Monday, May 10, 2004

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TVB's "Angels of Mission" (aka Nameless Angels 3D) starring Sonija Kwok, Charmaine Sheh, Shirley Yeung and Patrick Tam will begin airing on 24th after "Hard Fate" and yesterday a special premiere party was held where the female leads all wore diamond jewellery to the value of over $3million and were flanked by security guards all evening. Gilbert Lam and Timmy Hung were also present at the glittering event.

Sonija wore a backless dress with her million dollars of jewels and looked elegant and beautiful. In the show she has a lot of risque scenes with Gilbert Lam and also Patrick Tam and this is the boldest performance she has given in her acting career. She laughs: "I remember when I filmed the kissing scene with Patrick, it was very awkward because I had to lead, but I didn't know him very well then and we NG'ed many times." When asked whether she is not used to taking the lead, she smiles and admits it. As for her bed scene with Gilbert, the two had drank some red wine to psyche themselves up for it. When asked whether she had notified boyfriend Deric Wan about it, she says she didn't, so she will just let him watch it. When it was suggested he might go pale when he watches it, she laughs she doesn't care and will not be afraid of him being jealous because it is just work and he should understand.

During the press conference, one of Charmaine's fans managed to get in and kept calling her name from offstage. Eventually, she was asked to leave by the security team, but she still stayed around the hotel and watched on from afar. Wearing over a million dollars of jewellery yesterday, Charmaine says that she rarely wears diamonds usually because she finds it too expensive. She would rather spend the money on something more practical like cars or property. In the show, she and Sonija both fall for Patrick, but as Charmaine does not want to be a third party, all the kissing scenes are down to Sonija. When asked about her fan sneaking into the event, Charmaien says that she was frightened when she heard her name being called out. She says that usually her fans are very good, but fans in Malaysia, Singapore and the Mainland tend to be more affectionate as they often rush onto the stage to hug her. Luckily she has not been kissed by them on the cheeks.

Charmaine will be heading to the mainland in June to film for "Tossing Rain Turning Clouds" and she will be there for four or five months. She laughs it is like being exiled. In the show she has many fighting scenes and making an ancient drama in 40 degree heat, Charmaine is worried that she will become faint with the action. She says: "Being a fighter is no fun, but the feeling of satisfaction and success will be worth it."

Although Patrick is the male lead in the show, when faced with the three beautiful female leads, his limelight is immediately stolen. Afterwards, he was asked whether he minded being outshone and he laughs: "I have tried my best, there is nothing I can do! When we filmed this, I knew the girls would steal the show, maybe I am just not bright enough. I just hope that the show does well, so I can steal back some of the glory!"

Patrick also showed the press a photo of four birds eggs from his mobile phone and smiled: "Two weeks ago, I found a birds nest in the plant on my balcony and there were four little eggs inside the nest, so I felt that this was a good omen for the shows ratings. (Maybe you will have something good happening in the home?) For now, I hope it is a sign for good ratings! Even if there is to be good news at home, then I don't need four eggs, one will do."

When Patrick was asked whether he is preparing for fatherhood after his marriage, he says that his wife is ready to be a mother at any time, but he is not ready yet. He says: "I hope that that we will have kids when I am really wanting to be a father, so there are no regrets. At the moment my work is very busy so I don't have time to be with my wife. However, if this show and 'Fight for Every Moment' that will be airing in November, does well, then maybe I should have a child to celebrate, because I have confidence in these two series."

Although Shirley has not close scenes with men in the show, she says she has still picked up a few tips on how to manipulate men from the show.


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On Mothers Day, three members of Cookies joined with Sammul Chan at a special show, but only three of the cookie girls showed up. Miki explained that Theresa had had an operation to remove her tonsils and had to rest to ensure her voice is not affected. She adds that as she has been busy with work, she could only pass on her get well wishes by ICQ.

Miki is currently filming for "Fight for Every Moment" with Alex Fong and Alex has praised her for being hardworking, leaving her very happy indeed. She breathes a sigh of relief, because when she first met Alex, she thought he was very cool.

Sammul is currently busy filming for "Police Cadet Brave Hearts" and for this show, he has tanned himself and cut his hair short. Talking of Raymond Lam and Lawrence Ng being spotted at nightclubs, will he be curbing his own behaviour? Sammul says he will not be especially careful because of these reports, but he is under pressure from some of his titles such as "Traffic Ambassador", so he is constantly reminding himself not to do anything that will spoil his reputation. He says that when he crosses the road, he will be very careful.


[The Sun]

Speaking on a radio interview yesterday with Christy Chung, Alex Fong (Chung Shun) was asked whether he would be paying for Yoyo Mung's expenses when they fly out to Thailand to film on location for their new series and he revealed that Yoyo has a new boyfriend, but is keeping it under wraps. He also indicated that he and Marco Ngai have been making up nicknames for the other artistes on set. Yoyo's is 'presspin'. He says: "It it because filming takes a long tiem, so to pass the time, Marco and I just make up names for everyone. He thought of that name for her, not me, but I thought it was very fitting!" After saying this, he chuckles to himself, but to avoid getting into trouble, he asked the press not to report on what he had said about nicknames. He says: "The more I think about it, the more I am afraid that I will be beaten up by Yoyo!" In order to make it up, he then praises Yoyo, saying: "She is very nice, so pretty... too bad I have a girlfriend, if not I would date her."


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