Wednesday, April 14, 2004

[Ta Kung Pao & the Sun]

Miss Chinese International 2003 winner Linda Chung has been invited by TVB to take part in the sitcom "Virtues of Harmony" and she has already been filming for the last few days. When she met the press yesterday at TVB City, she was asked if she was getting used to it yet. She says that although her record so far is seven NG's for one scene, the cast and crew are very good to her and she has settled in very quickly. However she will need some time to get accustomed to it all.

Linda will have romantic ties to Hawick Lau in the show and she says she is glad that she can read Chinese, so reading the script is not a problem, but her pronunciation is not clear and she is thankful to Hawick for helping her out. With reports that Hawick is treating her very well, Linda just smiles. When asked whether she knows that Hawick's girlfriend is no other than former Miss Chinese International winner Bernice Liu, she says she does not know of this, but she knows Bernice because they studied at the same university in Vancouver. As for whether she is afraid of rumours arising from Hawick's care for her, she says: "Not at all, because the most important thing for me is to play the character well and I will not care about other things."


[The Sun]

Chin Ka Lok and girlfriend Lee San San appeared as guests in a slimming special and during the photocall, Ka Lok was showing off his springy trainers as he measured his height against San San and making her laugh uncontrollably. San San says that she will not give up wearing high heels even for her man and adds: "If I want to wear them, then I will." Talking of good friend Jerry Lamb being reprimanded for his actions recently , Ka Lok points out that Jerry was previously unclear about company policies and this caused him to respond rather strongly. He also says: "I support him, but I have told him not to be so extreme." He believes that the staff's devotion towards the company and working environment is very important: "The company has given me so many jobs to do and I even found my girlfriend here, so I have feelings towards the company that makes me want to work hard."

As for San San, she says she does not have a slimming contract at present and many companies have approached her, but nothing has been confirmed. She says that Shirley Cheung's company is very generous, offering sponsorship for both her and her boyfriend: "I don't need breast enhancements thank you, they are big enough. When I took part in the pageant, I was 132 lbs, so I think it is time to change my look. They are letting me choose which part I would like to slim down, I have chosen my lower body." When asked if her boyfriend needs to lose weight, she says: "As long as he is happy, he is quite cute now! Being thin has its merits, but being wide has its merits as well." As for whether she will return to film dramas at TVB, she says: "We'll see if the opportunity arises."


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