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[Sing Pao, Oriental Daily & Ta Kung Pao]

An awards ceremony entitled "Intenz Level Up Ladies" was held yesterday and among the award winners were Kenix Kwok, Yung Ching Ching, Kwok Kam Yan, Cheung Yee and Wong Pui Ha.

When Kenix was asked what makes a successful woman, she indicates that to have both success in love and a career is not the most important thing, the most important thing is to have a high EQ. [Emotional Quotient - a measure of interpersonal skills]. She is currently learning to change her EQ and is improving. She says: "I used to be too stubborn and this not only left myself in a bad mood, it also affected the people around me. In my opinion. Dodo (Carol) Cheng has a very high IQ and EQ, so I should learn from her. She thinks that her husband Frankie Lam is also a model of high EQ, but she has always had a short and direct manner that has upset many people without her realising it.

It is mother's day today and as Kenix doesn't have to work until the evening, she can take time out to celebrate with her mother and mother-in-law. When asked whether she has started 'making babies' yet, Kenix says that she is working hard on her filming and they are not deliberately trying to have children, but she does feel that having a baby will make a family complete and she knows that Frankie loves children, so when they have them, they will have two, because being an only child is too lonely.


[Oriental Daily]

Alex Fong (Chung Shun) and Miki from Cookies was filming for TVB's "Fight for Every Moment", where they play a father and daughter. In the scene yesterday, Miki was grasping onto her stylish dad's arm as they walked along the street and she was so absorbed that she would bump into the glass of the bakery store. However, as this is Miki's first acting experience, she was already very nervous when she met Alex and together with the visit from the press she was even more on edge, leaving her having to hit the glass many times.

However, Alex looked after his 'daughter' well and when he found that Miki was failing because there were so many people around, he immediately tried to relax her by creating some atmosphere as he kept asking her: "Am I handsome?". Alex also laughed that he was not worried about being pushed by time to take a step up to playing father figures, saying: "This is the first time (being a father), but I am still confident in my looks and with her (Miki) we almost look like a pair of lovers. I am confident becoming a 'green leaf' [veteran] actor because the professional life of a male artiste is usually longer than that of a female."


[Ta Kung Pao & Oriental Daily]

Sonija Kwok and Joe Ma appeared at guest models at a promotion and as well as receiving a fee, they were also allowed to choose any shoes they liked. Other guests included Catherine Hung, Bondy Chiu, Angela Tong, Margaret Chung, Chan Wing Yin and Bel Lau.

Having been a model previously, Joe indicated that since he became an artiste, this was the first time he had done a shoe show and when asked if he needed to specially protect his feet and legs, he laughed: "Not at all! Actually having leg hairs is better because you seem more masculine." As he is currently busy with filming, he complains that his legs are too white and is not matching the skin colour on the top half of his body, so he plans to go for some sunbathing after finishing his current series. Earlier he was stung by an insect leaving his eyes very red and after treatment, the swelling has subsided, but the infection has spread to the glands on his forehead that are still a little swollen, but in recent filming, they have been able to hide it with the camera angles. Talking of being able to select some shoes for part of his fee, he says that he has chosen five or six paires, because he feels bad if he takes too much but if he takes too few, it seems disrespectful.

As for Sonija, she has taken the chance to choose a few pairs for her mother. Originally she had planned to take her mother for dinner, but due to a last minute change to her schedule she has had to cancel. She says that she often goes for dinner with her mother and you don't have to just go on Mothers' Day. She has already bought a pair of earrings for her mother as a present. Also, appearing on the catwalk yesterday, Sonija also mentioned that her skin was too fair because she likes to have a healthy glow to her skin and so she hopes to get a tan later on. When asked whether her boyfriend Deric Wan likes her looking tanned, she laughs she won't worry about him as long as she likes it.


[Ta Kung Pao Special Report]

For Joyce Tang, Mothers Day every year has a special meaning because as well as it being a celebration for her mother, it is also near her father's birthday, so every year they will celebrate together. The most memorable celebrations for her was when she was younger and when she kept writing "New" instead of "Dearest" in her mother's card and this made her mother laugh.

As for this year's mothers day, how will Joyce be celebrating? She laughs: "As usual we will go for dim sum, but my mother is very hard to invite out because she is very busy seeing all her friends and singing Cantonese opera. As for a present, my mother is a very practical person, so she likes cash, but I feel that a present is better, because it is more memorable and I don't think my mother would save the money up! (Will you cook some dishes for your mother?) I have never tried cooking for her and she doesn't fall for this anyway."

Joyce only has a big brother and the whole family get on very well and because her father loves her especially, her relationship with her is better than with her mother. Joyce says: "My mother is 24 years older than me and is the finance officer of the family. Although she still had to work after marriage, she understands how to use her time well and not only does she do well at work, she is also able to keep a good home. From her, I have learned how to be serious and have a good attitude about my work."

As her mother is very orderly and likes peace and quiet, they all had to be in bed by half past nine at night. As a result, Joyce was only allowed to watch half an hour of television when she was younger, including the news and as a result she has never watched 'Enjoy Yourself Tonight'. Later when she entered high school, the house rules were still not loosened and she was not allowed to go out or go to camp, she did not receive pocket money and had to go home for lunch. Joyce did not rebel because her mother did not go out herself and committed herself to the family acting as a good role model. Later when Joyce entered society, the rules were finally loosened, but her mother still wanted her to be home for half past ten at night and had to take the phone numbers of all her friends so that she could contact their parents. Joyce laughs: "Although I understood the reasoning of my parents and I am glad that I did not become bad under their good guidance, I feel that their way is out of date, so if I have children in the future, I will not control them so much."

Talking of having kids, Joyce and boyfriend Marco Ngai have been dating for nearly five years now and have always been a model couple and even rumoured to be planning married, although this never came to be. When asked when she would be really marrying Marco, she laughs: "I am concerned with taking my career to another level at the moment, so I am in no hurry to get married and anyway, Marco has never proposed to me yet."

Although Marco has not yet proposed, he is still a romantic person and often creates surprises for Joyce. Little wonder that Joyce who describes herself as having a bad temper is as reduced to a little bird when she is faced with her boyfriend. She laughs: "Fortune is not inevitable, so we should work hard to keep this going. In truth, when you love someone, you will naturally offer a compromise."

In the hope of her career reaching new levels, what is Joyce's goal? She replies quickly: "I would like to receive the award for 'My Favourite Female Lead Role' and have a representative piece." She is obviously very direct and open. Talking of her many roles in her eight years in the business, it should soon be her turn, but she laughs: "Nothing is about should or should not. I am not yet happy with my own performance, maybe because I was a bit of a tomboy when I first started, so the producers daren't cast me in a more feminine role. I hope I can play more feminine roles or make more series that focus on women."

With so many strong female leads at TVB, it would seem that Joyce will need to work that little bit harder!

Reporter: San San


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