Sunday, March 07, 2004

[Oriental Daily & The Sun]

Ever since her split with Samm Chan, Maggie Cheung's love life has been in the spotlight and with reports that her split with Samm was fake and their secret affair and going out on a shopping date with stylist Ricky, Maggie has always strongly denied these stories, insisting she is not dating anyone at the moment. The most recent reports have suggested that Maggie was on a date with a bespectacled male in his thirties in Central and that she was hiding from the press by leaning on the table. In response to this, she says: "I am not sneaky, I just don't like being photographed by them."

Yesterday, Maggie appeared in a low cut dress at Wanchai's Exhibition and Convention centre for the annual ball for the parent company of her slimming sponsors. Maggie pointed out that the man in question is just a friend and not her boyfriend. Although she is often spotted out socialising, Maggie says she will not avoid the press and if she finds a boyfriend, she will not reveal this to the press until she is ready to get married. To date she is yet to find anyone, but Maggie says this is not because she has high standards, as long as he is right for her that is all that matters.

She also adds that her figure is getting better and better after becoming spokesperson for the slimming company and hopes that they will renew her contract when the year ends.


[The Sun]

Yesterday was Cutie Mui's last day of filming for "Virtues of Harmony" but despite this, she is still having to be slapped by rumoured nemesis Bondy Chiu. However, Cutie was professional throughout and afterwards she was all smiles as she said goodbye to everyone.

Cutie was filming together with Michael Tse and Bondy in Kowloon Tong Park and the story tells of Lam Yuk Lo (Bondy) mistaking Shek Mei (Cutie) of stealing her husband and having an affair with Kam Yuet (Michael) and in her rage, she slaps her love rival. Mei is hurt and wronged, but still urges Yuet to explain to Lo what has happened.

As it was her last day on the show yesterday, Cutie was in a good mood and was professional to the end and even being slapped by her 'arch rival', she still went along with it and after two takes, the scene was completed. Luckily, the scene was filmed with some clever camera angles, otherwise Cutie would have become rather bruised! Cutie says that after leaving "Virtues", she will begin work on "Enjoy Yourself Tonight" this month, so no wonder she is in such high spirits as she waved goodbye to everyone and said: "See you soon on EYT!".

Michael reveals that the cast of "Virtues" will be holding a leaving party for her: "We will leave this to the party organisers to arrange, I think they said that we will go for a meal, so I will go along with that. At the moment I am busy helping out with Frankie's wedding preparations. (Will you miss Cutie?) Not really, we will still see her, the cast of 'Virtues' is always going out doing other things and you never know, she might come back!" When Bondy was asked if she knew that it was Cutie's last day, she replied surprisingly: "I didn't know!"


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