Saturday, February 21, 2004

[The Sun & Oriental Daily]

With rumours of disharmony between the female leads of "War and Beauty" Charmaine Sheh and Maggie Cheung, they did not meet at the celebratory dinner to mark the completion of filming. Charmaine was the only representative present out of the female leads and Maggie Cheung was nowhere to be seen. The other female lead Gigi Lai joined the party afterwards to go to Karaoke. It would appear that Charmaine and Maggie have still not settled their differences.

On Valentines Day, after filming for "War and Beauty", Charmaine went for supper with a few crew members in the early morning and did not spend the occasion with rumoured boyfriend Benny Chan. Talking of this person, Charmaine was questioned about whether she had avoided seeing him by missing out on Ellen Chan's birthday party. She seemed very evasive as she replied: "If we were dating, then I would go and have dinner with him. (Was he working that night?) I don't know, I didn't look for him."

When asked who would be paying for the dinner, Charmaine says that the artistes have all chipped in, but wouldn't say how much. Also, having signed to TVB management earlier, Moses Chan was asked about the recent redundancies and he replies: "I am not worried, if I am dropped then I will put it down to destiny."


[Oriental Daily & The Sun]

Bernice Liu appeared in a low cut strappy dress for the opening of a jewellery store and during the event, an onlooker called out: "Isn't she the one from 'Virtues of Harmony'?" and some of the workers in the store fought to have their photo taken with her. Bernice also tried on a diamond necklace worth $600,000 and smiled: "If they could give it to me that would be so good, but I am not sur if they will!" Bernice opened two stores in succession and when asked if her fee was a good one, she replied happily: "It's okay! (Is it double your fee?) That I am not sure, I just know there are a lot of zeros!"

As Bernice has made some advertisements for the jewellers earlier, their relationship is good, so whenever Bernice takes part in a big show, they will sponsor her jewellery. When asked if she has a large personal collection, she says: "Not much, just one small diamond earring and it is very small!"

Having suffered from flu and a throat and chest infection earlier leading to problems with her voice, Bernice's medication has a side effect that makes her face swell up. She says: "The doctor says that if I am still not better after three months, then I will have to have an operation."


[The Sun]

With recent reports that TVB is currently planning an in-house 'Theme Tune and Sub-theme Department', promoting its own artistes to sing the songs to their own series, it appears they are not letting go of any opportunity to protect their assets. Appearing at a promotional event for "Virtues of Harmony" yesterday, Stephanie Che indicated that she will not ask for an audition: "I have not heard about this news and I am the kind of person who would rather not know about things. If the company arranges it then I will go along."

Also, 'TVB Godson' Hacken Lee appeared at an event with Sally Yeh yesterday and said: "TVB only want to develop and promote some potential singers. No doubt that TVB will be looking at the situation and selecting appropriate people for the job so the other singers should not be so worried."

Selected by TVB as part of the group recording the Olympic Games theme, Bosco Wong was contacted by telephone yesterday and he said: "I have been for an audition, but I am not sure how it will be done yet. I have heard some news about the new department, but I don't know if it will come to fruition."

TVB's external affairs assistant chief Tsang Sing Ming responded: "I have not yet heard about setting up such a department, but as for selecting artistes to record the theme tune, this is outside the remit of my department, so I am not very clear on this."


[The Sun]

Shirley Yeung was a teacher before she entered the industry and yesterday she returned to her teaching college yesterday to share her thoughts on studies as well as helping with some fundraising activities. She says: "Recently the government has been cutting funding for education, so I have come to lend a hand. (How long has it been since you came back to school?) Each time I come back there is a warm feeling, firstly because the dorms are very nice and also the views nearby are very familiar. It makes me remember the times when my friends used to have big cook-outs."

In response to the recent reports of schoolyard violence, Shirley says she has been very concerned and sighs: "In the past when I was doing teaching practice in a primary school, the naughty students were just very mouthy, but now they are resorting to violence. (Are you afraid to teach any more?) I don't think we need to worry so soon because the situation is not that bad! If the parents and the students unite, then there should be no problem that cannot be overcome."


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