Wednesday, April 28, 2004

[The Sun & Ta Kung Pao]

Bernice Liu was shooting a set of ads for a slimming supplements company earlier and before the shoot, had taken the product for three weeks and lost 6-8 lbs. The happiest thing for her was that as well as losing weight, she was also able to keep her feminine figure and when asked whether her breast measurement had changed, she smiled sweetly and said: "You can see for yourself."

Bernice has signed as spokesperson for the company for a year and she has received a six-figure fee for the contract. Although she changed into over ten different sets of clothes during the shoot, she did not wear any swimsuits. She explains that she does not have anything against wearing swimsuits, but just that the product image is a professional and healthy look, so she does not need to wear sexy clothes to promote it.

Also, Bernice will be appearing as a guest star at Sam Hui's upcoming comeback concert and will be singing and dancing there, so she has been busy rehearsing and practising. when it was mentioned that Sam has the nickname 'God of Singers' and asked if she felt a lot of pressure working alongside him, she says she does not because he is very friendly and everyone is like a family. Sam has also given her an autographed guitar as a souvenir! She laughs: "After shooting this set of beautiful photos, I will be cutting my fingernails to learn to play the guitar. (Will cutting your nails affect your ads?) No it shouldn't and learning a new skill will help with my future performances."


[The Sun]

Last July, Edmond So was charged with driving over a chevroned area, but in a court hearing yesterday, he was cleared of the offence.

On 16th July 2003, Edmond was driving on Clearwater Bay Road when he crossed a chevroned area and was given a ticket and fined $450. An appeal was heard yesterday for this case at Kowloon Magistrates Court, where Edmond represented himself without the services of a lawyer. During this, he defended himself and questioned the witness and finally was cleared of the offence. During the hearing, he caused some amusement as he prompted a joke from the magistrate during his description of how he was changing lanes.

The traffic officer explained that he watched Edmond's silver BMW moving between the second and third lanes before finally crossing the marked area at which point he called his colleagues to stop his car. Edmond explained in his defence that before he returned to the second lane, there was a car that appeared from his blind spot and in order to avoid a more serious accident, he had no choice but to drive over the prohibited zone. He admitted that this was probably not the best thing to have done, but his wife was in the car with him. She was not required to give evidence at the hearing.

The magistrate felt that Edmond's testimony was sincere, honest and to the point and there was nothing to suggest that his actions were not merely to avoid an accident, so he acquitted him of the offence. Afterwards, Edmond indicated that he has been driving more carefully lately and his refusal to accept the charges was not because of the fine, but was a matter of principle as he took a day off from TVB to attend the hearing and his wages for the day would have been more than the cost of the ticket. As for why he decided to defend himself, he says: "I was just telling the truth, but I was quite nervous because I had only received the witness statements earlier that morning and I had to take time out to read them all. (Was it exciting?) A little, but because I was the defendant, the burden of proof is not with me, so it was better. If I was suing someone else, then I wouldn't dare to do it myself!"

Case ref: KCV185/03


[Oriental Daily]

Over a hundred police officers, uniformed and kitted out in SDU gear were armed and ready surrounding an apartment block in Tsimshatsui earlier. What has happened? It is a major criminal or a terrorist attack?

In fact, it was a location shoot for TVB's "Fight for Every Moment" in a scene that told of police officers Kevin Cheng, Mandy Cho, and Alex Fong together with a group of extras playing the police officers who were ready to rescue hostages from their violent kidnappers. The atmosphere was exciting and the scenes realistic, so little wonder that the passers by were so afraid that they watched aghast at the thought that Hong Kong was being struck by a major incident. When they realised it was just a TV shoot, they stuck around to watch the action, but some were afraid to get involved. One old lady muttered as she walked past: "Wow, are those guns real? Do they have bullets? Will they bounce out and injure me?" Also, as the road had to be closed for the filming, many shops had to close their doors for the day, but one of the shop owners said he didn't mind because he could see so many stars and watch them filming, so it was worth the day's business!

Also, Kevin Cheng praises Mandy Cho's improvement, laughing that she is no longer constantly having NG's. Mandy was pleased at hearing this and said: "Actually, Kevin is very patient in teaching me a lot, so I am not as nervous about filming any more." As for her first grand scale scene, she says it is a real eye-opener and she is very excited.


[The Sun]

As of May, TVB will have three productions that will be heading into the mainland for location filming and with another case of SARS confirmed in Beijing, the company is very concerned about this and is considering the cancellation or postponement of the filming.

With the return of the illness to the Chinese capital, there has been much fear brewing among the artistes who are scheduled to film in the mainland, among them cast members from new dramas "Proud Heroes of Chu and Hon", "Wandering Hero Medics" and "Tossing Rain Turning Cloud". After the SARS incident of last year, TVB are not wasting any time in assessing the situation and as well as taking up insurance, they are monitoring the situation closely and meeting with producers to create a set of guidelines for artistes, including suggestions to stay in the hotel during free time and to stay out of contact with strangers.

TVB have also been compiling a contigency plan, so that if the situation in Beijing worsens, they will either cancel or postpone the filming. General Manager Chan Chi Wan says: "We will refer to the news issued by the official channels and understand the extent of the situation. If it is as dangerous as last year, then we will make appropriate arrangements, but for now there are no decisions to change the plans. (Will the artistes need to be quarantined when they return?) It depends on the situation, if it is serious enough to warrant quarantine, then we would not send them there in the first place."

Sonija Kwok has a part in "Wandering Hero Medics" and will be heading to Guangxi with Nick Cheung and Andrew Lin for ten days filming. Talking of TVB possibly cancelling the trip at any time, she says: "There must be a reason behind anything the company arranges because they only want the best for the artistes. If I have to go, then I will be careful . If I can't wear a mask for filming, then I will take care to avoid the locals, especially when they sneeze."

As for Adam Cheng, Maggie Cheung and Kwong Wa currently working on "Proud Heroes", they will be heading up to Wuxi in mid-May. The arrangement for the cast and crew of "Tossing Rain Turning Clouds" to head to the stricken city of Beijing in June and then onto Inner Mongolia will include Charmaine Sheh, Raymond Lam and Bosco Wong. To this, Raymond says: "There are good things and bad things! If anything happens, it will most likely be postponed. (Are you not afraid of SARS?) It won't be that coincidental. The company is making close observations, because there is always a risk and I believe in the company." He also laughs: "The weather there will be like a steamer, if I can survive that, then it means that my immune system is very strong, so I needn't be afraid of SARS."


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