Wednesday, May 26, 2004

[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun]

The eighteen contestants for this year's Miss Hong Kong pageant have been arranged to go and stay at apartments at Gold Coast to undergo a special three day two night training session. With the republishing of her bikini and semi-nude photographs in some magazines, 11 Devily Leung has shot into the focus of media attention, but at yesterday's event, she seemed to distance herself from the other contestants and made herself out to be a loner.

When Devily arrived with the other girls, she was without any smiles and was very different from the other beaming contestants. She kept well away from the others and did not chat with them and it seemed she was rather awkward around them. Only when the press spoke to her did she reveal a smile.

Devily admits that she has seen the magazines and the photos and when asked if this was affecting her competition, she says: "Whether it affects me or not is outside of my control as it has been printed, but my poses aren't sexual or erotic, so I am not afraid. Actually I am more worried about being spotted eating on the MTR and have asked my mother to find out as I will pay the fine. (But no-one is charging you.) Eating on the MTR is still not right, I would like to take responsibility." Then Devily goes on to reveal that she met a pervert on the bus and said with a frown: "I saw a pervert on the bus, but I daren't say anything. I was on the top deck of a bus and I could see him in the reflection of the window fiddling about with something. (Are you just being oversensitive?) No, he had the actions and I saw him do something." When the press asked her to explain in more detail, Devily refused and said that she didn't know what he did, but this has made her very unhappy."

Devily then went on to respond to the reports that she was in a convenience store 'messing around': "They said that the person in a fisherman's hat was me, but I have never worn such a hat before, becuase it doesn't look good on my round face." When she was asked if she was afraid of becoming gossip queen of the contest with so much focus on her, she said: "I will keep hanging on, if not then I will fall into their trap, because they just want me to pull out by reporting so many false stories. (Are you afraid the negative press will affect the results?) It is to be expected so I am prepared."

The pageant Deputy Production Manager Rosa Chan indicates that she understands that Devily's photos were shot as part of her modelling work and that she will talk to Devily about the other problems she is facing.


[Additional from The Sun & Oriental Daily]

With the Miss Hong Kong contestants moving into shared accommodation to get used to living and working as a group, it was discovered that there were mah jong tables in the apartment, so were they planning to get in a few games?

Number 1 Queenie Chu who was once a television reporter is seen to be very friendly with the controversial contestant 11 Devily Leung and when asked if she was worried about being affected by her friend's negative press, she says: "It's not really gossip, she is famous, so it is not unusual to write about her. Why don't I think of your questions for you, you will ask me if I am jealous, so I will reply that I am not."


[Ta Kung Pao]

Steven Ma's publishing house Kin Sing Cultural Press has already launched three of Steven's books on society and is now working together with the Shantou University Press who have bought the right to his first book 'Why Suicide?' and reprinted it with the new title "Rescuing the Solemn Life" to launch throughout China as of 24th May. Seeing his first buds flowering in the Mainland, Steven is very happy and says: "I am very happy and very excited because it has finally come to fruition after a year of negotiations and I feel that my company has finally taken its first step into the Chinese market."

How was the price for the copyright? Steven says that the Shantou University Press offered a very satisfactory price and he says with great feeling: "Shantou University Press has the same cultural thinking as Kin Sing as they both publish books that are of benefit to society. As their direction is the same, they reached an agreement. Shantou is my native town and this time I had the help of a fellow Chiu Chow native and it was especially warming, proving that Chiu Chow people are very united."

Also, Shantou University Press are very interested in Steven's other books and as well as undertaking further negotiations, they have also suggested that they should co-operate again and work on another cultural project, making Steven very enthusiastic. She adds: "These are the results of a group of cultural workers who have the same goals. The Mainland version of my book is like my own son and if this book can be distributed throughout the country, it is as though my children are all over China and that excitement is hard to describe."


[Sing Pao Special Report]

Liu Kai Chi had a happy and fortunate family and was the envy of all around, with a wife who shared his ideals and three precious sons. However, last year, his youngest son was struck down with leukaemia and this made Uncle Chi realise that life can never always go the way you want and has plenty of ups and downs, so his wishes now are very simple - just to be able to play football with his sons and his wife at the sidelines supporting them all. Thus he believes that if his whole family can work hard, there will be a day when this wish will come true.

1st October 2002 was a big day for Liu Kai Chi. On that day, he was baptised in the pool of the Clearwater Bay Country Club, witnessed by the priest, family and friends. As he submerged his whole body into the water, his friends and family were all very happy for him, especially his wife Chan Man Yee, who had waited 12 years for this day.

Uncle Chi had met Man Yee in 1979 at the TVB actors training class and in 1988, she took him to church. Since then, he has been to the church occasionally, but it was only in 1996 that he finally decided to commit himself to the Christian faith and God. Why did he choose the turtle pool at Clearwater Bay out of all the places? He explains that he missed out on the baptism ceremony at the church as he was filming for "The Legend of Love" and the priest had offered the swimming pool of one of the congregation members, but Uncle Chi felt that the turtle pool was more natural and that there was fresh water for him to rinse himself with afterwards, so he held a barbeque there with around 200 friends there on the very memorable day.

Before his baptism, Uncle Chi had to undergo three courses and write a testimony. As he reflected on his life, he felt that a lot of it was built on his family and for him and Man Yee to be Christians meant that they were able to have a happy and unified marriage. Now their 9 and a half year old eldest son has decided to take the faith, but their second and third sons are still too young. As for how youngest son Lok Lok is coming along, Uncle Chi says that Lok Lok has undergone eight radiotherapy sessions and it has been a year now since they discovered the condition, but Lok Lok is still not accustomed to it. He has a good memory and cries whenever he has to go into hospital, not playing with the other children and not even interested in his toys. The second series of chemotherapy was rather hard as he had a fever and had to be isolated, as a father and mother seeing their sun like this was very painful and Uncle Chi says: "He is now in his third series of chemotherapy and there are four more injections to go before this ends. The doctors say that he only needs to take medication for the coming year, so the tubes can be removed from his chest then."

Talking of this tubing, there is a story in that originally the tubing was in Lok Lok's right arm, but it was accidentally damaged when Lok Lok had chickenpox and so they had to anaesthetise his right chest for an operation. Uncle Chi lifted him into the operation theatre and although Lok Lok's eyes were dilated from the medication, Uncle Chi could tell that Lok Lok wanted him to stay and the feelings this created cannot be described in words. Having to endure so many hardships, it will be Lok Lok's fourth birthday in a month and when asked whether he would hold a special birthday party, Uncle Chi says: "We should have a party for the removal of the tube! It has been an inconvenience for so long, having to be cleaned and disinfected and making him cry for his life each time. To be honest, I would never have thought that eight sessions of radiotherapy over ten months could have gone so well and I must thank my church friends for praying for us."

The hardest thing is that he and his wife are able to hold hands as they fight through the thorny path and Uncle Chi feels his wife has given so much. In the past, Man Yee was very impatient, but after this, she has become very patient. Uncle Chi reveals that during this time, Man Yee did question why God has not given her the best and why He has not replied to her prayers, but he now has to congratulate her for finally having her prayers answered as Lok Lok's condition has made their family treasure their relationship and although they don't know what will happen in the future, at least they are making the most of the time they have now.

"Before Lok Lok had his illness, the family was surrounded by fortune and a lot of the time we took things for granted. Life is only fulfilling with experience and we finally understand that not everything in life will go our way and there will always be ups and downs. My wish is very simple, I hope that I can be able to play a game of football with my sons and my wife can support us from the sidelines." On the face of it, Uncle Chi's wish is very simple, but there is conflict in his heart. Who doesn't want the family to be together or for good health? To be able to play football together signifies healthy children and a strong fatherly bond. With Uncle Chi and Man Yee's hard work, there must be a day when their wish will come true!

Reporter: Kuen Mui


[The Sun]

Kenix Kwok is already married, but she was seen in public fighting over Mok Ka Yiu against Chiu Ching Yee and losing to her! It turns out that this was just a scene from "Blossoming Hearts", but Kenix says: "In real life I have never tried this, because in this relationship I dump him and so I don't really know how to do this scene!" As for Chiu Ching Yee, she is using her own personal items as props for the scene, holding an LV bag and wearing an LV watch worth a total of $60,000. She admits that it is very expensive, but she liked it and so it is worth it!


[The Sun & Oriental Daily]

Having been linked previously in rumours with Eric Tsang, Josephine Shum (Po Yee) was seen openly flirting as she was out on a date with her boyfriend in Causeway Bay and attracting quite a crowd.

Former Miss Hong Kong contestant Josephine, who plays a role alongside Bondy Chiu and Michael Tse in "Virtues of Harmony" was once romantically linked with Eric Tsang, but she did not find fame through this and with TVB's recent cutbacks, it is possible she has been affected. At around 11pm on Tuesday evening, she was spotted wearing hot pants and a T-shirt together with her boyfriend in Causeway Bay. Although it was quite late, 'Ah Mung' as she is known attracted the stares of passers-by with her boyfriend, who looks a little like Alex Fong (Lik San) and who was dressed casually. Maybe she was living up to her name [Em: "Ah Mung" in Chinese means "Dreamy"] or maybe she was too engrossed with her boyfriend, but they openly hugged and played in the street and he playfully pinched her cheeks, making her very absorbed and looking very sweet. They then went window shopping at a furniture shop and a cosmetics shop before he bought her an ice cream. At around half past twelve, the couple boarded a minibus and left.


[The Sun]

Earlier Tang Chi Fung was hosting a Buddhism show with Priscilla Koo when he mispronounced a word meaning 'paying respects' and was met with complaints from a Mr Lam who criticised him for being disrespectful to the show and a bad example to children. Yesterday, Tang admitted his mistake, saying: "Maybe I did say it wrong and I did notice it, but I asked and both pronouciations are okay, provided that you are true to Buddha, then you should not dwell on little mistakes and as long as you understand then it doesn't matter." Tang indicates he is a Christian, so he is not very clued up about Buddhist vocabulary. He says: "I didn't have very much time to prepare and had to watch the clip and talk at the same time, 90% is improvisation, so I hope that you will understand my position."


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