Monday, April 26, 2004

[Ta Kung Pao & Oriental Daily]

Alex Fong was filming on location for new series "Fight for Every Moment" in Tokwawan recently when he was met with a visit from the local police and another time, he received angry words from people near a local housing estate. The scene told of Alex being attacked whilst driving and his car being covered with paint. As the location was close to the local learner driver routes and there happened to be several people taking their driving test there at the time, the filming caused an obstruction in the road for the learner drivers as some also turned back watch them filming as they drove past. Alex was asked if he was afraid of making them fail their test, but he said helplessly: "I am very regretful!" At the same time, several police officers arrived on the scene to say that some residents had called them, so they came to see what was going on. In response to troubling the police, Alex says: "I was so scared!"

On Sunday, Alex was also filming in Jordan near a residential area in a scene where his wife Jojo Cho was being imprisoned and he had to go and rescue her, so the roads were closed for filming. During this time, someome threw some used fluorescent strips at him, whilst someone called from a window: "Alex Fong, you @%$#* why don't you pack it in?!" Hearing these insults, Alex was a little unhappy as he looked up to see who it was and called at the person to come down, but he daren't. He says: "I am guessing it was a child, so I will not hold it against him, but I don't want it to happen again. (Were you being too noisy when you were filming?) We weren't filming gunshot scenes, if we were being noisy, then someone would have called the police."

Alex adds that this is the first time he has been jeered at in public in the last ten years and even the big men with tattoos in Portland Street have been friendly towards him. Some people even call him 'Brother Shun', so this makes him further believe it must have been a child. With the suggestion that the children of today are very aggressive, with a 13-year old even daring to knife their mothers at such a young age, Alex says: "This is too violent and it is not good. I hope that children will study the Buddhist scriptures and find a little harmony within their souls."

When Alex was asked whether he had been shouted at ten years ago, he says: " Of course, when I first entered the industry, not only was I sworn at by the directors, when I passed by pairs of lovers in the streets, the girls would say: 'It's Alex Fong!' whilst their boyfriends would say: 'What's so #@%&$ good about Alex Fong?'. However I understand that sometimes you should have some male pride around your girlfriend, but you shouldn't hurt others."


[Ta Kung Pao & Oriental Daily]

Yesterday Nancy Sit had several locations to go to whist filming the music video to her new song 'Everything is cool!", from Central, Causeway Bay, Wanchai Golden Bauhinia Plaza, Tsimshatsui and then Mongkok. Nancy says that this song is an introduction to all the walks of life of Hong Kong people and the prosperity of Hong Kong. Although she was filming on an open top bus and a tram, she had to do some singing and dancing along the way and then carry on dancing on the streets as her appearance grew weary and her voice started to grate.

During this time, there was a funny incident. It is said that each time Nancy reached a stop, she had to hand out souvenirs to the tourists, when suddenly a man stopped them from shutting the door to the bus, saying he was from Dongguan and asking why Nancy had not given him a souvenir. Finally, Nancy and the crew managed to find the last pack on the bus to send him away.


[Ta Kung Pao, Oriental Daily & The Sun]

Myolie Wu and Sharon Chan were promoting their new series "Dreams of Colours" on a radio show yesterday. The other main lead Rain Li was filming for her movie so she could not make it, but managed to speak on the telephone.

Myolie did not have to work last night, so she was able to sit at home and watch the first episode. As this was Sharon's first main role, she was rather nervous and had already instructed her mother to record the show for her. When Myolie heard this, she immediately asked her for a copy to savour herself.

As well as taking a starring role, Sharon will also be playing the bad guy in this show, so she felt a lot of pressure, but was glad to have Myolie's advice. For example, in a scene where she had to yell at Myolie and make her cry, although the scene was a full five minutes long, they did not NG and this left her with a lasting impression. Myolie laughs that during this scene, Sharon was not only evil, but downright nasty!

Myolie will be flying out to Athens in May to film for the Olympics together with Alex Fong and Joe Ma and Sharon is envious of her because she will be able to meet some of the handsome athletes. On the other hand, she will be heading out to Kenya in May to film on location for "Wandering Hero Medics" and will be seeing lions and elephants. Before heading out, Sharon says she has to have three innoculations and take medication and she shudders even thinking about it. Then she laughs: "I am just joking, I am very happy for the chance to go and see new places, but once in a lifetime is enough. Tang Chi Fung says he will be flying planes over there, adding he can do acrobatics, but I am brave enough to try the ride!"


[Oriental Daily]

Having just finished the work on her hands, Gigi Lai took advantage of her time off yesterday to meet up with a designer to go shopping for summer clothes. In the space of just an hour, she had visited the designer name stores such as Marc Jacobs and Alberta Ferretti and spent a six figure sum on many expensive strappy evening dresses on a fruitful shopping trip.

When the press met Gigi in Central and 'witnessed' her shopping, she smiled and said openly: "Earlier I was filming, so I didn't have time to go shopping. Now I have a little time, so I am going out to buy some things with my stylist. (You have chosen a lot of dresses!) Yes, I wanted to make the most of my youth and wear more pretty dress, but I choose very classical and smart designs and they won't be too sexy."

Hong Kong's 'Avenue of Stars' will be opened today and Gigi will represent her grandfather Lai Man Wai at the ceremony. When asked whether she will be buying a beautiful dress for the event, she says: "Of course! To be able to represent my grandfather at this ceremony is an honour."


[Oriental Daily]

Timmy Hung was reported to have had a car accident in Sai Kung yesterday and also an argument with the locals, but luckily everything was sorted out. When asked about this by the press, Timmy admitted it and said: "It was just a little knock because my car was too big, so I didn't see the car behind me and I knocked into the front of someone else. It was a minor incident and I did not have an argument with a villager."


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