Sunday, April 25, 2004

[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun]

Ada Choi's movie "The Miracle Box" has reached box office takings of $5 million after the Easter holiday period and yesterday a special seminar was held as Ada's good friends Moses Chan and Jessica Hsuan attended to show their support. Ada said candidly that she was very happy with the good results, so she wanted to share with the audience all the good feelings that she had whilst making the film and despite nursing a cold, she was still insistent on attending.

At the moment Ada is taking as much time as she can to rest because in May she will be heading into Shanghai for some filming. As for the SARS scares, she says she is not worried and feels that as long as she is careful to get back to good health and boost up her immune system then she will be fine. Of course she will need to ensure she keeps up her personal hygiene.

Jessica is also resting at the moment so she had the time to attend and support her good friend. She reveals that she will begin filming with TVB again in August and after being admitted into hospital twice last year from constant filming, having to endure 24 bottles of IV drip, she feels that her health is the most important thing so she has turned down two series from TVB and a Mainland company. She says: "Originally there was a Mainland series that I had to film with Roger Kwok, but the boss was very good and waited until the very last minute for me, but when I couldn't do it, he asked Michelle Ye instead." When asked why she was not with her boyfriend, she says that her boyfriend is a very low profile person, so he will not appear in such public events. Also, there have been reports that Moses's fee is cheap and so he has been taken on as ambassador for PCCW in place of Steven Ma. Moses says that he takes little notice of these reports, especially as he knows Steven very well and they will not discuss these things as they both understand each other.


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