Tuesday, February 17, 2004

[The Sun]

Hong Kong people are putting more focus on health matters and Shirley will soon be applying for a yoga class and shooting a poster at TVB yesterday, she says: "I haven't stopped in the three years I have been in showbiz and my health has deteriorated a lot. I am hoping that when I have a holiday in the weeks to come, I can learn some yoga and help my old injuries." With the rare chance of a holiday, Shirley has no intentions on going on holiday abroad and says: "My grandma has kidney problems, so I hope to spend more time with her."

Also, Adam Cheng was scolded by his wife for flirting with girls in public. He says: "She pointed out that my daughters are growing up now and I should be more careful with my words. I didn't mean what I said, because it is all just words and I don't have the guts, so you don't need to worry." Talking of his telemovie having some sexy scenes, Adam was asked if he felt fortunate and he replied: "Yes, but you can't see it!"


[Oriental Daily]

Some reports have indicated recently that this year's Miss Hong Kong Mandy Cho overstepped the line by wearing a bikini in a slimming ad and caused the wrath of TVB leading to her suspension of work for this company. When asked whether the company has complained, Mandy says: "The company has not spoken to me about the matter and I felt that the set of ads was not too sexy because I wore a bikini for the Miss Hong Kong contest." Will she be suspending her work for the slimming ads? She says: "I haven't fulfilled my contract yet, but can't say how long it is for. However, in the short term I will not be appearing in a bikini again because there are plenty of shots in the first set and there are still plenty of pictures for them to use."

Mandy appeared at the Hong Kong outstanding sportsperson awards with Alex Fong yesterday, Alex indicated that he always wanted to win this award, but he never had the chance.


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