Friday, June 04, 2004

[Oriental Daily]

Kenix Kwok was filming yesterday for "Blossoming Hearts" in a raining scene with Michael Tao, but Michael was lucky as he had an umbrella. Kenix on the other hand was soaked through by the rain, but Kenix maintained total professionalism and had no word of complaint, even saying that in the 30 degree heat, this soaking was actually quite comfortable!

Yesterday's scene told of Kenix and Michael's characters reaching the point of talking about marriage, but Michael's former girlfriend played by Anne Heung suddenly appears with their child and Kenix packs her luggage to leave in the rain. Kenix herself is very sensible when it comes to relationships and if she met with this situation in real life, she would definitely pull out and not stay upset, but she is fortunate that she has always been lucky with her love affairs and has never met with such a complicated affair.

As for her good friend Christine Ng announcing her admiration for Bowie Lam after working with him on "Grey Tracks", Kenix admits that she has become too absorbed by a character and was unable to pull herself out of her role. She laughs: "When you become too absorbed, you will be like this, especially girls, who put more on feelings and emotions. However, when you remember that you have a great other half at home, then you will immediately put the thought at the back of your mind, but I won't say who I had feelings for! (Will Frankie worry about this?) He will be more worried, because he is very steadfast and is not so easily moved. This is what I admire in him." Michael says that he agrees with being absorbed into the show and truly like your opposite in the performance, but he knows how to withdraw from the role, so his wife is not worried about his feelings becoming real.


[The Sun & Oriental Daily]

Alex Fong Lik San was filming with Shirley Yeung on location for "Treasure in the Family" yesterday and on his first day of filming for the show, Alex was arranged to have a shoe thrown at him by co-star Karen Lee Choi Ling in a scene where he is hit on the head by a shoe before bumping into a lamp post and fainting. Despite being a grown man, Alex was professional and didn't mind 'playing with Choi Ling's shoes' as he took the show to measure the position, sniffing it several times before having it thrown at him. Karen laughs: "Does my shoe smell nice?"

Yesterday's storyline tells of Shirley wanting to get a nude baby picture back from Alex's bag, so she follows him and as her friend Karen becomes impatient, she uses the 'flying slipper' to knock Alex out and retrieve the photo. Shirley laughs that Alex's fate is similar to hers the day before and when Alex was asked whether he was afraid of starting rumours working with Shirley, he turned the joke onto her, saying: "Hasn't she already got married? I read the papers and it referred to her as the Lee family daughter-in-law... she has someone already, so we won't be intentionally avoiding each other." He goes on to joke that he has plenty of 'girlfriends', such as Gillian, Rain and Stephy, but they are all false.

As an idol pop star, is Alex worried he might be scarred by the flying shoe and the bump on the lamp post? Alex responded seriously saying that his future work will be concentrating on action shows, so this is small fry in comparison. He also laughs: "Scar? How important is the face... only with a scar are you considered mature, see how stylish Jacky Cheung looks."

Hearing Alex's words, Shirley Yeung returns the favour, saying: "Who is getting married so soon? I am not worried about rumours, he has plenty of choices anyway. I am just joking, the most important thing is that we are happy working together." Talking of her stalking of Alex in the show, Shirley says she can empathise with his character as she is always followed by the press: "Following people is hard work, especially under the hot sun, but I don't mind being followed as I have nothing to hide."


[Oriental Daily & The Sun, pictures from Apple Daily]

Charmaine Sheh and Joe Ma visited London and Birmingham in the UK to promote TVB's rental business and as they were only there for three days, the schedules were tight and so they had little time to go shopping. Although Charmaine has just had her birthday, the local fans were very thoughtful and presented her with a birthday cake to celebrate.

This is Charmaine's first visit to the UK and it coincided with the broadcasting of the finale to her series "Perish in the Name of Love" on the local TVBS channel, so the reception from the local audience was very warm. Although there was a band of security guards surrounding the stage to keep order at the shows, the number of fans who wanted to see her was massive and knocked over the security line. Luckily no-one was hurt and seeing the situation, Charmaine was a little frightened but not in any danger.

Also, with the popularity of "Triumph in the Skies" in the rental markets, as one of the stars of the show, Joe has immediately become the 'idol of millions' and wherever he went he was surrounded by female fans. Although Joe is married, this had little effect on his popularity with the females as they continuously gave him presents until his arms were tired!


[The Sun]

Miss Hong Kong contestant Number 4 Jaymee Tang has been rumoured to have some strong backing as she is driven around in a $4 million Bentley and has been sighted living in a thousand square foot home in the Happy Valley area. However after the chasing from the press, she has been keeping a low profile and travelling by public transport to hide her background.

When the girls arrived back from Kenya, she seemed at first to be heading for the Airport Express with the others, but in fact there was a car waiting for her. Upon spying the ensuing press, she left the car behind and took a taxi back to her home in Happy Valley. When she arrived, she was asked directly by the press whether she hails from a wealthy family and she says: "The house in the mid-levels belongs to my boss, she was my nominator and is also my guardian as I don't have any relatives having come back for the contest from Holland, so my boss looks after me." She adds: "My boss is a woman, so don't get the wrong idea!"


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