks" in Kwun Tong earlier in a scene where they had a lot of kissing. During the filming, they were very professional and absorbed, so it was completed in one take, even with one kiss taking a full ten seconds.

The story tells of Christine and Savio playing a pair of lovers who eventually split up, but Christine finds she has his baby, but then she meets Bowie who knows about the child and doesn't mind. However, when the child is five years old, Christine leaves Bowie to return to Savio, so as they sit in a Porsche near the harbour, Christine is troubled and Savio comforts her by stroking her cheek before they kiss. During their performance, the two were very professional and spent two hours in the car, speaking their lines and filming the scene. Afterwards, Savio laughed: "I am full now, so I don't need supper."

Christine reveals that she and Savio have worked together before whilst filming on the mainland so there is no embarrassment when they are working together. She also says that she has kissed over thirty artistes and she feels that few people have a chance to kiss so many people in a lifetime, so despite acting being hard work, it gives her many opportunities to play different characters and add colour to her life.

When asked which kiss left the biggest impression, Christine says: "I gave my first movie screen kiss to Kent Cheng and on TV, it was to Suen Hing." Talking of the deepest impression, she thinks for a while before saying it is Bowie, because when they played a married couple, she really felt that way about him and was the most absorbed kiss. When asked whether she needs to let her husband know, Christine says that when she was filming for movie "9413", she wore a little T-back nightie and this was okay, so she indicates that her husband does not mind and she admits she is a very open minded actress and will do more daring performances.


[The Sun]

Louisa So has a very pale and smooth complexion and has recently been selected by OS Spa Centre to be their image representative and she has been shooting their ad recently. Although Louisa wore some little shoulderless tops, she is more reserved than the bikini clad women of the slimming ads, but she doesn't mind: "I feel that being sexy can be radiated from the the bones and does not need a lot of flesh to be revealed, beauty is in simplicity." When asked about her fee, Louisa says smiling: "It is satisfactory."

In order to appear at her best, Louisa has been dieting for a few days and losing some weight and her small sized clothes for the shoot had to be altered again and again. She laughs: "I don't know if it is because I am already quite slim, the clothes are very loos and I need someone to clip it together for me. Although it looks odd from behind, the front looks like it fits very well."


[The Sun & Ta Kung Pao]

Mainland production "Wong Fei Hung and Sap Sam Yee" has begun filming and will star familiar faces Gordon Liu and Flora Chan alongside Mainland actors such as He Zhonghua. Flora plays 'Sap Sam Yee' (13th Aunt) in the show and there will be plenty of action scenes and this will be hard work for the untrained Flora. However, she is very professional and even in some more dangerous scenes, she is insisting on doing the stunts herself whenever she can. During filming, everyone is afraid she will be injured, but everything is going well.

In one scene, Flora has to fight against three people in a very difficult scene, but she is not afraid and is fighting very confidently, like a fighting star. Flora says she has always wanted to be a martial arts star and hopes to follow this path in the future. With her dance background, this is a good basis for her action choreography.

In the show, Flora will be fighting a lot with Master Liu and luckily, he has some real Kung Fu skill so he will work around her. Master Liu is from the seventh generation of Master Wong Fei Hung's students and although there have been many Master Wong shows made in the past, few have had the similarities in background or the skills of Master Liu, so he should be able to give an excellent performance.


[Ta Kung Pao, Oriental Daily & The Sun]

Shek Sau, Rabee'a Yeung, Lily Lei, Koon Yan Na and Lee Yu Yeung were at a promotion for a travel programme yesterday and were playing games on the stage, re-enacting scenes from classical movie scenes. Among them, Shek Sau and Rabee'a replayed a scene from "Ghost" and then he joined with Lily to do "Pretty Woman" as they looked deeply into each others eyes. Lee Yu Yeung and Rabee'a then did the suicide scene from "Romeo and Juliet" before pairing with Koon Yan Na to play Jack and Rose from "Titanic".

Among the sketches, Shek Sau and Lily's was the closest, but when she leant over, Lily's legs were shaking. Later she explained that she has been filming a fitness special for "Sports World" and says that to do this difficult pose nearly crippled her. Is she worried her boyfriend will be unhappy for her getting so close to Shek Sau? She says that he will understand.

Shek Sau revealed that Rabee'a has a huge appetite and at breakfast, she would take four eggs away with her. Rabee'a explains that she was suffering from a cold and a sore throat at the time and had to eat some plain food, so the four eggs were for her lunch and dinner. Has she been watching this year's Miss Hong Kong? She says she has not had time to watch it and was shocked when it was mentioned that some of the contestants had 'pointy breasts'. She says that this has nothing to do with her and it is okay as long as she does not have 'pointy breasts".


[Ta Kung Pao]

Nnadia Chan was spotted at the Cultural Centre watching the ABBA musical "Mamma Mia" and she indicates that in order to watch this show, she had bought the tickets a month ago. Earlier, she has also taken the time to go and watch Sam Hui in concert and she feels that the two different shows are well worth watching. When asked why she has so much time to go and watch the shows, Nnadia admits she is rather free lately as the music industry is rather slow and she has not released an album for a year now. However she will not be giving up and she is preparing for her new album as she also hopes to have the chance to perform in a musical.

Nnadia reveals that as well as preparing for her new record, she has also fallen in love with writing and with the success of her earlier book on beauty, she has been planning a book on beauty nutrition as well as a collection of her interviews from her newspaper column. Nnadia indicates: "As I collate these articles, I realise that I have done many interviews with famous people from different walks of life, many of them strong women such as Carol Cheng, Nancy Sit, Siu Fong Fong, Cheung Tin Ngoi and Pak Wan Kam." Nnadia feels she has learned a lot from doing these interviews as she is now over thirty and must plan for the future. From these people, she has found much inspiration.


[The Sun]

Miss Hong Kong contestant number 8 Winnie Shum has had a lot of criticism fired at her, saying she is too big, having a poor attitude and being rude. Everyone knows that she is the daughter of veteran TV actress Lee Ying, but her father is rarely mentioned. In a special interview with her father at his private restaurant in Chai Wan, he talks about his beloved daughter.

Mr Shum is very friendly and invited the reporter inside for the interview and talking of Winnie's figure being bad, he opens with words of support for his daughter: "She isn't very fat, she is 5 ft 7 and 120 lbs is very normal. She will not be like other people and work particularly hard for the contest. She was originally going to start studying at UBC (University of British Columbia, Canada) this year, but she postponed it to take part in the pageant."

As for whether Winnie wants to enter showbiz, he says: "Winnie grew up in a sheltered environment, so this is a good chance for her to take in some life experiences. Although showbiz is a complicated circle, her mother was from this life and she is fine. I have great hopes for my daughter, if Winnie wins an award, I will lay on a meal for her and all the contestants as well as the crew at my restaurant, but I haven't seen her much since the start of the contest. (She rarely talks about her family.) She is low profile, although I have separated from my wife, I still have a good relationship with my daughter."

Also at the restaurants are photos of the family of three, together with some newspaper cuttings and Mr Shum picks up these articles and says: "I feel that Winnie looks like Gong Li and has a great stage presence."


[The Sun]

Angela Tong, together with Eileen Yeow, Don Li and Evergreen Mak headed out to Egypt earlier to film a travel show. The weather there was very hot, but luckily there was some wind and it was not too hard to bear. This was Angela's first trip to Egypt and she met a lot of new experiences, such as visiting the Great Pyramids, a trip in a hot air balloon and camel riding. She says excitedly: "Because it was very sunny, I did a lot of preparation and wore plenty of sun lotion. It really was a lot of fun and I have picked up a lot of information, it really isn't very expensive at all. Living in a five star hotel for ten days is only $7000. My father would quite like to visit, so I plan to treat him and my mother to a trip to Egypt as a Father's Day present."

Angela also had the chance to go and visit the Red Sea and met a tour guide called Moses. There was also a nude beach and when Angela was asked if she took part, she says: "Of course not! I have never been swimming in the nude, wearing a bikini is my bottom line."


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