Friday, March 19, 2004

[Report from Ta Kung Pao]

"The 15th Annual Television Appreciation Awards" were presented yesterday and the judges' award was announced as going to "Outstanding Youth Profile - Yiu Chung Yi". Two TVB dramas, "Square Pegs" and "Triumph in the Skies" were also in the top show line up and the leading stars were present at the awards ceremony to express their reactions. Among them, "Square Pegs" star Roger Kwok says he hopes to film a sequel whereas "Triumph" lead Joe Ma hopes that they can produced a special continuation of his show.

Roger's career has reached new heights thanks to "Square Pegs" and his role of 'Ah Wong' that pushed it into third place in the rankings. Roger says: "I am very happy and it can be considered as my representative piece. It has been over a year now since the show finished airing and it is still being enjoyed by many people and this makes me very excited. The credit goes to the backstage crew, because without such a good script then even a miracle wouldn't have helped. I know that everyone is hoping for a sequel and originally I felt that making a sequel may put a lot of pressure on us, but talking about it now, I think it is time to put pressure behind us and happily film the next chapter." However, no-one can foretell when the sequel will be filmed. Is this because TVB's executives have not yet made up their minds? Roger indicates he can't say because it is easier said than done. It is possibly down to the recent changes in TVB? He says that this should be unrelated, but he will be heading into Wuxi soon to film mainland series "The Best in the World". Talking of the assassination attempt on the Taiwanese president, Roger says it is rather scary, but he rarely goes to Taiwan.

Jessica Hsuan recently returned from Korea and found herself vomiting constantly and eventually had to visit the hospital. After treatment, she is fine now and denies she is pregnant. With Jessica so sure, is she using protection? She says: "I don't want to talk about these things." As the Western doctor says she is fine, she also went to see a Chinese herbalist who indicated that she had stomach flu that made her ill and needs to take medicine for a further month to fully treat the condition. She laughs that the Western doctor told her that by not letting go of any chance to make money, she may not have a chance to enjoy it later. In response to this, she will be taking on less work this year, after all health is the most important thing.

Appearing at the award presentation yesterday, Jessica feels surprised that a production from over a year ago can still receive an award. She says: "To me, it is an acknowledgement of eleven years in showbiz and I am happy to have been accepted by everyone. As an artiste, it is not easy to find a high quality script and even then it may not get good ratings. For this show to have both, I am very satisfied. However, this is not my representative piece, it is definitely Roger's though."


[Oriental Daily]

Albert Lo has successfully had an operation to clear his arteries and although he is still recovering in hospital, Mrs Lo indicated in a telephone interview that he is recovering well and will be returning to film on "Virtues of Harmony" next Thursday (25th). However, he is currently suffering from low blood pressure and this is leaving him rather nauseous so he is still resting in bed. Mrs Lo also says: "The producer is very caring towards him because the doctor says he cannot move around too much, so on the day he returns to work, he will only have to do some gentle actions and stand around."


[Oriental Daily]

Jerry Lam and Lily Hong were married in December 2002 and last September, Lily gave birth to their first son Lam Bo. Yesterday, Lily admitted that she is currently two months pregnant again and this was an unplanned pregnancy. Proud father Jerry personally took her to work and was so excited at being a father again that he could not stop kissing his wife. The couple go on to joke that the population is aging and the government should get them to film promotional clips encouraging people to start families.

Lily laughs: "Last time it was a hard pregnancy because I was always sick and dizzy, but this time I am fine and can carry on working." She adds: "We don't know if it is a boy or a girl yet, but it doesn't matter. If it is a girl and we can have a 'good' [Em: Chinese character for Girl+ Chinese character for Boy = Chinese character for Good] then it is time to call it a day." As for Jerry, he jokes: "Chapman [To] says that after Lam Bo, we should have Lam Kin Lei to have a 'Lambourgini'." As their last child's name was chosen by Jerry's father, they will consider letting Lily's parents choose the name for this child so they can all have a part in the process.


[Ming Pao]

Flora Chan appeared at a premiere earlier and indicated she will soon be heading into China to film her first mainland production where she will be playing a version of '13th Aunt' who is a martial artist, so recently she has been going to practice trampolining every week. Flora says: "I hope to challenge myself and even if my muscles ache, I don't mind." Flora laughs she is not afraid of becoming muscley because this could be even more attractive to the opposite sex.


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