Thursday, May 27, 2004

[Apple Daily]

With a love affair in TVB's series "Virtues of Harmony", Ronald Cheng and Nancy Sit were filming yesterday in Tsimshatsui's Avenue of Stars, where Ronald who has a crush on Nancy is hiding and secretly stalking her. As it was a public holiday, they attracted a crowd of tourists and Nancy's popularity could be compared to that of a queen on parade. Ronald will be guest starring in the long running show for a few episodes and is injecting a new strain of humour into the show with his crazy antics and dirty looks.

As it was a public holiday yesterday, there were plenty of local and mainland tourists leaving the venue rather packed and extra crew had to be called in to make way for the filming. The crowd still followed them, not wanting to affect their work. Some people then asked for photographs and for Nancy to hold Ronald's arm, whilst children yelled out 'Ka Yin Ma Ma' and adults commented on how slim and pretty to she was, making her very happy indeed. Nancy says: "This is the first time that Ronald and I have been to the Avenue of the Stars and it would be nice to walk down here with a lover. I never realised how popular I would be, maybe because of the show being extended."

Also, Ronald was originally planning to just guest star in the show for a few episodes, but if the reaction is positive, then he may rejoin the series again later.


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